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Worst of the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Scaring parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids from vaccine-preventable diseases is bad.

Bob Sears used to warn people to not share their fears with other people.

What’s worse?

Claire Dwoskin of the NVIC and the Dwoskin Family Foundation writing:

At least his daughter is alive, smiling, educated and enjoying life. That cannot be said for the hundreds of thousands of vaccine injured children in the US. What his daughter went through is NOTHING compared to what the families of autistic children go through every day of their lives. No disease can match this record of human devastation. Vaccines are a holocaust of poison on our children’s brains and immune systems. Shame on you all.

Jenny “I’m not anti-vaccine” McCarthy saying:

I do believe sadly it’s going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe. If the vaccine companies are not listening to us, it’s their fucking fault that the diseases are coming back. They’re making a product that’s shit. If you give us a safe vaccine, we’ll use it. It shouldn’t be polio versus autism.

Dr. Jerry Kartzinel writing in the forward to Jenny McCarthy’s autism book:

Autism, as I see it, steals the soul from a child…

Andrew Wakefield:

“Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis” – his movie that whitewashes the brutal murder of an autistic child by his own mother

Bob Sears:

…we can’t proclaim from the rooftops that the MMR vaccine causes autism.

Donald Trump:

Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!

Jenny McCarthy:

If you ask a parent of an autistic child if they want the measles or the autism, we will stand in line for the f–king measles.

Jay Gordon:

I think that the public health benefits to vaccinating are grossly overstated.

Rob Schneider:

The idea that vaccines don’t injure people is a fallacy. Two billion dollars have been paid out to people who have been vaccine injured or died in the United States. This is a real thing. Another law has been passed in California to prevent a child from going to school unless he or she has been vaccinated. Kids have to take all the shots on a certain schedule, and it they don’t, they can’t go to school. That’s a human rights issue. When you have taken away parental rights and you’re forcing people to do an invasive medical procedure, it’s against the Nuremberg code. The Nuremberg code states: you have to have informed consent, and you have to have the right to say yes.

Paul Thomas, MD

I want to thank the warrior moms and dads. Those of you who have an autistic child, or a child who is otherwise damaged, you know the damage isn’t always clear-cut autism. Some times it is just some variation – your kids just not quite right.

That’s why I didn’t stand and say that I have an autistic child, because my kids, I tease them and say that they are brain damaged. Uh. Sorry son. (crowd laughs)

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