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Moving the Goalposts on Vaccine Safety

What do goalposts have to do with vaccines?

Nothing really.

They do have a place in folks who argue that vaccines aren’t safe, don’t work, or aren’t necessary though.

Moving the Goalposts on Vaccine Safety

Moving the goalposts refers to a logical fallacy in which someone decides they want different evidence to win their argument, typically because their previous evidence has failed.

Anti-vaccine folks will never be satisfied with the answers you give them and continually move the goalposts.

For example, after thimerosal was removed from vaccines, anti-vaccine folks began to say that it was really aluminum and formaldehyde that were the toxins in vaccines.

And after they realized that the double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled studies on vaccines that they had been calling for had already been done, they moved the goalposts to calling for saline placebos.

It never ends.

Just like when playing soccer though, you can’t move the goalposts once you start playing.

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