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Who Is Larry Palevsky?

Think you know all of the anti-vaccine pediatricians?

“The pediatrician who spoke on Monday night, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, is regularly cited in pamphlets circulated in New York City that urge women not to get their children vaccinated. His views have no basis in science, experts said.”

Despite Measles Warnings, Anti-Vaccine Rally Draws Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Sadly, there is more than one pediatrician pandering to parent’s fears about vaccines these days.

Who Is Larry Palevsky?

Although not as well known as Sears or Thomas, who were thrown into the spotlight because they wrote anti-vaccine books and were associated with measles outbreaks in their areas, it would be hard to say what makes Palevsky different from any other anti-vaccine expert.

A holistic pediatrician, he was an “expert” for the anti-vaccination movie The Greater Good. Palevsky also often links to and quotes other notorious anti-vax “experts.”

He even appeared on the Gary Null Show – in addition to being anti-vax, Gary Null is among the alternative medicine folks who actually denies that HIV causes AIDS.

So no one should be surprised that Palevsky spoke at an anti-vaccine rally during the longest measles outbreak we have had in the United States in over 25 years. An ongoing measles outbreak that health officials are still struggling to contain.

At the rally, he talked at length about mutating viruses and falsely claimed that failed vaccines were producing a new strain of measles. Women scribbled into notepads as he spoke. Others filmed his comments, sending them to their contacts on WhatsApp. Essentially, he said, there were no studies available to show how the vaccine affects the human body.

“Is it possible that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine that is somehow being given in this lot to communities in Williamsburg and Lakewood and Monsey, maybe in Borough Park, is it possible that these lots are bad?” he asked, referring to areas in New York and New Jersey with large ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities.

“It’s fascinating because we’re told how contagious the disease is, but somehow it’s centered in the Jewish community.”

Despite Measles Warnings, Anti-Vaccine Rally Draws Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews

It’s fascinating that a pediatrician would actually think that any of this is possible

Bad lots of vaccines?

Does Palevsky, who runs a Wellness Center, realize that only about 3-4% of the people who have gotten measles in Brooklyn and Rockland County have been fully vaccinated. Most are unvaccinated.

How does that fit into Palevsky’s theories about bad lots, mutating measles viruses, and failed vaccines?

Since Palevsky doesn’t seem to believe in the germ theory of disease, that viruses and bacteria can actually cause us to get sick, it isn’t hard to figure out. For him, of course, it would be easier to blame vaccines instead of the measles virus, I guess even vaccines that these folks have never received.

Sure. It is anything and everything except the fact that parents are intentionally not vaccinating and protecting their kids…

What’s really fascinating is that people are still listening to this kind of misinformation when they can see the consequences of what happens when they leave their community unvaccinated and unprotected.

“I believe in what’s called a starvation diet for kids when they’re sick.”

Larry Palevsky

And that they are listening to it from folks like Palevsky!

“Most of the reason that kids get sick is to move or get rid of wastes anyway.”

Larry Palevsky

But just in case they don’t get better by just removing the wastes in their body or by using supplements, essential oils or herbs and reducing their stress levels, Palevsky is very happy to refer your child to one of the homeopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and/or other health professionals in his office.

Palevsky wants your child to “breathe more” when they get sick…

And that’s a clue to why we continue to see outbreaks of measles.

This industry of holistic and integrative “health professionals” goes out of their way to make sure parents are too scared to vaccinate their kids.

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9 thoughts on “Who Is Larry Palevsky?”

  1. I’m guessing Dr Ianelli never studied logical fallacies as this whole piece is a strawman argument. No data backing his claims and a complete distortion of Pavelsky’s reasoning. Straight from the Big Pharma company line manual. Shameful and lazy Dr I.

    1. I could paraphrase your reply as saying “I don’t agree with Dr L as I do not want to believe it & I reject the thousands of studies that show vaccination to work because I think Big Pharma is lying to us” Dr L even included a section of Pavelsky’s website so you are wrong about no data provided by Dr L to back his claims.

      1. Steve, Dr. Ianelli hasn’t constructed a single credible argument. Let’s start with who Dr. Palevsky is. He graduated medical school from NYU, the second highest rated medical school in America. He did his residency at Mount Sinai in NYC and is a pediatrician. Dr. Palevsky works out of Manhattan and Long Island. By comparison, Dr. Ianelli went to Southwestern Medical school in Texas, which is ranked 26th. He completed his residency at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas and is a pediatrician. He works out of Rowlett Texas.

        I know a lot of people who fly into NYC to have their children seen by top specialists like Dr. Palevsky. I don’t know person who says: “I am flying to Rowlett, Texas to see that top specialist Ianelli, lol.

  2. When are the corporate mega conglomerates like Big Pharma going to get it!? WE THE PEOPLE are now WOKE to the huge journalistic scam that has been perpetrated on the US Citizens for nearly the past 70 years. We WOKE up when they, in concert with the TECH industry overplayed their hand during this last presidential election; doubling down with the fake COVID pandemic, even going as far as to CENSOR free speech to prevent it from taking away from the PARTY NARRATIVE, Hey Guys! Its not working any more! We know who you are and you’re all going to pay, and pay dearly for your Hegelian deceptions.

  3. It takes a blockhead like you so-called Dr, Vincent Ianelli to propel the lies.

    When the people awaken to your propaganda …take a good thought about your Hippocratic Oath and then look at your hands. See the blood of millions and the wasted souls there, or the misery created by tactless propagated thoughts and stances like yours?

    It is all on people like you whose ego was to big and your facts nil, null or void…

    May the consequences of all evil rain down upon those of you who cared not but for yourselves, and lead the innocent and untaught down the paths to hellish destruction.

    You who picked a side instead of opening your mind and thinking about the trusting patients that you should be curing…

  4. I love the backlash here against the globalist clot-shot agenda by purebloods- love seeing proof that the Great Awakening is out pacing the Great Reset…

  5. As more and more things don’t add up, people are asking questions. And common sense is getting the better of empty statements like “this new injection is unequivocally safe”. And of smear articles like this one.

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