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Guess Who Thinks Vaccines Are Connected to Mass Shootings?

It’s hard to think that the modern anti-vaccine movement could sink any lower, after all, they have recently been called out for lying about vaccinating their kids, selling fake vaccine exemptions, bringing up the Holocaust when talking about vaccines and autism, and of course scaring parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids in the middle of the largest measles outbreak in 25 years.

Guess Who Thinks Vaccines Are Connected to Mass Shootings?

Not surprisingly, they weren’t done…

Larry Cook and his followers at Stop Mandatory Vaccination think that vaccines are connected to mass shootings.

A recent discussion on an anti-vaccine Facebook group asking if there was a connection between vaccines and mass shootings got nearly 1000 comments.

What’s the overall consensus of the group?

Of course they do!

“NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred over the weekend in Texas and Ohio. These mass shootings are far too common and impact every corner of our nation. Every time we experience a tragedy like this, people with mental illness are drawn into the conversation. The truth is that the vast majority of violence is not perpetrated by people with mental illness. Statements to the contrary only serve to perpetuate stigma and distract from the real issues.

NAMI sees gun violence as a national public health crisis that impacts everyone.”

NAMI Statement on Mass Shootings in Texas and Ohio

Even Larry Cook, the groups founder, has his own secret theory about how vaccines are associated with mass shootings. My guess is that his conspiracy theory involves nanobots…

There is only one real question we should have about all of this…

Do you want tetanus? Because this is how you get tetanus?
Do you want tetanus? Because this is how you get tetanus?

Why hasn’t his Stop Mandatory Vaccination group been removed from Facebook already?

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DNA in Vaccines

Are you worried about DNA in vaccines?

DNA in Vaccines

I’m not talking about future DNA vaccines, but rather about DNA contaminating the vaccines that we currently use.

Have you heard the stories that fragments of human DNA from fetal cells in the MMR vaccine could be linked to autism?

Or that human, pig, and other foreign DNA has been found in vaccines?

Vaccines still aren’t associated with autism, but highly fragmented (mostly destroyed) DNA can be found in some vaccines in very small amounts.


In 2010, porcine circovirus type 1 and 2 (PCV1 and PCV2) was detected in rotavirus vaccines. This porcine (pig) DNA was a contaminant of the residual medium in which the rotavirus vaccine was grown (and was detected because a new technique was developed). Fortunately, porcine circoviruses are not known to cause infection or disease in people.

In fact, “since both PCV species are highly prevalent in healthy pigs, human dietary and respiratory exposure to this virus is common through pork consumption. “

What about reports of human DNA fragments in Gardasil?

DNA fragments in Gardasil are not a contaminant and are not a safety risk.
DNA fragments in Gardasil are not a contaminant and are not a safety risk.

In 2011, the FDA reported that it had “recently received inquiries regarding the presence of human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA fragments in Gardasil and is aware that information related to this issue is on the internet.” They concluded that “the presence of DNA fragments is expected in Gardasil and not evidence of contamination,” and that:

  • residual recombinant HPV L1-specific DNA fragments are present in Gardasil because “the HPV L1 gene is used in the vaccine manufacturing process to produce the virus-like particles that make up the vaccine”
  • there are no full-length infectious HPV genomes
  • this is not a contaminant and is not a safety hazard

Lastly, even when small amounts of fragmented DNA is leftover in a vaccine, it can’t cause harm because “DNA from the vaccine is not able to incorporate itself into cellular DNA.”

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