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Stanley Plotkin on Vaccines

Stanley Plotkin isn’t very well known, at least not outside the infectious disease world.

He should be though.

Vaccines, like science in general, are under attack as never before. Yet every accusation must be evaluated, and if correct, as in the case of rotavirus, responded to with a better vaccine; and if incorrect, such as measles vaccine and autism, vigorously fought, or we will sink into another Dark Ages of mysticism  and pseudoscience.

Dr. Plotkin is a pediatrician and vaccinologist who has received many awards and:

  • developed the rubella vaccine used today made using the RA 27/3 strain of rubella virus, which replaced the original rubella vaccine developed in 1969 by Maurice Hilleman
  • developed a rabies vaccines
  • helped develop a rotavirus vaccine
  • worked on vaccines against polio and chicken pox
  • worked on a cytomegalovirus vaccine

He is also the founding father of The Pediatric Infectious Disease Society and has published over 700 publications and 4 books, including Vaccines.

Among his awards, Dr. Plotkin received the 2010 Distinguished Service Award from the PIDS, in addition to receiving the:

  • Albert B Sabin Gold Medal
  • Maurice Hilleman Award of the American Society for Microbiology
  • French Legion of Honor Medal

Dr. Plotkin was also elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Ari Brown on Vaccines

Ari Brown, MD is a pediatrician in Austin, Texas and is the author of the popular 411 series of parenting books.

She also famously responded to Jenny McCarthy’s 2007 appearance on Oprah which scared a lot of parents:

When a well-meaning parent like Jenny McCarthy blames vaccines for her child’s autism, placing the fear of God into every parent who has a baby, it’s not only irresponsible – it’s dangerous. Why? It’s simple math: vaccines are less effective when large numbers of parents opt out. And the more who opt out, the less protected ALL our children are.

Celebrity books come and go, but the anxiety they create lives on in pediatricians’ offices across the country. A small, but growing number of parents are even lying about their religious beliefs to avoid having their children vaccinated, thanks in part to the media hysteria created by this book.

The full Letter from Dr Brown called out The New McCarthyism and “all the medical inaccuracies of her book.”

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Vaccine Education and Advocacy

Need to get educated about vaccines?

In addition to reading through the Vaxopedia, these articles and websites can help you see through the myths and conspiracy theories that might make you think about delaying or skipping one or more vaccines.

Still have questions?

Your pediatrician can be a great resource.