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Shedding and COVID-19 Vaccines

Why do some people think that covid vaccine shedding might be an issue?

If you have a lump under your arm and weren't recently vaccinated, don't blame it on shedding. Get it checked out!
If you have a lump under your arm and weren’t recently vaccinated, don’t blame it on shedding. Get it checked out!

Some new folks pushing misinformation about vaccines on Facebook and Instagram…

Shedding and COVID-19 Vaccines

Of course, shedding is an actual concern with some live vaccines, especially the oral polio vaccine and the smallpox vaccine, neither of which we use routinely in the United States.

And when shedding might occur in other vaccines that we do use more routinely, like FluMist, the rotavirus vaccine, or the rubella component of the MMR vaccine, it typically is not an issue for most people.

But that’s not the type of shedding that these folks are talking about.

They seem to believe that unvaccinated people are developing symptoms…

“When people talk about the shedding of the vaccine, a typical vaccine, measles, polio… That’s very different than the one we are referring to here. As Tiffany said, there might be some shedding going on because people in contact with people who have been vaccinated and they haven’t been vaccinated themselves are developing symptoms. So how can we possibly explain that?”

Maureen McDonnell

Symptoms of what?

They seem to think that unvaccinated people are developing symptoms of COVID-19 and side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, like lymphadenopathy and abnormal periods.

That somehow, COVID-19 vaccine side effects are contagious.

Through covid vaccine shedding.

I would like some clarification on why folks are still allowed to post this kind of obvious propaganda about COVID-19 vaccines?
I would like some clarification on why folks are still allowed to post this kind of obvious propaganda about COVID-19 vaccines?

How does that work?

“What we’ve been seeing, is a massive increase in those who have been given the injection of blood clotting problems, miscarriages, stillborns, infertility, strokes, heart attacks, autoimmunity diseases, and death. Just to name a few. And that’s in those who have been injected. So certainly, there should be a suspicion when you see people around the injected people who have not been injected getting the typical symptoms of COVID in addition to miscarriages, bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles, it should raise a very very strong suspicion.”

Larry Palevsky

Of course, it doesn’t.

To start, no one is seeing a massive increase in any of those things.

Very few doses of the Janssen vaccine had been given when the Feb vaccine safety update was issued, so no mention of blood clots. Of note, no issues except anaphylaxis had been found with the mRNA vaccines.
Very few doses of the Janssen vaccine had been given when the Feb COVID-19 vaccine safety update was issued, so no mention of blood clots. Of note, no issues except anaphylaxis had been found with the mRNA vaccines.

Even blood clots, which might be associated with some of the COVID-19 vaccines, are still extremely rare. So certainly, there should be a suspicion that Larry Palevsky, the pediatrician who pushed the idea that the massive New York City measles outbreak in 2019 was caused by MMR shedding, doesn’t know what he is talking about!

After all, what is his theory?

How does Larry Palevsky still have a medical license?

It is that after you get a COVID-19 vaccine, your body gets the instructions to make the COVID-19 spike protein, starts making those proteins, but doesn’t know how to turn it off. So you end up making so much spike protein that it comes out of your sweat, saliva, and even your breath!

And you begin shedding so much spike protein, that others near you end up getting exposed, and they get sick.

Do you buy that?!?

What else is Larry Palevsky telling people?

He says that he has found that “the genetic instructions of the spike protein are not specific just to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.” He has found that they are similar to or the same to many other proteins. And that the antibodies the COVID-19 vaccines are inducing are targeting proteins all over our bodies, including the male and female reproductive symptoms.

How did he find this out exactly?

And can someone ask Larry why a natural COVID-19 infection wouldn’t do the same thing?

Of course, all of this has been debunked before.

“RNA is required for protein synthesis, does not integrate into the genome, is transiently expressed, is metabolized and eliminated by the natural mechanisms of the body and is therefore considered safe.”

Phase I/II study of COVID-19 RNA vaccine BNT162b1 in adults

We know that the mRNA doesn’t last very long, so we wouldn’t be able to continuously make spike proteins. We know what’s in the COVID-19 vaccines, including the code of the mRNA in the vaccines, and that the vaccines aren’t altering our DNA. We also know that other proteins in the body likely aren’t being targeted after you are vaccinated and these vaccines aren’t causing infertility.

And it is a shame that it is getting new traction as we hear about blood clots (extremely rare and may be associated with platelet factor 4 antibodies) and women talk about problems with their periods, something that is still being investigated and hasn’t actually been linked to the COVID-19 vaccines.

“One fifth of female athletes have experienced a change in their menstrual cycle during COVID-19.”

Interestingly, even before COVID-19 vaccines became available, many women experienced changes in their menstrual cycle during COVID-19 lockdowns.

“What we’re seeing is in women who get the injection is a very large hundreds of percent increase in miscarriages and stillborns of their babies. All being reported to VAERS. And now what we’re seeing is that women who are around others who have been injected are having the same experience. Which has to raise the suspicion that not only does that messenger RNA make the body produce spike protein on an ongoing basis but that spike protein is probably shedding out of the breath, the saliva, the skin, and who knows where else in the body it is being shed from.”

Larry Palevsky

Still, if worry about being exposed to spike proteins keeps these folks away from me, then maybe it’s a good thing that they believe in covid vaccine shedding…

Of course, this kind of misinformation is also scaring people away from getting vaccinated and protected against COVID-19.

It’s dangerous.

“That’s only based on what we think we know is in these injections. But Dr. Tenpenny and I have discussed this on numerous occasions that there is potential for other messenger RNA proteins being injected into the body that would cause the body to make all sorts of proteins that we may not be aware of.”

Larry Palevsky

And it’s sad that it’s coming from an actual pediatrician, who you would think would know better.

“Again, you will never hear me call these things vaccines, because they are not vaccines. They are not meant to protect us against a viral infection. They are meant to alter our genetic material. That is the intention of the patents. Read them. The intention of these injections is to permanently alter our genetic codes.”

Larry Palevsky

Although he obviously doesn’t…

“It’s almost like we need to turn the tables on vaccine recipients. I mean, people who aren’t getting vaccinated are typically considered, you know, the outsiders… we’re in the wrong for resisting vaccines, but in actuality, it could be that the vaccine recipients are the ones creating the problem. So I don’t want to sound alarmist, but I certainly don’t want someone who has been recently vaccinated to live with me or be in close proximity to my children or grandchildren. This is really turning the tables scenario right now. ”

Maureen McDonnell

While they might think that they are “turning tables” by going back to the myth of shedding, all they are doing is exposing their fringe thinking

“I think we should be starting to ask people who have been injected with these materials to start wearing a badge, so we who have not gotten it can know to avoid them.”

Larry Palevsky

And that they either don’t understand how vaccines work or choose to intentionally misinform people, as they talk about COVID-19 vaccine side effects and deaths in VAERS, which they claim are completely related to receiving the vaccine (they’re not!), that it is an experimental vaccine (they are well studied and have EUA), and that SARS-CoV-2 has a 99.7% recovery rate (with over 500,000 deaths in the US alone, including over 430 kids?!?), and can easily be treated (it can’t).

“There is no science, but what we are seeing is evidence. I have seen healthy people stay around those who have been injected, who then get the symptoms of COVID, which makes sense, because the spike protein is what’s making people sick in the natural infection.”

Larry Palevsky

Consider Palevsky’s evidence example anecdote of the healthy people who he believes get sick from shedding. Isn’t it more likely that these folks, who you have to assume aren’t vaccinated, are just getting COVID-19?

After all, it isn’t the spike protein in COVID-19 that makes you sick. The spike protein simply helps the virus get into our cells. Once inside, the virus is translated into 29 different proteins, which are assembled into new viruses, and then infect more cells.

But when you get vaccinated, you just have the spike protein. There is no SARS-CoV-2 virus to take over cells, so even if this shedding somehow did happen, it wouldn’t cause any of the signs or symptoms of COVID-19 that Palevsky imagines.

So when someone gets sick, it’s not because of covid vaccine shedding and “spike protein poisoning,” something Palevsky isn’t sure happens, after saying it does.

“We don’t know what’s being shedded. [sic] We know we think that the spike protein is probably part of what’s being shed, but we do not know all of the ingredients that are in these injections. And so we don’t know what is coming out of people’s bodies in getting these injections.”

Larry Palevsky

Something they could have avoided if they had simply gotten vaccinated and protected!

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16 thoughts on “Shedding and COVID-19 Vaccines”

  1. First, if these brand new, never before used in humans, mRNA “vaccines” were put through the PROPER clinical trials before being foisted upon unsuspecting populations, there would be a lot fewer questions. Under the “Emergency Use Authorization” anyone who sustains any type of adverse event, has zero legal recourse. If it’s so wonderful, why did they need to get legal immunity?
    Are you aware that when animal trials of mRNA “vaccines” for a coronavirus were conducted, every single animal when encountering the wild virus DIED? Vaccine is in quotes because by definition, these injections are not vaccines or inoculations. On the Moderna website they describe it as an operating system. Where does that fit into the definition of inoculation?
    Second point, the bedrock of modern medicine at least since the end of World War 2 is INFORMED CONSENT. If all of the information about the ingredients, the operating system, the REAL side effects and risk of death are not provided to each and every recipient of ANY medication, treatment, vaccine or surgery, it’s a violation of the NUREMBERG CODE. The pharmacutical companies manufacturing the brand new mRNA vaccines have NOT been forthcoming, therefore are suspect.

    Just remember that every single person who follows your advice and doesn’t do their own research, that their blood is on your hands. I hope you are being paid enough for you to throw your fellow human beings under the proverbial bus. May God have mercy on your soul.

    1. I’m wondering where you got your information about these vaccines going through the “proper” clinical trials? Before a new vaccine is proposed to the FDA it needs to have 6 months of trial data on 30,000 people. The reason that this has taken so long in the past is that there weren’t 30,000 people who signed up all at the same time. So they did the 6 months of data in batches of 5000, this could end up taking over 3 years if done back to back. It was different for this clinical trial. There were 30,000 volunteers that signed up in a single day, they actually had to stop the signup process because so many people were volunteering. They got their 6 months of data because of the rampant infections going on in the US and they were able to study all 30,000 people at the same time. Those data were then submitted to the FDA for approval. Again this process usually takes a long time, they proposal has to wait it’s turn, except in this case. With Operation Warp Speed introduced by former president Trump, the approval process for C-19 vaccines were given priority. This means they went to the top of every bureaucratic approval pile. Lastly, the US government also took all the financial risk in this process. They said they would cover costs if the vaccines proved to be ineffectual, this allowed the manufacturers to start making the vaccine so we had some in stock while the trials were going on. We were ready to go on day 1 after the final CDC approval. There were no skipped steps in this process.

      This is not a case of improper clinical trials, it’s a case of the government wiping away red tape, an overwhelming public participation in the process, the perfect conditions to test in and eliminated financial risk for the developers. We’ve seen this before, with former president Kennedy and the moon landing. When we throw lots of money at a problem and clear away all the red tape, things happen fast.

      I also don’t know what others have experienced, but when I got my shot I was given a litany of side effects, methods for reducing those side effects and instruction on what to do if I had any severe problems. I was also monitored afterwards to make sure there weren’t any acute problems like anaphylaxis.

      Emergency Use Authorization is the authorization that the government gives to new vaccines that have proven to be safe and effective but do not have the required data on re-transmission. In other words, the vaccine works, it’s safe to use within the normal use of the word safe, but not enough people have been exposed to the virus who have also been vaccinated to determine if a vaccinated and exposed person can also be a vector. It has nothing to do with anything being unsafe, unproven or ineffective.

      Lastly, definition of vaccine:
      1. A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. – Wikipedia
      2. any preparation used as a preventive inoculation to confer immunity against a specific disease, usually employing an innocuous form of the disease agent, as killed or weakened bacteria or viruses, to stimulate antibody production. – Dictionary.com

      Notice the work usually in definition 2.

    2. I read that all those deaths cannot be completely determined to be caused by these vaccines and somehow that should have us feel more comfortable. I’m not sure how I got to this site but I admit I don’t expose myself to the medical propaganda very much so it was actually entertaining. The level of brainwashing is so extreme that they can somehow divert people from VAERS, which shows an alarming number of incidents, especially when you multiply by 100 to compensate for this database’s rate of underreporting that has been found, toward a handful of people who died of blood clots from them.

      Potential shedding is interesting and while we may not know the mechanism and do not seem to be even in a position to establish this, the incidents reported where this is suspected should serve to sound the alarm, if the fire department in this drama gave a damn. It is all about administering these vaccines, damn the torpedoes, and the torpedoes are hitting us already.

      Vaccine shedding is not a new phenomenon though and is common in some other vaccines. It’s easy to understand how this can happen with a live vaccine, live polio for instance which is still given mercilessly in the third world, and as they claim to be eradicating wild polio, the massive amount of vaccine induced polio goes unnoticed, because it just isn’t made to count.

      Vaccine makers already enjoyed full legal immunity in the U.S. for 35 years now, when they threatened to stop making them unless they were given this, and the government caved. You didn’t see this on the front page of the New York Times or on CNN because this would go against their masters who they get their revenue from.

      What a EUA does is allow an unapproved treatment to be used in situations do dire that normal prudence would not be appropriate, given that it applies generally and not necessarily to emergency situations. The person’s life has to be in jeopardy with no good alternatives for a EUA to apply.

      This is of course not how this one is being deployed. EUAs set out specific conditions whereby the unapproved treatment can be used, and this does not include looking to give it to everyone. When nothing more is possible with an actual approval, you know you have exceeded its authority, and in this particular case, to the maximum level of misapplication possible.

      The principle of informed consent to medical experiments per the Nuremberg Code cannot possibly be fulfilled when we make such heroic efforts to misinform, and this article is a fine example of how to use this sort of propaganda to place our species at such great potential harm.

      Don’t let these people or anyone think for you.

  2. And you think I am going to believe a vaccine company such as the CDC, You think I am going to believe the Media and/or Big Tech or other politicians on what they say. There is no way I believe that they say the experimental lethal vaccine is safe!!!

  3. Shame on you for hiding the truth. I have first hand experience on these side affects as well as effects from those who go the vax. No one believes you. Millions of us know the truth. And this is coming from someone who has vaccinated their kids and themselves. Stop the lies and disinformation.

  4. This article is pure propaganda. Nice try though. More and more sheeple are waking up everyday and realizing what a horrific sham all of this is. Go peddle your outright lies elsewhere.

  5. I know two people who developed severe nosebleeds that wouldn’t stop after receiving their Covid injections. No drs had any explanations why their bleeds happened. Eventually, they stopped bleeding.

  6. When fact check organization owns $1.8 BILLION worth of Vac producers stock.. you know this is total bullshit. Shedding is real.

    No V for me. Say no.

  7. “They seem to believe that unvaccinated people are developing symptoms…”

    When unvaccinated people tell me they are developing symptoms I tend to believe them, yes. Should I presume they are lying for no reason and no gain, while believing those that stand to gain literally BILLIONS of dollars if they can convince us the whole world ‘needs’ vaccination against a nasty flu?

    “I would like some clarification on why folks are still allowed to post this kind of obvious propaganda about COVID-19 vaccines?”

    It’s called looking at both sides of the evidence, free speech, open-mindedness, you know, thinking? It’s why I’m reading your blog, after all. If we’re to ban vaccine propaganda I suspect your blog would be among the first things ‘cancelled’. And you know that.

    “So certainly, there should be a suspicion that Larry Palevsky, the pediatrician who pushed the idea that the massive New York City measles outbreak in 2019 was caused by MMR shedding, doesn’t know what he is talking about!”

    Actually, that makes me believe him more, because many ‘outbreaks’ HAVE been CONCLUSIVELY laid at the feet of vaccines. That’s a fact, vaccine inserts warn you about this risk, and for someone so invested in pushing vaccines you should have absolutely known that. So yeah, I think I know who’s pushing ‘vaccine propaganda’, and it’s not those urging caution.

    I’ve seen enough of your blog.

  8. I am thankful that so many are waking up
    To the fact that truth is truth, no matter who tries to discredit the messenger!
    I am ashamed of those who will twist information just to keep the false narrative stable: ie “ these supposedly educated doctors are spreading vaccine myths of shedding and illness FROM injections….”
    The facts are clear of the damage the covid vax is causing, what’s not clear yet, is the unseen damage that occurring in each vaxed body, they we have yet to see!

  9. Read the Drug Story by morris bealle. You’ll find enough in there to figure out this doc.

  10. This “de-bunking” article is INFURIATING to me! Why are people trying so hard to push a clinical trial medicine that has yet to be approved by the FDA (not that I have much confidence in them either)? Speaking from personal experience my husband 100% got a blood clot in his leg after his co-worker was fully vaccinated. By the way my husband and I will not be bullied into being test subjects. We’ve both caught covid and it was half as awful as the symptoms we’ve seen from these trial vaccinations. Or the symptoms from the shedding. AND BEFORE YOU TRY TO STATE SOME CRAP ABOUT SHEDDING NOT BEING A THING, do your research! Pfizer released a statement which talks about the vaccine shedding and the information can be found on their website. Stop pushing this garbage propaganda that is hurting people. It’s bad enough main stream media isn’t offer proper information or throughly explaining risks tied to the vaccines we don’t need sheeple trying to discredit the science and over whelming proof that show the risk. If you catch covid chances are your immune system will do it job. All people need to do is eat healthier and boost their immune system. If a true pandemic were taking place you wouldn’t need it advertised and the media reminding you of its existence daily. It’s time to take off the blinders and realize there is an agenda at play here and special interest and governments do not have your interest at heart. I always say if you want to know who the villain is follow the money. If they can make money off your misfortune they will most likely cause your misfortune. And think about all the freedoms you’ve had stripped away in the blink of an eye. Business destroyed- economy bankrupted. It’s time to stop doing the work for the globalist elites by fighting one another. It’s time to wake up because it’s almost too late. There are many of us. WE are the 99% they are only %1. But by keeping the %99 divided and fighting eachother by pushing propaganda they are getting closer to their end game. And I can promise you that their end game does not help us, only themselves.

  11. This is moronic and dangerous of you to publish. You stated multiple times throughout that he was “wrong” but had no actual, FACTUAL information to properly discredit him. Very childish, basically with a “he’s wrong because I said so” attitude.
    At the same time, blissfully ignoring actual REAL people’s lived experiences.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

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