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Who’s Who in the Anti-Vaccine Movement – 2019 Edition

We know that there will always be some folks who won’t vaccinate their kids.

“Although many may characterize all individuals who eschew vaccines as “anti-vaccine” or “vaccine deniers,” in reality, there is a broad spectrum of individuals who choose not to have themselves or their children vaccinated.”

Tara C Smith on Vaccine Rejection and Hesitancy: A Review and Call to Action 

Who are these people?

Who’s Who in the Anti-Vaccine Movement – 2019 Edition

We used to conveniently call them anti-vaccine, but that doesn’t really work.

Well, it still does, as long as you understand who you are talking about.

The thing is, the folks who don’t vaccinate their kids exist on a spectrum, from those who just need a little extra reassurance (the worrieds) or a lot of extra reassurance (parents who are on the fence or vaccine-hesitant), to vaccine refusers (will likely vaccinate during an outbreak, etc.) and deniers who likely aren’t vaccinating their kids in any circumstance and who might try to persuade others to avoid vaccines too – the vocal vaccine deniers.

So you don’t really want to bunch them all up one big anti-vaccine group, especially when you are typically talking about the vocal vaccine deniers, many of whom believe that they have a child who was injured or damaged by a vaccine.

We are still missing some folks though…

No, I’m not talking about those who like to claim that they are pro-safe vaccines, pro-choice vaccines, or vaccine skeptics, just because they don’t want to be labeled as being anti-vaccine.

Bob Sears appeared on Fox & Friends in 2010 for the segment "Vaccines: A Bad Combination?"
Remember when Bob Sears appeared on Fox & Friends in 2010 for the segment “Vaccines: A Bad Combination?”

We need to talk about the:

These are the folks who push misinformation about vaccines that scares parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

Who's to blame for low immunization rates and continuing outbreaks?
Who’s to blame for low immunization rates and continuing outbreaks?

Do you know who I’m talking about it? Have you noticed that these folks never seem to face any consequences?

Who else do we need to talk about?

I remember speaking with my mother about vaccines, and at one point in our discussion, she claimed a link existed between vaccines and autism. In response, I presented evidence from the CDC which claimed directly in large bold letters, “There is no link between vaccines and autism.” Within the same article from the CDC on their official website, extensive evidence and studies from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) were cited. Most would assume when confronted with such strong proof, there would be serious consideration that your views are incorrect. This was not the case for my mother, as her only response was, “that’s what they want you to think.”

Ethan Lindenberger

There are also the folks who are pushing an anti-science agenda, making you think that mainstream doctors are bad and that anything holistic and natural must be good. Until the damage these folks are doing is seriously addressed, it won’t matter if we get a few anti-vaccine folks off of Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest.

Learn to be more skeptical. Do real research. Vaccinate your kids.

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  1. What is the big deal about measles? During WW2 there was no fuel to heat classrooms, so we were herded, a 100 or more of us, into small classrooms. We were under nourished and the winter was bad. The contagion started and most of us had to struggle with a number of contagious illnesses. I remember of a few I had: measles, whooping cough, flu, chicken pox. There was no medication apart from some cherry and apricot brandy and various herbal teas. The illnesses lasted 7-10 days and it was great to skip school, to be spoilt rotten by Grandma, instead of walking 5km in snow. I do not recall anyone having after effects. In the last 75+ years I only had a few stuffy noses. I pray, work full time, study, exercise and have a great life. I keep up with quite a few of my old school mates. What these vaxxers are talking about is a load of …….., in California is exuded by Dr Bedpan, whose real name was recently reversed and upgraded by Larry Cook,. But you should all learn about the Eviluminati, the New World Order, the pharmafia and medimafia, poisonous medicines, GMOs, vaccines, 5G and deadly cancer treatments, crooked men of politics (multiple bloodsuckers) the incompetence of doctors. Men are created to fight and love. Wake up, before you will all be the cells of the 5G-US-lag or 5G-Aus-lag. Forewarned is forearmed. The shiny sword decorates the arm better, than the rusty chain on the legs.

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