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Who is Larry Cook?

Larry Cook is either one of the movers and shakers of the modern anti-vaccine movement, with his Stop Mandatory Vaccine group, a ‘double agent’ who worked to oppose a vaccine law in California, while also lobbying for the law, or someone who other anti-vax folks claims “puts his own profit far ahead of our children.”

Who is Larry Cook?

Larry Cook says that he has devoted himself to natural living for over 25 years.

“I studied video production and photography at Clover Park Vocational-Technical Institute in Tacoma, Washington and I received my bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.”

From developing natural living magazines and self-publishing a book about ADHD, he became the Executive Director of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, a position he held for four years.

He resigned in 2016 to devote his time to “educating” folks about vaccines.

“Finally, I believe my mission is to educate as many parents and others as possible about the dangers of vaccination, the lack of efficacy of vaccination, and why natural immunity is superior to vaccination.”

He even has a GoFundMe page to support his mission…

Is Larry Cook on a mission to take advantage of and profile parents who think that their kids have been vaccine injured?
A mission to take advantage of and profile parents who think that their kids have been vaccine injured? Who he thinks have been vaccine injured, even when the parents don’t.

How did he get started in his quest to save children from vaccines, which he believes are a “200 year old mistake?”

“In late March or early April, 2015, Mr. Cook started a GoFundMe campaign to produce short films, interviews with parents who felt their children had been damaged by vaccines, in order to share those stories with legislators and the general public to build opposition to SB277.”

ConspiraSea, SB277, Colin McRoberts, Larry Cook, and Me

Of course, SB277 passed, and Larry Cook soon left his job as Executive Director of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, with a new career and salary from his GoFundMe donations.

Why are anti-vax folks always participating in and promoting “free” online summits? They never disclose that they are making money from them, but they usually are.

I guess his campaign went well, at least for him.

It turned into a full time job.

“A video I wish I didn’t have to make. When I started in this movement, I had no idea it would be as corrupt as pharma.

But I have had my eyes opened many times over…this video describes just one of many disappointments along the way: Larry Cook, who runs a popular page and group.

In the beginning, I believed what he told me and tried to look past the many odd comments and strange behaviors. But it ultimately became clear that he puts his own profit far ahead of our children.

That in and of itself wasn’t enough to motivate me to speak out and open myself up to the hundreds of attacks I would get, I kept hoping the truth would be exposed by someone else. And while some have tried, the past couple of weeks I have seen too much to stay silent any longer.”

Brandy Vaughan

 Surprisingly, he even has critics in the anti-vaccine world

Unfortunately, they aren’t critical of his extreme views, including that vaccines are “filled with poison” (they aren’t), are “unnecessary” (they are very necessary if you want to avoid life-threatening vaccine preventable diseases), don’t work (they do work), and that outbreaks are a “manufactured problem” (what???).

Vaccines are safe and necessary. Don’t let folks like Larry Cook scare you away from vaccinating and protecting your kids.

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12 thoughts on “Who is Larry Cook?”

  1. LARRY IS RIGHT. Vaccines have NEVER BEEN totally safe and pharmaceutical scientists are well aware who might be at risk if they were genetically identified up front. The “canary” genes also impact adults who die from numerous “idiosyncratic” drug reactions. The genes responsible are enzymes controlling a metabolic system that interfaces with environmental stressors including: drugs, vaccines, infectious diseases, hormones (endogenous and exogenous), alcohol, smoking, surgery, stress…Overwhelming this system results in critical energy failure in gene carriers. This is the same system that was crippled by cyanide in Nazi gas chambers. Got a clue?

    1. I hate antivaxxers

      You know you are retarted right?
      Your literally spreading slander that will get someone killed

      1. An Educated Person

        Larry is a fucking idiot. He must be vaccinated because he is acting retarded.

      2. Nice tagline “I hate antivaxxers”. It says so much about you, you f’wit. Maybe educate yourself if you can get off the sports and news channels. Moron

      3. You are so very wrong…. I will pray for you. It’s ALL going to come out.

  2. I have been vaccinated. Send your goons to bother me you punk ass piece of shit. You and your goons would be extinguished so I am sure I wont be seeing or hearing from you. Do the world a favor and die!!!!

  3. Christie Mullen

    YOU ARE A SICK MAN…… you are not worth a prayer , you are to this day the only person I have ever felt this way about .. you are heartless and dangerous! shame on you. pushing fear and not facts… only one other person as disgusting as you that comes to mind.. he use fear and no facts… what’s wrong with you people… leave parents alone

  4. Instead of floating on the surface and believing the bribed media, be an outsider who sees too deep and too much. The whole circus is to cull people, according to Billy Goates, to below 2 billion. That means a reduction of some 6000million bodies. The Loominati tried everything, from world wars to, artificially created viruses, like HIV, Ebola, Zika, to GMOs, to 5G, chemtrails, artificial food poisons, to vaccines in which only the poisonous adjuvants have been tested. Not forgetting the newly promoted poofology. In other words the whole circus is to reduce the population. I have a better idea than those of the ill-luminated in everything apart from MONEY. Why not allocate to every woman, non transferable, 2 children, which would result in 1.3-1.4 children worldwide? Now, that even the Pope has sold his followers, there should be no opposition. Many women to whom I posed the offer were horrified, until I asked them: “Which is better: To have 2 bright, healthy children or 6, 3 dead and 3 damaged?” If 2, why are artificial killers needed? Not even to the un-illuminated, unless they diversified from banking to UNDERTAKING. Only to bought Leaders, sorry Loaders of the own pockets, the pharmafia and medimafia and of course the bought media. Scientist.

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