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It’s Not Just the Disinformation Dozen

Breaking News – Erin Elizabeth and Sayer Ji have been deplatformed.

The Disinformation Dozen, the folks responsible for much of the anti-vaccine misinformation and propaganda on social media, are well known to those working to counter vaccine hesitancy.

The Disinformation Dozen are responsible for 65% of anti-vaccine content on social media.

But it is important to understand that they aren’t the only ones out there pushing anti-vaccine content. There are others…

Update on the Disinformation Dozen

Still, the Disinformation Dozen have mislead and scared a lot of people with their propaganda.

So how are the efforts to get them off social media going?

Sherri Tenpenny was removed from Instagram, and proceeded to simply make a new Instagram page...
Sherri Tenpenny was removed from Instagram, and proceeded to simply make a new Instagram page…

Since March 20, 2021, when the first report about the DisInformation Dozen was published, we have seen little progress from the leading social media platforms.

It’s Not Just the Disinformation Dozen

And while many focus on the Disinformation Dozen, it’s important to keep in mind that there are others too…

Who are they?

They are likely the folks who are going to rise up and fill in if the Disinformation Dozen ever truly gets deplatformed…

With all of the focus on the Disinformation Dozen, let's not forget these folks!
With all of the focus on the Disinformation Dozen, let’s not forget these folks!

From Paul Thomas, who told parents to not worry because only one in a billion children were dying of COVID-19 and Larry Palevsky, who pushed the idea the measles outbreak in New York was caused by a vaccine strain and has since moved on to talking about COVID-19 vaccine shedding and spike protein poisoning, to Bob Sears and Elisa Song, many of these are actually pediatricians who often get called out for posting misinformation.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped them.

Getting in trouble with their state medical boards hasn’t stopped them either.

Anti-Vax Cons in 2021 with Judy Mikovits, Melissa Floyd, Bob Sears, and Del Bigtree

What will?

Unfortunately, they will probably keep going as long as they continue to profit from their appearances at anti-vaccine conferences and seminars, and by selling unnecessary tests, vitamins, and supplements, and anti-vaccine books and movies.

More on the Disinformation Dozen

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just the Disinformation Dozen”

  1. So, Iannelli, you are peachy keen about censorship, yes?
    Do you have any grasp at all of history?

  2. So how do YOU know it is “disinformation”? There are now thousands of GPs, epidemiologists, front line physicians, research specialists, crying out “STOP” to these injections. Do your research. THEY ARE PAYING FOR IT OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS. Being persecuted by people like you. Sacrificing their careers. But still don’t stop. Because they made an oath “First do no harm.” Time reveals truth, and time is revealing the utter disaster these so called ‘vaccines’ are.

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