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The Oregon Medical Board’s Case Against Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas is in trouble with the Oregon Medical Board, as they have suspended his medical license, ordering him to “stop practicing medicine until further order of the Board.”

Paul Thomas is the pediatrician who said that we don’t need to be afraid for our children because there were only “one in a billion children dying of COVID.” Of course, if that were true, the population of the United States would have include nearly 140 billion children…

Are you surprised?

The Oregon Medical Board’s Case Against Paul Thomas

If you are surprised that his medical license has been suspended, then you likely don’t know very much about Paul Thomas.

“I am sometimes characterized as not mainstream when it comes to vaccines. I am a Dartmouth trained board certified pediatrician who owns and runs a Medical Home full service clinic in Portland Oregon called Integrative Pediatrics.”

HB 3063 Paul Thomas MD – Response

A full service pediatric clinic that doesn’t stock all of the vaccines that are on the recommended immunization schedule for children and adults…

“Paul Norman Thomas, MD (Licensee) is a licensed physician in the State of Oregon. This order is made pursuant to 677.205(3), which authorizes the Board to temporarily suspend a license without a hearing when the Board has evidence that indicates that Licensee’s continued practice constitutes an immediate danger to the public, as well as ORS 183.430(2), in that the Board has found that Licensee’s continued practice of medicine by a physician presents a serious danger to the public health or safety.


This is the pediatrician who advocates against kids getting vaccinated on time and on schedule, pushing the idea that the MMR vaccine is associated with autism, despite that fact that this has been shown to be not true again and again and we very recently had to deal with recording breaking outbreaks of measles.

At a screening for Vaxxed, Paul Thomas, MD, joked that kids with autism were brain damaged. And everyone laughed.
At a screening for Vaxxed, Paul Thomas, joked that kids with autism were brain damaged. And everyone laughed.

This is the pediatrician who wrote a book about vaccines that is full of anti-vaccine talking points that have been already been refuted a thousand times.

“Patient A’s mother requested polio and rotavirus vaccinations for Patient A according to CDC Recommendations, but Licensee did not have those vaccines in the clinic, and Patient A would therefore not be able to get them. Patient A’s mother reported that the Licensee questioned why she wanted Patient A to get the polio vaccine and asked whether they were traveling to Africa. During the appointment, Licensee continually connected vaccines (not specific) with autism. Licensee asked her how awful she would feel if Patient A got autism and she could have prevented it.”


A pediatrician who talks about informed consent, but obviously fails to get it from his patients, as he neglects to mention the risks associated with the made up immunization schedule that he pushes on his patients.

Although he claims his unvaccinated patients are healthier than those who are vaccinated, it is obvious that they just get more vaccine preventable diseases. Did he tell his parents that their kids would be at risk to get these diseases if they followed his immunization schedule? Did he tell them that their intentionally unvaccinated children would put other people at risk, including those who are too young to be vaccinated or fully vaccinated and those who can’t be vaccinated because they have a true medical exemption.

“Patient B, an 11-year-old male, was immunized on a delayed schedule according to Licensee’s recommendation and practice agreements. Patient B was subsequently diagnosed with pertussis on September 24, 2018, requiring office visits and antibiotics. Pertussis is a fully vaccine-preventable illness. Patient B’s chart shows that Patient B was not immunized, but there are no records of recommendations for immunization or parental refusal of vaccines.”


In addition to this child with pertussis, there were:

  • intentionally unvaccinated children who were hospitalized with rotavirus
  • unnecessary titer testing on nearly 1000 kids
  • unnecessary titer testing on nearly 1000 kids without giving or even recommending booster shots to the few kids who had low titers and were still at risk to get a vaccine-preventable disease

And not surprisingly, the complaints against Paul Thomas weren’t just about vaccines

“Patient C is a now 7-year-old male. He was admitted to Randall Children’s Hospital in August 2013 at approximately 10 weeks of life with fever and a diagnosis of Kawasaki’s disease. Licensee saw Patient C in clinic for three days in clinic with fever. Though Dr. Thomas reevaluated Patient C daily and sent repeated labs, he made a clinical decision to treat a febrile child a less than 3 months old with intramuscular ceftriaxone on the basis of a “bagged” and not catharized urine sample and in the absence of blood cultures. Any child of this age is at higher risk for serious bacterial infection (late onset group B strep, pneumococcal bacteremia, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, meningitis) as well as inflammatory illnesses such as Kawasaki’s disease. Licensee breached the standard of care by failing to refer Patient C to the Emergency Room or hospital for definitive lab testing (guided bladder tap, blood cultures done with bedside ultrasound, possible lumbar puncture) and observation. Licensee’s management of Patient C’s illness in clinic breached the standard of care. Patient C remained non immunized for pertussis and subsequently contracted pertussis when his older brother, Patient C, became ill with pertussis on September 24, 2018.”


Most pediatricians would consider it malpractice to treat a 10 week old with persistent fever with a shot of antibiotics after only getting a bagged urine sample, which are unreliable and often contaminated.

There was also a child he was treating with repeated IgE allergy panels, elimination diets, and vitamin supplements for constipation, food allergies, mold allergies and possible “chronic Lyme disease.” A child who was also intentionally unvaccinated.

And of the course there is the intentionally unvaccinated 6-year-old who spent 57 days in the hospital, including 47 days in the ICU, after developing tetanus. Paul Thomas was involved in this child’s care and the Oregon Medical Board concluded that his care placed the child “at serious risk of harm and constitutes gross negligence.”

What’s next?

“I opened my pediatric clinic called Integrative Pediatrics in 2008 which is where I continue to maintain my office and my full-time practice of pediatric medicine. Since opening this clinic four other pediatricians have joined me. We are in agreement about how we provide information to the parents of the children to whom we provide care and treatment, particularly with respect to vaccinations. As outlined below our pediatric practice with respect to the immunization of children has been appropriate and successful.”

HB 3063 Paul Thomas MD – Response

In addition to seeing whether or not he will actually lose his license, folks should be asking:

  • will the board be investigating all of the other providers in his office?
  • why is Paul Thomas still a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics?
  • why does he still have a YouTube channel where he is able to earn money while pushing misinformation about vaccines and COVID-19?
  • why is Amazon still selling his Vaccine Friendly Plan book, without at least putting up a disclaimer that it is an alternative type book filled with misinformation and propaganda?

Also, why is he asking folks to contact the Catholic church, who have long said that people have a moral obligation to vaccinate and protect their kids? Does Paul Thomas mention that when he gives informed consent?

“Contact the Catholic church leadership demanding they stop the discrimination and abandonment of the vulnerable children being cared for at Integrative Pediatrics. The latter have nowhere else to go where they can get informed consent.”

Paul Thomas

And why do parents listen to pediatricians like Paul Thomas when we know that vaccines are safe, with few risks, and are obviously necessary?

More on Paul Thomas

7 thoughts on “The Oregon Medical Board’s Case Against Paul Thomas”

  1. I always took my children to the health department to get their vaccines both in Louisiana and Texas. I don’t know how Oregon’s health departments are but the mother should have gone else were if that’s what she wanted.
    The Mayo Clinic’s write up regarding Pertussis, did not sound alarming. It did mention a vaccine might prevent it but if the child does get it they will recover. It’s dehydration from diarrhea and vomitting that is concerning so to be watchful of that.

    If people are vaccinated then it should not matter if others are not.

    I would not recommend this current mRNA vaccine that’s being imposed on people. I watched the FDA meeting for Pfizer covid vaccine approval. What was presented did not prove anything to me. In the late ’80’s, I worked in a plant biotech lab at Cornell University extension. Dr. John Sanford took a gene that was identified to cause cell division and injected it into a plant that grew as a stalk. To do this you take the leaves and break them down to just cells in a petri dish. Then the genes were shot into them by the genegun that he and Ed Wolf designed. Once the cells had recovered from the insertion they were regenerated back to the plant. Guess what changed. Instead of it being a stalk plant where it could stand on it’s own, it became a vine that needed to clime onto things. Note the healthy doctor in Florida that just died from the Pfizer covid vaccine; his plantlets just stopped being produced, hence death.

    Keep in mind that the CDC folks just think of MD’s as their minions that should not question them. I am glad there are doctors do.

  2. I believe Dr. Paul has his patients best interest in mind. Not everyone can tolerate vaccines and may God help you if you or a loved gets injured by a vaccine or suffers from Chronic Lyme, mold, allergies, and everything else western medicine wants to band aid with a medication. Be grateful for your “good” health status and I’ll pray for your closed mindedness.

  3. Analysis of health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children: Developmental delays, asthma, ear infections and gastrointestinal disorders
    Brian S Hooker1 and Neil Z Miller2

    This study shows a relationship between vaccines and asthma, otitis media and NEURODEVELOPMENTAL disorders….. The exact opposite of what the overzealous healthcare establishment states.

    I imagine big tech will make this disappear soon.

  4. This article was written by idiots who don’t believe in RESEARCH BASED medicine. If you read his book you would know he isnt anti-vax. He does want parents to know everything so they can make educated decisions and not just blindly trust the CDC who doesn’t care about the general population (why would they? The sicker you are the more money they make) There is no harm
    In exploring your options and coercing people into thinking otherwise is unlawful and unconstitutional.

    That is the beauty of America. We have the freedom to choose and thats a right that should not be mandated or fussed with

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  7. That he is an “anti-vaxxer” (a label) – doesn’t matter.
    That he doesn’t look, talk, speak, dress, or act like a doctor – doesn’t matter.
    Conduct and attitude towards his staff- doesn’t matter.

    What matters is his skills and abiities and if he is following the regulations and laws. And he is not doing this. Because his treatment appears to be substandard or off the cuff or just inferior – and his conduct is unbecoming of an MD.

    For example – Perforning treatment he should NOT be doing , such as freezing off half of a huge wart, for the second time after it quickly grew back twice the size, for you-tube clicks, and violating patient confidentiality NO. That is NOT conduct becoming of an MD. The correct action is referral to a podiatrist for surgery.

    On top of all of this is using minors (babys and children) for advertising when minors cannot consent under the law.

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