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How Do Anti-Vaccine Folks Think?

Does it sometimes seem like anti-vaccine folks are speaking a foreign language?

It definitely seems like they misunderstand and misuse a lot of scientific terms, like evidence, research, and toxin, doesn’t it?

Anti-Vaccine Glossary

The first step to understanding someone who is truly anti-vaccine and unnecessarily puts their kids at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases, might be to understand how they misunderstand most things about vaccines…

Measles is highly contagious, which is likely why all of the Brady kids got sick.
Anti-vax folks get the message of the Brady Bunch measles episode all wrong…

For example, many of them believe that anecdotes and case studies are strong evidence and on par with the preponderance of evidence that has shown that vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary.

What other terms do they get wrong?

When you say…Anti-Vaccine folks think…
researchI googled it and found something on an anti-vaccine website that confirms what I already thought
peer reviewI had my anti-vaccine friends, some of whom are actually in charge of the journal, take a look at it
personal storiescan only be anecdotal vaccine injury scare stories, but never about regretting a skipped vaccine or personal stories about vaccine-preventable diseases
consensusmy anti-vaccine friends on Facebook
shillsanyone who supports vaccines
pediatriciana vaccine pusher
learn the risklearn the exaggerated risks of vaccines that I’m going to scare you about
expertanyone who agrees with me
unavoidably unsafevaccines can’t ever be safe to anyone in any circumstance ever
toxinanything and everything that sounds sciency
placebopure saline
chemicalanything that isn’t natural, not understanding that everything is a chemical
scientistanyone who took a science class in high school or college
doctortypically a chiropractor
medicinenon-evidence based therapies that don’t involve Big Pharma, aren’t covered by insurance, and are likely very expensive
riskcan only come from a vaccine, never from skipping or delaying a vaccine or from a vaccine-preventable disease
sheddingwhat happens when someone gets a vaccine
vaccine injuryanything and everything bad that happens to you in the days, weeks, months, and years after you get vaccinated or in the days, weeks, months, and years before you were born because of the vaccines your parents or grandparents received
religious vaccine exemptionI just don’t want to vaccinate and protect my kids, so will lie and say it is about religion
vaccine preventable diseasesince many anti-vaccine folks don’t really think that vaccines work, they might act more confused if you use this term
informed consentwhen I tell you all of the bad stuff about vaccines, most of which isn’t true, and leave out any talk of benefits
leaky gutexplains every major problem kids have after getting vaccinated
MAPS doctorsthe new DAN doctors
VAERSa list of vaccine-injuries
herd immunitydoesn’t exist, but can only happen from natural immunity
hiding in the herdwhat used to protect unvaccinated kids, until more and more folks started listening to us to our anti-vaccine propaganda
package insertscan be used to scare parents about SIDS and autism
do your researchgo to an anti-vaccine forum or website
cherry pickingwhat does picking cherries have to do with vaccines???
natural immunityeasy life-long immunity without any consequences
vaccine choiceI want to do it my way, no matter how many choices I have
germ theorygerms don’t cause disease and if they did, vaccines didn’t stop them, it was better nutrition and sanitation
homeopathyvaccines don’t work, weekly chiropractic adjustments can keep you healthy, and natural immunity is best, but buy some homeopathic vaccines anyway
essential oilsdefinitely not being sold as part of a multi-level marketing scheme
monkey poxjust smallpox renamed
Guillain-Barré Syndromejust polio renamed
roseolajust measles renamed
SIDSa vaccine injury
vitamin Ka vaccine to be avoided
cognitive dissonancehow we sleep at night after skipping or delaying vaccines and leave our kids unnecessarily unprotected from life-threatening diseases
Andrew Wakefield“…Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ rolled up into one.”

Get it?

It’s why many people have a hard time talking to friends and family members who are anti-vaccine. And even visits to the pediatrician to talk about vaccines don’t always go so well.

More on the Anti-Vaccine to Science Translator

5 thoughts on “How Do Anti-Vaccine Folks Think?”

  1. Hey can you give me a link for a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study, can you show me the study of 69 vaccines that say vaccines don’t cause autoimmune diseases, or brain inflammation, also can you tell me why you can’t sue the pharmaceutical industry if you are injured by a vaccine? Well this is why people don’t want to vaccinate because you have a malicious condescending tone when we ask simple questions such as these. When you can’t tell us then we do the research ourselves. We find out you have no clue about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. And you are flat out lying. This is why people are losing faith and doctors and choosing not to vaccinate. As a doctor you’re a disgrace.

      1. Well that proved nothing.

        I just stumbled on this looking for Covid-19 vaccine information. I am not what one would call an “anti-vaxxer” and even I can see through this poorly veiled attempt at dis-informing the unwitting reader.

        Interlinking to other articles that you wrote, that link to other articles that you wrote, as some kind of weak excuse for a source to your information just shows that you have nothing of true scientific merit to back your poorly crafted rhetoric.

        You should truly be embarrassed to call yourself a doctor for pumping out harmful disinformation to the public like this.

        The word is out ever since the damning video leaked from the 12/3/2019 Global Vaccine Safety Summit with top health officials admitting to the damage and deaths associated with vaccines as they collaborated together in coming up with rhetoric such as yours and other methods for keeping the truth about these dangers under wraps. With that said, you are the one who is coming off like the crackpot AND LIAR by helping your check signers perpetuate their cacophony of disinformation.

  2. Im laughing my pants off.. Whete did t his come from!!?? I dont think like that AT ALL… What is this; the ‘Let us make things up about conscious not vaxxers so everybody will hate them’- club!? Get a life.. please!!

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