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Are COVID Vaccines Being Used As Bioweapons?

Why do some people believe that our COVID vaccines are being used as bioweapons?

Why would anyone need to use COVID vaccines as bioweapons? Wouldn't it be easier to just release the COVID vaccine nanobots in chemtrails?
Why would anyone need to use COVID vaccines as bioweapons? Wouldn’t it be easier to just release the COVID vaccine nanobots in chemtrails?

The usual suspects…

Are COVID Vaccines Being Used As Bioweapons?

Wait, that isn’t a new idea, is it?

Alex Jones was on top of the COVID Vaccine bioweapon conspiracy theory a long time ago!
Alex Jones was on top of the COVID Vaccine bioweapon conspiracy theory a long time ago!

It isn’t, but apparently that didn’t keep these five “doctors” from getting together to talk about it. Yes, they really held a round table discussion to essentially talk about shedding.

And apparently to see who could make the most outrageous claims about COVID vaccines.

Of course these five "doctors" agree! It's not a discussion, Tenpenny's "brain trust of dream team" is an echo chamber of misinformation.
Of course these five “doctors” agree! It’s not a discussion, Tenpenny’s “brain trust of dream team” is an echo chamber of misinformation.

And the winner?

  • Christiane Northrup – her claim to fame is that she was a regular expert on the Oprah Winfrey show… says many, many women have become infertile because of the Gardasil vaccine (not true) and is stressed that we don’t have a database, like VAERS or the UK Yellow Card for people who are around someone who was recently vaccinated. She thinks that there is some kind of bioweapon that the “body is now secreting,” because we become a factory making synthetic spike proteins, can’t shut it off, and transmit this to people around us, causing heavy bleeding, miscarriages, and kids to have nose bleeds.
  • Carrie Madej – believes in shedding, but thinks that the nanolipid particles in the COVID vaccines is to blame. She characterizes them as “little tiny computer bits” or nanobots that have the ability to through WiFi and react to 5G… So she thinks people who are vaccinated act as an antenna and transmit EMFs. And she is now seeing EMF toxicity that might be causing blood clots and other problems!
  • Lee Merritt – an orthopedic surgeon (that does laser tattoo removal and vaginal rejuvenation) from Nebraska who is against Obamacare, masks, and COVID vaccines. She thinks the problem is prions… Dr. Merritt thinks that “they” may have weaponized spike proteins by turning them into self-replicating proteins that we are transmitting to others. She is also really excited by the Matrix M adjuvant, even though it isn’t used in any of the currently approved COVID vaccines.
  • Larry Palevsky – makes some “bold statements,” stating again his thoughts that the COVID vaccines are not really vaccines (like how many of us think he is not really a doctor!), that the COVID vaccines can not stop the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (they can), and that when you get sick with COVID-19, it’s not because you have a viral infection, but rather it’s because you have spike protein poisoning! A spike protein that is a man-made weapon! His thoughts on the COVID vaccine? He thinks that we “should be quarantining people who have been injected with this poison.” And they should “have a badge on their arms saying I’ve been vaccinated, even though it’s not a vaccine, so we know to avoid them.”
  • Sherri Tenpenny – spends most of her time pushes her ebook and seminar that she is selling… Now blames shedding on the Janssen vaccine’s adenovirus component, but wants to start calling it transmission instead of shedding, and thinks maybe it’s because the spike proteins get activated by 5G… She also wants to take fluoride out of the water and replace it with ivermectin… She thinks that the whole planet is now swimming in bioweapon stuff…

It’s awfully hard to choose a winner when listening to this group!

A group that includes Christiane Northrup

Christiane Northrup believes that after we get a COVID vaccine, we become eternal "there is no way this is going to stop" spike protein factories, making a bioweapon that is transmitted in all of our bodily fluids and even our flatus - that's right - poisonous farts!
Christiane Northrup believes that after we get a COVID vaccine, we become eternal “there is no way this is going to stop” spike protein factories, making a bioweapon that is transmitted in all of our bodily fluids and even our flatus – that’s right – poisonous farts! She recommends taking a bath in 1/2 ml of organic soap and alfalfa, either pellets or hay, and if you look with a black light, you can literally see the nanobots come out of your body and go to the alfalfa! She also believes that the nanobots thrive on negativity and fear and anger – it’s a war between between good and evil.

Can Carrie Madej beat poison farts?

While she usually talks about transhumanism, Carrie Madej is now pushing the idea that we are in a frequency war and that nanobots from the COVID vaccine are turning us into EMF transmitters...
While she usually talks about transhumanism, Carrie Madej is now pushing the idea that we are in a frequency war and that nanobots from the COVID vaccine are turning us into EMF transmitters… This is in addition to the love frequency that your heart puts out – a minimum of six feet from your body… She says that you shouldn’t be afraid, but this is what we read about in the book of Revelations. And do bentonite clay baths!

While Lee Merrit initially appeared out of her league with these folks, she picked up the pace in the closing statements…

Lee Merritt says that COVID is a psyop.
Prions. Matrix-M. Tree bark. Lee Merritt should stick to tattoo removal instead of trying to get her VAERS study published (she “looked for bleeding, words that were about bleeding, and thrombocytopenia in the VAERS…”). She claims that “they are coming for your children.” Says that “stopping the immunizations is step one” and that COVID is a psyop.

Can Larry “don’t shed on me” Pavlesky out do Carrie Madej and Christiane Northrup, or is he just going to talk about shedding?

Larry Palevsky says that COVID vaccines are a man-made weapon of mass destruction causing genocide!
Larry Palevsky is awake and has now moved well beyond shedding, stating that the COVID “vaccines” are a man-made weapon of mass destruction causing genocide! And that everyone who gets vaccinated should have to wear a badge.

And lastly, there is Sherri Tenpenny

Sherri Tenpenny says that "the spike protein can manipulate your genes..."
Says that “the spike protein can manipulate your genes…” At this point, it seems like she knows that she can just make stuff up and the scarier it sounds, the better! She seems to be advocating that people take hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and other things long term to protect themselves from shedding from people who are getting vaccinated. And some colloidal silver – sniff it and swish and spit – just don’t over do it!

Of course, the winner has to be Larry Palevsky!

Most anti-vaccine rhetoric is pretty outrageous, but to label getting people vaccinated and protected as genocide distracts from the greatest crimes against humanity – true genocides.

That these folks are pushing misinformation about COVID vaccines in the middle of a pandemic is ridiculous, but the rhetoric about genocide is over the top, even for Palevsky.

“To misuse the Ten Stages of Genocide model and claim it supports the false, unscientific ideology of the anti-Vaxxers is morally reprehensible. Pretending to be concerned about a non-existent genocide and its non-existent victims demonstrates complete disregard for the real victims of past and present genocides.”

Genocide Watch Rejects Conspiracy Theories About Covid-19 Vaccines

Not surprisingly, Larry Palevsky isn’t the first to talk about vaccines and genocide.

What is surprising is that people keep listening to him and these other “doctors…”

“You have never heard of these theories before, because they haven’t let you hear these theories before. And we have to recognize the fact that we have to not only listen to each other, but we need to listen to our bodies. And just because it doesn’t sound like it makes sense, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make sense. And so I encourage everybody that as crazy or outlandish that some of these ideas may sound, look into them because they are coming from a very, very deep place of tons of research and incredibly brilliant people. They’re not coming out of nowhere.


Be skeptical.

These ideas don’t make any sense because they are made up.

Bioweapons? Nanobots? EMF transmitters? Even shedding – they have no evidence for any of the things they are saying…

Unbelievably, even as these folks talk about control, they are fighting against the things that would help keep them from getting sick with SARS-CoV-2, something they really can’t control.

“So at the end of this, if there is one take away you have, it’s that there is a lot we don’t know and there’s a lot we need to learn and there’s a lot that can be happening, but we do have ownership of some things. We may not be able to control everything, but we can continue to fight to make sure that we still maintain control of the things we can control.”


After all, no one is working to force them to get vaccinated or even wear a mask!

They have a choice.

And by listening to misinformation and propaganda, their choice is going to lead them to getting COVID-19.

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9 thoughts on “Are COVID Vaccines Being Used As Bioweapons?”

    1. Well, I notice two things that are incorrect in the article. One is that viral shedding is a myth, but now, I have heard many doctors say that vaccinated people do shed the virus and can give Covid to non-vaccinated. This is pretty well accepted in the medical field. The article goes on to say that nobody is forcing anybody to take the vaccine or wear a mask. LOL This does not even require a response. Many employers are forcing their employees to get vaccinated in many states or be fired.

  1. Well its very evident that vaccines are dangerous whatever they are supposed to do is clearly worse than the cause. A vaccine for something with an IFR of 0.15% Reaaaly?

    1. So you didn’t have a single rebuttal or actually fact check a single statement, you just try to convince people to not listen to them at all by mocking them. Typical “fact checker”. None of these ideas are even controversial and are all documented in medical journals by the way. You act like nano technology is science fiction. Read up

  2. even if just follow there “science” why do you need something stuck a MILE up your nose to be tested, yet can spread it by breathing on peaople, common sense would say those wo things don’t match and there is someting up withall this, somethign very evil

  3. Read former Soviet military doctor Igor Shepherd and his breakdown of mRNA technology and the purpose of it And he emphasizes the technology is not new… So is he a conspiracy theorist too? Yes it makes perfect sense to use mRNA bioweapon technology originated by the Soviet military 40 years ago to fight an alleged virus with a 99.7% survival rate Doesnt it you evil propagandist bastards

  4. I’m curious…. in the above article, it reads “Be skeptical.” I’d suggest the author do the same. Be skeptical of whom or what, let alone why? What these doctors say DOES MAKE SENSE. Something that you don’t WANT to be true doesn’t equate to non-sense. Be skeptical of those telling you what to believe, what not to question, and who to trust. Blind faith is FAR from being skeptical. My trust is only earned by being HONEST; even if the truth is ugly.

  5. Disparaging people for “pushing their book.” Well, Marx did it in Germany, Mao in China. I suppose it depends what’s written “in the book.”

  6. Bullshit! Wake the hell up. These people are dead right although I don’t agree with segregation as that what the globalists wanted and got, and you help enable it.
    Let me tell you MATE I am an auto immune compromised patient with MS. I did not get the experimental gene therapy (don’t call it a vaccine as it ain’t! Iv had vaccines in my life so have my kids but this is not nor ever will be a vaccine). I did my homework used my brain unlike the author and decided not to be a minion nor fear the extreme uncalled for propaganda. Not one animal in Multiple sclerosis survived any mRNA studies over the years trialed. Are u in denial cause you have had it (to the author)? Or just legit not using your own critical thinking, not noticing everything that makes no sense. Iv been a victim of shedding to the extreme. I am now left with permanent blood damage and riddled with bacillus cocci shingles etc. my dr is hiding my tests results from me and neglecting to treat me. 3 drs in a row. 1 of 20 odd years abused me and was not allowed back. My neuro and new GP are refusing to test treat and now disclose what iv forced them to test. I have never been so ill in my life with many of the adverse reactions listed in the 9 pages of EDRs in the Pfizer doc. 1. How can u ignore that document straight from Pfizer stating there IS AN OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE HAZARD! 2. Read the 9 pages of Adverse reaction they tried to hide till 2075…Why? Ask your self why? Reach out and do a proper story on the truth if you want. Happy to share the truth these people and dr cole dr McCullough dr Malone dr Tess Laurie (external consultant for who foundering the world council for health – have a read) and so many more have solid proof. Get with it and stop contributing the the death and destruction of especially now our kids. Have you any? You clearly are blinded by the tyranny of our now au gov who, wait another true story, has tried to form their own national government which is against our constitution! Omg Scotty Morrison bug bro is the chair of AHPRA. Starr using your brain or how about you stop spreading misinformation! Again contact me. Happy to walk you through the living (just) proof of my own journey and show you the proof from the horses mouth. Also watch Gates Fauci etc over the years. They tell you what they plan in open interviews and summits. Keep BS’ing and bloods on your hands.

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