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Is Jim Carrey Anti-Vaccine?

Unlike most other celebrities who appear to be against vaccines, you almost certainly know who Jim Carrey is.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey went on a mission to Green Our Vaccines in 2008.
Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey went on a mission to Green Our Vaccines in 2008.

But is he really against vaccines?

Is Jim Carrey Anti-Vaccine?

Of course, like most people who push propaganda and misinformation about vaccines, Jim Carrey says that he isn’t anti-vaccine.

Jim Carrey says that he is not anti-vaccine.
I’m pretty sure that I never did get a response…

But like most people who have to say that they aren’t anti-vaccine, the things he has done and said have likely scared a lot of people from getting vaccinated and protected.

For example, Jim Carrey talks a lot about neurotoxins, which are chemicals that damage or destroy nerve tissue.

Jim Carrey thinks that vaccines contain neurotoxins.
Vaccines are already free of neurotoxins.

None of the ingredients in vaccines act as neurotoxins.

“In 2005 the magazines Rolling Stone and Salon copublished a story by environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr . (nephew of former President John F. Kennedy) alleging a government conspiracy to cover up evidence that thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative once used in vaccines, can cause brain problems, including autism. Multiple corrections soon appeared,including one noting that Kennedy had incorrectly stat ed the mercury levels. In 2011 Salon retracted and removed the story, noting “continued revelations of the flaws and even fraud tainting the science behind the connection.””

False: Mercury in vaccines acts as a neurotoxin

Vaccines are safe, with few risks.

He also thinks kids get too many vaccines.

Jim Carrey wants to Turn Back the Clock on vaccinating and protecting kids against vaccine-preventable diseases.
Jim Carrey wants to Turn Back the Clock on vaccinating and protecting kids against vaccine-preventable diseases.

What happens if we go back to the 1986 immunization schedule, giving kids fewer vaccines?

What did immunization schedules look like in the 1980s?
What did immunization schedules look like in the 1980s?

Well, we would actually end up with the 1983 immunization schedule, but in 1986, children and adults were still at risk to get hepatitis A (65 deaths), hepatitis B (557 deaths), chickenpox (47 deaths), Hib meningitis (176 deaths), Hib epiglotitis, measles (4 deaths), rubella (1 death), congenital rubella syndrome (13 cases), pneumococcal disease (200 deaths), meningococcal infections (257 deaths), and rotavirus (20 to 60 deaths/year).

It should be clear that giving kids fewer vaccines will just increase their risk to get more vaccine-preventable diseases, and since vaccines aren’t associated with autism, that extra risk won’t come with any benefits.

Is that what he wants for our kids?

Jim Carrey thinks that vaccines contain toxins.
Again, vaccines do not contain toxins and they are well studied, including long-term safety studies and they are tested together.

Please pay attention to what people like Jim Carrey have been doing.

Jim Carrey thinks that thimerosal and aluminum in vaccines are poisoning children.
Thimerosal and aluminum in vaccines are not poisoning children.

They use their celebrity status to push misinformation and propaganda about vaccines.

“The actor Jim Carrey is one of a small number of anti-vaxxers who is beside himself at the passage of the tough new law. He has tweeted out to his 14 million twitter followers that the decision to protect the community from measles, mumps, whooping cough and flu is fascism. Not only is Carrey ignorant when it comes to vaccines, he is a fool when it comes to using terms like fascism.”

Ethicist: Why Jim Carrey is Wrong About Vaccines

They scare parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids, putting them at risk to get life-threatening diseases.

Stop listening to them.

And stop giving them a platform to mislead and scare more people.

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4 thoughts on “Is Jim Carrey Anti-Vaccine?”

  1. Wow, who’s misleading parents?

    “None of the ingredients in vaccines act as neurotoxins.” There it is… it’s all about the wording. “Act” as neurotoxins… that isn’t saying that aluminum/mercury are not neurotoxins, it’s simply saying that it isn’t acting as a neurotoxin (aka, isn’t meant to be a neurotoxin). Having had many conversation with a neurologist when I was working in a medical facility, I am convinced that vaccines contain neurotoxins. Ahem, like aluminum. Just because Jim didn’t respond to you doesn’t mean that his comment isn’t true. For example; you rarely, if ever, respond to any of my comments on this blog.

    “Again, vaccines do not contain toxins”. An interesting statement. Please explain, with as much detail as you can, how an immune system is ‘boosted’, ‘aided’, or ‘improved’ without a substance that the human body can target as bad and begin an immune response? The entire reason to use substances like aluminum in vaccines is to trigger the human immune system to fight off an attack. Aluminum just happens to be a neurotoxin. Please respond. Please show me an msds or similar paper that shows that aluminum is not a neurotoxin… or just plain toxin. Do you prescribe any form of aluminum to your patients? As in; ‘here, take some AL to help with ______.’

  2. Truth Teller Harry

    Can somebody please go round Big Pharma and Ian Brady and Myra Hindley them until the point that the insides of THEIR brains feel at least as worse as the autistic babies that they have forcibly manufactured against their free will of those autistic babies.

  3. Steinman da Jew Nigga

    all yuu vaxxx heads do is lie and not snort bone dust, tf is wrong with yu nigga

  4. gosh you guys are the biggest vaccine romanticisers Ive seen recently. doesn’t seem to be very open minded here

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