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Cindy Crawford and Vaccines

Cindy Crawford is a very successful supermodel and is also an actress.

She also frequently appears in television commercials promoting her furniture collections.

Calling Trace Amounts a ‘must see film’ likely means that Crawford hasn’t changed her views about vaccines.

Crawford is also known for taking up environmental issues, especially worried about toxic chemicals in the Santa Monica-Malibu School District.

She is also a long time supporter of research for childhood leukemia, from which her 3-year-old brother died.

In 2000, just after Andrew Wakefield released his now retracted study, she and her celebrity pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon appeared on Good Morning America to discuss vaccines and how she had decided to delay vaccinating her baby.

After the segment, Dr. Gordon stated:

They edited the segment to make me sound like a vaccination proponent. We also have to understand the impact of a person as well-known as Cindy Crawford delaying vaccines for over six months.

Cindy Crawford has also tweeted support for anti-vaccine movies, including Trace Amounts, calling it a “Must see film!”

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