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COVID Shedding Has Now Become Something is Being Transmitted

Remember when Sherri Tenpenny and Larry Palevsky were warning you about shedding from the COVID vaccines?

COVID vaccine shedding? We meant some mysterious thing is being transmitted....
COVID vaccine shedding? We just meant something is being transmitted…

They have changed their minds!

COVID Shedding Has Now Become Something is Being Transmitted

It turns out that COVID vaccines don’t actually shed, just like we have all been saying!

That doesn’t mean that Sherri Tenpenny doesn’t still think that you might develop problems, like menstrual issues, if you are around someone who has been recently vaccinated.

She just isn’t going to call it shedding anymore…

Why not?

Well, to hear her explain it, it is because vaccines shed, and she and Larry Palevsky don’t even think that the COVID vaccines are really vaccines!

“Again, you will never hear me call these things vaccines, because they are not vaccines. They are not meant to protect us against a viral infection. They are meant to alter our genetic material. That is the intention of the patents. Read them. The intention of these injections is to permanently alter our genetic codes.”

Larry Palevsky

So instead of shedding, the COVID “injections” are somehow making you transmit something to other people after you are vaccinated injected.

“Because something is being transmitted between people that we haven’t clearly identified yet… What is it that’s possibly being transmitted between the vaccinated person to an unvaccinated person.”

Sherri Tenpenny

In other words, because her idea of COVID vaccine shedding “poisonous spike proteins” was thoroughly discredited and explained away, Sherri Tenpenny is simply moving the goalposts!

What’s next?

Hopefully you become more skeptical as you see how these folks operate and you get your family vaccinated and protected!

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