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Fact Checking a Report of a Toddler COVID-19 Vaccine Death

Since the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine trials had not yet started when these children supposedly died, these reports of vaccine deaths in VAERS are almost certainly mistakes.

Shedding and COVID-19 Vaccines

Larry Palevsky wants folks who are vaccinated to wear a badge, because he fears folks shedding him and causing spike protein poisoning.

Did Marvin Hagler Die After a Vaccine Reaction?

After sparking much of the vaccine talk, Thomas Hearns announced that it was outrageous to be turning the death of Marvin Hagler into an anti vaccine campaign.

Want to Become a Vaccine Expert?

Bob Sears is doing a seminar on how to get people to see you in a more positive light after you start an outbreak because you don’t vaccinate your kids.

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