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More Misinformation on Vaccine Shedding

Do you know why folks still think that vaccine shedding is a problem?

Misinformation on vaccine shedding keeps spreading on Facebook.

Yup. Folks keep posting and sharing misinformation about vaccine shedding!

More Misinformation on Vaccine Shedding

Are these real signs that are warning people about shedding?

Maybe, but that doesn’t mean that they are accurate.

Smallpox Warning Sign
You actually aren’t supposed to swim after getting the smallpox vaccine, but just until the vaccination site has healed, in 3 to 4 weeks.
Outdated Information
Outdated Information
John's Hopkins Patient Visitor Guide
The updated patient visitor guide from John’s Hopkins.
Outdated Information
Outdated Information
The latest Patient Visitor Guidelines from St Jude
The latest Patient Visitor Guidelines from St Jude
Do Not Visit
Not visiting within 30 days of a live vaccine is not part of any guideline.
Chickenpox Vaccine Shedding Sign
Unless you have a rash, you can not give your child chickenpox after getting vaccinated.

Are some places overly cautious or just not up-to-date on the current guidelines on vaccine safety?

If you read the latest guidelines it is clear. Vaccine shedding is rarely a problem when visiting most people in the hospital.

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