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Vaccine Hesitant Parents

Every parent who skips or delays a vaccine isn’t so anti-vaccine that they believe every anti-vaccine myth and conspiracy theory on the Internet.

Some are simply scared or worried about what they have read or by what friends or family members have told them.

One study by Gust et al. has actually identified up to five categories of parents, including:

  • immunization advocates – the biggest group, who think that vaccines are necessary, safe, and important
  • go along to get alongs – think that vaccines are necessary and safe
  • health advocates – agree that vaccines are necessary, but aren’t so sure that they are safe
  • fence-sitters – slightly agree that vaccines are necessary and safe
  • worrieds – the smallest group, who slightly disagree that vaccines are necessary and strongly disagree that they are safe

The fence-sitters and worrieds, and some of the health advocates, are typically the ones who delay or skip one or more vaccines. They may even follow their own alternative parent-selected, delayed protection immunization schedules.

They are the vaccine-hesitant parents.

But what does it mean to be vaccine hesitant? Some people think of it as a kinder and gentler term, as opposed to someone who is anti-vaccine or a vaccine refuser.

The SAGE Vaccine Hesitancy Working Group says that:

Vaccine hesitancy refers to delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccination services. Vaccine hesitancy is complex and context specific varying across time, place and vaccines. It includes factors such as complacency, convenience and confidence.

If you are hesitant about something, you are “slow to act or speak especially because you are nervous or unsure about what to do.” In general, you need reassurance and advice to address your concerns about what ever you are nervous or hesitant about.

That’s especially true when you talk about vaccine hesitancy. When a parent is worried and wants to skip or delay the MMR vaccine because they have been told it is going to make their child autistic or have read about toxins in vaccines, those are easy concerns for their pediatrician to address and refute.

That’s why many vaccine hesitant parents eventually get their kids caught up on all of their vaccines.

When a parent doesn’t want to believe the overwhelming evidence that vaccines are safe and necessary, then you are moving beyond vaccine hesitancy to someone who is truly anti-vaccine.

That’s not the vaccine hesitant parent though.

One study, “Validity and reliability of a survey to identify vaccine-hesitant parents,” described vaccine hesitant parents as a “heterogeneous group of parents who may purposefully delay or choose select vaccines, have moderate concerns about vaccine safety, and yet still want to trust and receive immunization information from their child’s provider.”

More importantly, the study also said that of vaccine hesitant parents,  “their child’s provider remains in a position of influence, their immunization attitudes are not extreme, and they are a larger group than those who completely reject vaccines.”

That makes it important to truly make dismissing families who don’t vaccinate from pediatric practices a very last resort that is saved for the “entrenched nonvaccinators” and antivaccination activists who are never going to change their minds.

After all, you can’t talk to your pediatrician about vaccines if you are no longer going to a pediatrician who advocates that vaccines are safe and necessary.

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Ingested vs. Injected

Vaccines are given to people in multiple ways.

They can, depending on the vaccine, be:

  • injected into a muscle (IM)
  • injected under the skin (SQ)
  • sprayed in your nose (intranasal)
  • ingested (oral)

No vaccine is directly injected into the blood stream.

Getting the route correct, especially if a vaccine is supposed to be ingested vs injected is important if you want it to work properly.

The other time you may hear the ingested vs injected issue come up is when someone argues that vaccines are dangerous because you are injecting toxins into a child’s bloodstream.

Of course, this is a poor argument because there are no toxins in vaccines and vaccines aren’t even injected into the bloodstream.

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Moving the Goalposts on Vaccine Safety

What do goalposts have to do with vaccines?

Nothing really.

They do have a place in folks who argue that vaccines aren’t safe, don’t work, or aren’t necessary though. Moving the goalposts refers to a logical fallacy in which someone decides they want different evidence to win their argument, typically because their previous evidence has failed.

For example, after thimerosal was removed from vaccines, anti-vaccine folks began to say that it was really aluminum and formaldehyde that were the toxins in vaccines.

Just like when playing soccer though, you can’t move the goalposts once you start playing.

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Detox Vaccines

Could your child need a vaccine detox after he gets some or all of his vaccines?

What if he has autism? Should you do a detox protocol for heavy metals?

Of course not.

Since vaccines don’t contain toxins, it makes no sense to try and ‘detox’ your child.

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Conspiracy Theories about Vaccines

Conspiracy theories about vaccines go hand-in-hand with the anti-vaccine movement.

From crazy theories about the Illuminati and medical mind control to the idea that Bill Gates is using vaccines to sterilize and depopulate the world.

Other conspiracy theories about vaccines include:

  • the oral polio vaccine caused the HIV epidemic
  • SV40, which did contaminate the original polio vaccines before 1963, causes cancer
  • vaccines don’t really work – instead better hygiene and nutrition led to decreases in vaccine-preventable diseases
  • vaccine-preventable diseases aren’t bad
  • someone is murdering doctors who are opposed to vaccines
  • they put antifreeze in vaccines
  • the CDC has known for a long time that vaccines cause autism
  • new vaccines contain RFID chips so the government can use these nano-microchips to track us
  • a shape-shifting parasitic alien species (the Reptilians) are creating a hereditary reptilian-human hybrid elite that use vaccines to poison us
  • almost anything written by Sharyl Attkisson or Robert F Kennedy, Jr

And the latest anti-vaccine conspiracy theories?

The flu vaccine killed Prince and vaccines are causing babies to be born with microcephaly – it’s not the zika virus.

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Green Our Vaccines

The Green Our Vaccines Rally and Campaign has included a long list of anti-vaccine celebrities and organizations, including:

  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Jim Carrey
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Talking About Curing Autism
  • Generation Rescue
  • Moms Against Mercury

They push they anti-vaccine myths that kids get too many vaccines that are full of toxins and that we need safer vaccines.

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Glyphosate in Vaccines

Glyphosate is a weed killer (Roundup) that is famously made by Monsanto.

So why is glyphosate in vaccines?

Well, so far, the only folks who are saying that you can find glyphosate in vaccines is an anti-GMO group that is against “chemical farming” and the use of glyphosate. This group feels that the United States should put a moratorium on glyphosate and Round Up. In fact, they want glyphospate and Round Up “banned NOW.”

This same group reported high levels of glyphosate in “drinking water, urine, and breast milk” back in 2014.

Not surprisingly, other reports soon followed that found that the “U.S. breast milk is glyphosate free.”

Another study, in Germany, reported that “From farm animal metabolism studies with radiolabeled glyphosate a very low transfer into muscle, milk and fat was observed.” They reported that “the positive findings of glyphosate in breast milk of American women could not be confirmed by our results. In none of the 114 breast milk samples collected from German women in August and September 2015 was glyphosate found within the detection limitations of the analytical methods.”

So is the anti-GMO group right this time, even though they used the same lab, Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc., and ELISA method to test vaccines for glyphosate that they did for breast milk?

First consider that they also reported finding glyphosate in canola oil and cow’s milk, in addition to vaccines. Why does that matter? Another recent study already reported that glyphosate “residues were not detected in soy milk, soybean oil, corn oil, maltodextrin, sucrose, cow’s milk, whole milk powder, or human breast milk.”

Next, their theory for how glyphosate might get in vaccines, by accumulating in one or more vaccine ingredients doesn’t make a lot of sense. Glyphosate is not usually known to accumulate much, instead being rapidly excreted.

And the levels of glyphosate they reportedly found? They ranged from 0.123 ppb (parts per billion) to 2.671 ppb. That would be much lower than substances in vaccines that are left over in residual amounts, which are often described in ppm (parts per million) amounts.

How tiny is ppb? One ppb is one part in 1 billion. Zane Satterfield, an engineering scientist, explains it this way:

One drop of ink in one of the largest tanker trucks used to haul gasoline would be an ink concentration of 1 ppb.

Or you could think of a ppb as:

  • one silver dollar in a roll stretching from Detroit to Salt Lake City,
  • one sheet in a roll of toilet paper stretching from New York to London,
  • one second in nearly 32 years, or
  • one pinch of salt in 10 tons of potato chips

That’s not to say that something at a ppb concentration can’t be bad. After all, lead in water above 15 ppb means you have to take steps to clean the water.

But glyphospate isn’t lead.  Glyphosate is reported to have low toxicity for humans.

Michelle McGuire, a professor in the WSU School of Biological Sciences, and who did the studies that didn’t find glyphosate in US breast milk, says that she wouldn’t trust this new report on glyphosate in vaccines. According to Dr. McGuire, “unless the ELISA has been validated and optimized for the matrix of the vaccine, false positives are expected.”

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