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The Fatal Flaw in the Anti-Vaccine Movement

There are a ton of flaws in the “logic” of the anti-vaccine movement.

Just consider how many theories they have for why vaccines are associated with autism…

  1. It’s the MMR vaccine – the Andrew Wakefield theory
  2. It’s thimerosal – but MMR never contained thimerosal…
  3. It’s glyphosate – the Stephanie Seneff theory
  4. It’s the vaccines you get while you are pregnant
  5. It’s the vaccines you get as an infant – but you don’t get MMR until you are 12 months old
  6. It’s the vaccines you get as a toddler – but what about the kids who get diagnosed as infants?
  7. It’s just something about vaccines – but what about the autistic kids who are unvaccinated and whose parents weren’t recently vaccinated?

It’s fairly easy to see that these folks just want to blame vaccines

The Fatal Flaw in the Anti-Vaccine Movement

That’s not necessarily the fatal flaw in the anti-vaccine movement though.

Is it that all of their ideas and theories are so easy to refute?

There are hundreds of these types of arguments that anti-vaccine folks use to scare parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

Of course, none are true.

That it only takes a few minutes of research to prove that they aren’t true isn’t the fatal flaw in the anti-vaccine movement though.

As more people are vaccinated and diseases disappear, they forget how bad those diseases are, skip or delay getting their vaccines, and trigger outbreaks.
As more people are vaccinated and diseases disappear, they forget how bad those diseases are, skip or delay getting their vaccines, and trigger outbreaks. Photo by WHO

The fatal flaw is that when enough folks listen to them and immunization rates drop, we get outbreaks.

“I also warn them not to share their fears with their neighbors, because if too many people avoid the MMR, we’ll likely see the diseases increase significantly.”

Dr. Bob Sears in The Vaccine Book

Ironically, Dr. Bob obviously knew this would happen, warning folks not to tell anyone – in his book that likely increased fears about vaccines!

Although Wakefield and others were factors, remember that Dr. Bob‘s book about vaccines was published in 2007…

And what happens once we start to see a lot more outbreaks?

In addition to a lot of unvaccinated kids getting sick, folks line up to get their kids vaccinated and protected.

Even Dr. Jay is advocating for older (I’m going to assume he means 6 months) unvaccinated children to get an MMR to help stop the outbreaks.

This is a cycle that experts have talked about for some time.

It’s the reason that the anti-vaccine movement, which has been around for hundreds of years, can never really win. They will never take us back to the pre-vaccine era.

Yes, a woman died when she got caught up in a 2015 measles outbreak in Washington.
Yes, a woman died when she got caught up in a 2015 measles outbreak in Washington.

Anytime their ideas take hold a little too much, nature fights back. Diseases, especially measles which is extremely contagious, come back. And we have to work to control the outbreaks.

But that more kids eventually get vaccinated in outbreaks isn’t the only fatal flaw in the anti-vaccine movement.

Tragically, the other fatal flaw in the anti-vaccine movement is that since these are life-threatening diseases, people end up dying from vaccine-preventable diseases. And the risk of that happening goes way up during a large outbreak.

Vaccines aren’t perfect, but they are safe, with few risks. They are also very necessary.

It shouldn’t take an outbreak to convince you to vaccinate your kids.

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6 thoughts on “The Fatal Flaw in the Anti-Vaccine Movement”

  1. Funny. We don’t “use arguments to scare people from vaccinating”.
    We just tell you why WE are not vaccinating so you leave us the fuck alone.
    I don’t care what you inject into your children. I don’t have an agenda.

    However, Big Pharma does.

    Give me double-blind studies with a saline placebo to prove that vaccines are safe and we will talk. Guess what… you don’t have them.

    Instead of posting all this bunch of crap you should be worried about how you are getting sued for not having a quality control of your product for over 32 years.

    1. Double blind studies of VACCINES are ethically wrong. We do not purposefully infect people with a potential deadly diseases–especially infants or children when there are other methods in determining efficacy. Since you do not have the thousands of dollars to subscribe to the library of archived medical studies published in scientifically recognized journals, I highly doubt you have a grasp of what actual studies have been completed. Instead, you rely on studies people pay to have published

  2. One way to prevent vaccine induced autism is to reduce the inflammation from the vaccine. Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Kelley Johns Hopkins inject an anti-inflammatory at the same time as the MMR to lower the risk of autism.

  3. Where are the increase in outbreaks? Kaina right on. Ask yourself about the propaganda and misinformation in your articles. i have never done a safety study on it and i have no liability on but i have this product that has risks with but i do not want you to ask questions and weigh up the risks you selfish son of bitch , in the name of the greater good im going to hold down your baby and inject this with this product against your consent. Wow when did this become okay. You shouldn’t even care what i do if they are so safe and effective. Next thing you will say is im putting the immune compromised at risk who can not get vaccinated and im a baby killer, right ? Guess what why does it take so many repeat vaccinations? Why is there now a third dose of MMR going to be required? Do you know the number of deaths caused by vaccines? I dare you to post that statistic. Ever here about human rights and freedom of the press, or do you prefer censorship and draconian laws that infringe on my dominion over my own body and that of my children?

  4. Autism is caused by immune activation/inflammation in the brain, and specifically the cytokines IL-6 and IL-17.

    Stimulating immune activation is what aluminum adjuvant does. Further, aluminum adjuvant travels into the brain. And people with autism have very high levels of aluminum in the brain.

    This is the new hypothesis for how vaccines cause autism. It is supported by substantial scientific evidence.

    So Dr Ianelli, why dont you try writing about aluminum adjuvants, brain inflammation and autism. Can you debunk it?

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