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Why Are You Still Worried About the MMR Vaccine?

We know why most folks got scared of the MMR vaccine.

Who's to blame for low immunization rates and continuing outbreaks?
Who’s to blame for low immunization rates and continuing outbreaks?

And most of us remember when most folks welcomed the MMR vaccine the end of endemic measles in the United States.

Why You Were Worried About the MMR Vaccine

Of course, that all changed when Andrew Wakefield spoke at the press conference for his 1998 Lancet paper and said:

“And I have to say that there is sufficient anxiety in my own mind of the safety, the long term safety of the polyvalent, that is the MMR vaccination in combination, that I think that it should be suspended in favour of the single vaccines, that is continued use of the individual measles, mumps and rubella components… there is no doubt that if you give three viruses together, three live viruses, then you potentially increase the risk of an adverse event occurring, particularly when one of those viruses influences the immune system in the way that measles does. And it may be, and studies will show this or not, that giving the measles on its own reduces the risk of this particular syndrome developing… the risk of this particular syndrome developing is related to the combined vaccine, the MMR, rather than the single vaccines…. People have been saying for some time, people on the periphery of autism, have been saying for some time that this may well be related to bowel damage.”

Although there was no evidence for any of that, vaccination rates went down and measles rates went up – the Wakefield Factor.

MMR vaccination rates had dropped below 80% by 2003, when the first measles outbreaks in the UK began. They didn't fully recover until 2012.
MMR vaccination rates had dropped below 80% by 2003, when the first measles outbreaks in the UK began. They didn’t fully recover until 2012.

But no, it wasn’t one person at a press conference that us lead down a decade of worry about the MMR vaccine.

“And then the nurse gave my son that shot. And I remember going, “Oh, God, no!” And soon thereafter I noticed a change. The soul was gone from his eyes.”

Jenny McCarthy on Oprah

Andrew Wakefield had plenty of help!

Not only from anti-vaccine celebrities, but from the media and their scare stories.

Why Are You Still Worried About the MMR Vaccine?

But that is all old news.

Over and over again, we see new studies that show that the MMR vaccine is safe and is not associated with autism.

Andrew Wakefield’s work was never replicated.

The MMR vaccine never contained thimerosal and doesn’t even contain aluminum, which I mention only because those are ingredients that some folks get scared about, not because they are harmful.

Vaccines are safe. The MMR vaccine is safe.

And more and more, as predicted, we are seeing why vaccines are necessary – more and more outbreaksOutbreaks that are proving to be deadly.

Why are you still worried about the MMR vaccine?

Because anti-vaccine folks are still scaring you away from vaccinating and protecting your kids!

Don’t listen to them!

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3 thoughts on “Why Are You Still Worried About the MMR Vaccine?”

  1. That’s the weakest article I’ve ever read on MMR. No real facts. You can’t just say “vaccines are safe” “MMR is safe”. Prove why it’s safe. Address the vaccine injurys that have happened. Address the fact that vaccines are given a free pass in a way that no other drug has. Address that people are making billions of dollars off vaccines. Address the fact that the US has some of the least healthy kids and we’re one of the most vaccinated countries. If you really want to bring anti-vaccine people around you have to address real concerns and to just keep repeating “vaccines are safe and affective and polio and measles have gone away” is not enough. We must do better. I’ve been researching vaccines for quite a while now and have looked at lots of info from both sides. I just feel that the pro-vaccine argument falls short and is not answering the real questions that anti-vaccine folks have. Both sides need to stop screaming back and forth about autism. That’s not the conversation.

  2. Why am I worried? Because vaccinating for benign illnesses is nothing more than a money making scam and is of no benefit to anyone other than those who are stakeholders. And, now they want to vaccinate seniors with the MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines. Why?!!! We had these illnesses and have gained lifelong immunity, so this urge to vaccinate us for things we are already invulnerable to is beyond ridiculous.

  3. A key emerging issue is that of mothers ability to confer temporary immunity on infants through trans-placental antibodies and breast milk. In the early days of measles vaccination, mothers still had natural immunity. But the next generation of mothers, who themselves had been vaccinated as children and therefore had never obtained full immunity as a result of contracting measles naturally, were less able to protect their infants naturally. That’s when we started seeing an uptick in infant deaths from measles. Well done guys – you have stripped mothers of the co-evolved infant protection mechanism that in the past staved off measles until the 4-8 age range when it is a comparatively trivial illness.

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