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Who Is Chris Exley?

Are you worried about aluminum in vaccines?

If you are, the chances are good that you have been reading something by or about Professor Christopher Exley recently.

Who Is Chris Exley?

To those in the anti-vaccine movement, Professor Chris Exley is one of the worlds’ leading experts on the subject of aluminum toxicity.

“I am a Biologist (University of Stirling) with a PhD in the ecotoxicology of aluminium (University of Stirling). My research career (1984-present) has focussed upon an intriguing paradox; ‘how come the third most abundant element of the Earth’s crust (aluminium) is non-essential and largely inimcal to life’. Investigating this mystery has required research in myriad fields from the basic inorganic chemistry of the reaction of aluminium and silicon to the potentially complex biological availability of aluminium in humans. I am also fascinated by the element silicon in relation to living things which, as the second most abundant element of the Earth’s crust, is also almost devoid of biological function. One possible function of silicon is to keep aluminium out of biology (biota) and this forms a large part of the research in our group. We are also interested in biological silicification.”

Professor Chris Exley Keele University Staff Profile

What do other people think of Dr. Exley and his work?

“Let me put this straight, this is not a paper that has evidence of scientific fraud or data manipulation. There is no duplicated images, no suspicious blots. The problem I have with this paper is its deep experimental flaws and data analysis that nonetheless should not have passed through the peer-review filter.”

Does the latest paper from Exley show a link between ASD and aluminum?

While it is typically strange to talk about fraud and data manipulation when starting to review a scientific study, remember that other aluminum studies, including other aluminum studies that were also funded by the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI), were recently retracted.

In addition to performing deeply flawed studies about aluminum, Chris Exley gives lectures about aluminum toxicity at so-called vaccine safety conferences. At one 2011 conference, in addition to Exley talking about The systemic toxicity of aluminium adjuvants, you could have heard presentations by:

  • Russell Blaylock, MD on The central role of immunoexcitotoxicity in aluminum and mercury-containing adjuvant-triggered neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders
  • Shiv Chopra, MSc, PhD on Vaccination programs: prevention or corruption?
  • John Barthelow Classen, MD on Vaccine induced epidemics of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes/obesity/metabolic syndrome, and their relationship to the epidemic of autoimmune autism
  • Barbara Loe Fisher, President & Founder of NVIC on Medical science & public trust: the policy, ethics and law of vaccination in the 20th & 21st Centuries
  • Lawrence Palevsky, MD, FAAP on Rethinking the germ theory
  • Christopher Shaw, PhD on Aluminum as a neurotoxin: the evidence from cell culture, in vivo, and human studies
  • Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP on ASIA – Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome induced by Adjuvant: a new syndrome to be defined
  • Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD on Gardasil: prophylaxis or medical misconduct? and Aluminum adjuvants and immunization science: a matter of pervasive uncertainty
  • Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS on Autism and vaccines: a research strategy focused on cause

Chris Exley keeps interesting company if he doesn’t want to be thought of as someone who is anti-vaccine…

Interestingly, he also believes that we are living in The Aluminum Age.

“The human race has inadvertently agreed to participate in a clinical trial to assess and understand the toxicity of human exposure to aluminium. This is an experiment which is, of course, ongoing as I write and you read this essay. It is an experiment which has neither been submitted for independent peer review nor received ethical approval.”

And he seems fairly sure that aluminum is responsible for a whole host of diseases, from Alzheimer’s and autism to diabetes.

Why hasn’t research been done to figure out whether or not aluminum is safe?

“While there are thousands of scientific publications over many decades demonstrating the toxicity of aluminium in all living things the larger questions concerning aluminium and common human diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes remain unanswered or at best equivocal. These questions remain unanswered primarily because neither the global aluminium industry nor governments which have allowed the unfettered growth of the use of aluminium products are prepared for an answer. Try to imagine the immediate and short term economic consequences of human exposure to aluminium being directly linked as causal or even contributory in just one disease, for example Alzheimer’s disease.”

Of course, it’s a conspiracy!

“The ensuing chaos and stock market crashes would be unpalatable but they would just be the beginning of a world which would now have to change to address and accommodate such knowledge. Now that the tip of the iceberg has become visible the remainder would have to be investigated and the inevitable consequences of human exposure to aluminium would be revealed, piece by piece, and a new jigsaw of life on Earth would slowly be pieced together.”

Just like it was a conspiracy that there was a “tsunami of silence perpetuated by all mainstream media, almost globally” following his deeply flawed study that he thought linked aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and autism.

More than the criticism, it seems that Chris Exley was really bothered that his latest research was ignored…

What’s next for Exley?

You can be sure it will be something about aluminum toxicity…

What to Know About Chris Exley

Professor Chris Exley is an expert on telling folks that aluminum is toxic.

More About the Chris Exley

17 thoughts on “Who Is Chris Exley?”

  1. Interesting article.
    This article appears to claim there is insufficient analysis which shouldn’t have passed the peer review process. Perhaps it’s a conspiracy theory?

    I find it particularly ironic that this article draws attention to ‘lack of analysis’ in Exleys work yet provides no analysis at all. For this article to claim lack of analysis and critique the work of Exley I would expect some form of counter evidence.

  2. In Poland we know that vaccines are not safe, in fact there is an increasing number of people protecting their children from being vaccinated.

  3. You have not helped your agenda by writing this propoganda you have caused the opposite by confirming the threat felt by the pharmaceutical industry. This is another desperate attempt to do damage control on the internet. We will believe the expert Mr Exley above your poorly written article with no evidence presented to support your attempt to discredit him.

  4. Totally agree with the above comments. Im just browsing the articles online that attempt to discredit scientists that have done studies that have linked aluminum adjuvants to brain injuries etc. All are baseless so far. Nice to see others too can think for themselves and see through the garbage media.

  5. And who are YOU Dr. Vincent Ianelli?! What have you proven here!? Absolutely Nothing! Dr. Exley is a Genius! Say what you will..the Truth WILL Prevail!

  6. Ah, yes. Your efforts to discredit incredible research by brilliant people, like Christopher Exley, are futile and quite honestly, a joke. Fight all you want to silence those who stumble across science, like he did, that clearly results in exposing the vaccine fraud! He never set out to discredit vaccines, but his research inevitably exposed it! ALL, yes, ALL THE SCIENCE – the REAL science being done on vaccines, proves that you are on the wrong side of history! The more you attempt to discredit, the more you attempt to silence, the more you expose yourselves for the fraud you are!

  7. squirrelpatrick

    Why hasn’t research been done to figure out whether or not aluminum is safe?

    You dismiss Exley’s answer while offering none of your own.

  8. squirrelpatrick

    More to the point, how can anyone sanction injecting babies with aluminium with a total lack of clinical evidence to even suggest it is safe?

  9. Alexandra Harrison

    Christopher Excley’s little finger has done more for this world that the writer of this article ever could!
    He is the leading expert in aluminum yet the writer assumes he knows more and falsley tries to debunk everything Christopher says.
    Instead the writer uses back handed comments about the company Christopher keeps.
    What a terrible article and a terrible website!
    In time he will wake up….

  10. john_drakopoulos

    Aluminum/autism and the potential link between them, if there is any, is not the only or the main issue with vaccines. According to NIH data, 79% of SIDS cases occurred within 24 hours from injection with vaccines. Now, if vaccines were unrelated and to SIDS, that probability should have been less than 3%. And like V. Iannelli who fails to provide the slightest evidence that aluminum is safe, NIH fails to provide an explanation for the 2800% increase of the probability. They do not even bother; but claim that there are no “unusual patterns” in the data! I understand their predicament. If the majority of SIDS deaths are eventually linked to vaccines, the US government will have to borrow a trillion from China to compensate the affected families.

  11. I have a lot of skepticism regarding vaccines but I’m still open to read other points of view, which is why I read this article. Wow. Your baseless attempts to discredit Chris Exley did nothing but strengthen my view. So thank you! It’s also noteworthy to add that every comment here, but one, is in favor of Exley or the questioning of vaccine safety, and that one person, AS USUAL, throws out an insult. Seems like those who follow vaccination like a religion have to always resort to insulting. Grow up.

  12. This article gave absolutely no substance. You could have very well uploaded a video of you picking your nose and it would have been just a good an argument against Exley’s research.

  13. Colette Nelken

    You are quick at dismissing and criticizing but offer no alternative science . Please post serious studies on aluminum by aluminum experts with at least half Dr Exleys years of experience that show the opposite please . Who in your opinion are the aluminum World experts ?

  14. HAHAHA the author of this article is not even a scientist or doctor HAHAHAA Pediatritionist and Media Spokesperson….. this article further proves you lot are censor freaks

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