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Doctors Facing Disciplinary Actions Over Vaccines

There are many doctors and other health professionals who do and recommend things that are far out of the mainstream. They may tell their patients to skip or delay vaccines, that vaccine-preventable diseases aren’t that bad, or even that vaccines don’t work, etc.

Dr. Mendelsohn was the Dr. Bob of his day.

And yet, many are surprised when some of them face disciplinary actions from their state’s medical boards, such as:

Dr. Ming Te Lin, the board certified pediatrician in Illinois who:

  • was preparing alternative vaccinations for children for more than a decade
  • gave patients modified vaccinations containing cat saliva and vodka
  • was signing state forms certifying he had given pediatric patients their conventional shots
  • used a WaveFront 2000 device to detoxify vaccines of mercury

Dr. Lin’s medical license was suspended in 2016 and then finally surrendered the next year “for utilizing vaccination methods that were not FDA-approved.”

Dr. Bob Sears has also faced disciplinary action from his state’s medical board for gross negligence and repeated negligent acts.

Bob Sears didn't lose his medical license, but was given probation by the Medical Board of California.
Bob Sears didn’t lose his medical license, but was given probation by the Medical Board of California.

He ended up on probation, but violated the terms of that probation a few years later and it was extended for an additional two years.

Many other California docs have been charged or are being investigated for writing inappropriate medical exemptions, including:

Not surprisingly, Paul Thomas now joins the list of pediatricians who have been disciplined, having his license suspended by the Oregon Medical Board.

“Patient A’s mother requested polio and rotavirus vaccinations for Patient A according to CDC Recommendations, but Licensee did not have those vaccines in the clinic, and Patient A would therefore not be able to get them. Patient A’s mother reported that the Licensee questioned why she wanted Patient A to get the polio vaccine and asked whether they were traveling to Africa. During the appointment, Licensee continually connected vaccines (not specific) with autism. Licensee asked her how awful she would feel if Patient A got autism and she could have prevented it.”


Paul Thomas not only pushes his own made up immunization schedule, his patients have no choice but to follow that schedule as he doesn’t even stock many routine vaccines that he doesn’t recommend, including the rotavirus vaccine and HPV vaccine.

The accusations against Paul Thomas aren’t just about vaccines though…

“Patient C is a now 7-year-old male. He was admitted to Randall Children’s Hospital in August 2013 at approximately 10 weeks of life with fever and a diagnosis of Kawasaki’s disease. Licensee saw Patient C in clinic for three days in clinic with fever. Though Dr. Thomas reevaluated Patient C daily and sent repeated labs, he made a clinical decision to treat a febrile child a less than 3 months old with intramuscular ceftriaxone on the basis of a “bagged” and not catharized urine sample and in the absence of blood cultures.”


The Oregon Medical Board also lists many examples of his unvaccinated kids requiring hospitalization after getting vaccine preventable diseases.

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