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How Pediatricians Should Talk to Vaccine Hesitant Parents

Learning new ways to talk to vaccine hesitant parents, including the use of vaccination-focused motivational interviewing techniques, presumptive language, and high-quality recommendations, might help pediatricians have more success and get less frustrated.

Immunization Education Agreement

Whether you find yourself on opposite sides about immunizations with a friend, your spouse, an ex, or your pediatrician, agree to get educated about vaccines using these recommended and reliable sources of information and then talk about it some more.

Preparing for a Public Debate About Vaccines

Need some advice about preparing for a public debate about vaccines? That’s easy. “If you are invited for a public discussion you must first decide whether or not to accept the invitation.” How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public Don’t do it. Preparing for a Public Debate About Vaccines Wait, why wouldn’t you …

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