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Learn the Risks of Falling for Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

If you are on the fence or hesitant to vaccinate your kids, it might not be easy to recognize that the vaccine information that you get on some sites is pure propaganda.

That’s unfortunate, because you can’t make an informed choice about vaccines if you are basing that decision on misinformation.

Learn the Risks of Falling for Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

Take the infographic about the number of vaccine doses children in the United States normally get.

From the 1960s to today, propaganda about vaccine doses is meant to scare you from making an information decision about vaccinating your kids.
From the 1960s to today, propaganda about vaccine doses is meant to scare you from making an information decision about vaccinating your kids.

It is designed into making you think that kids get 72 doses of vaccines, scaring you and trying to reinforce the myth that kids get too many vaccines.

Have you seen and fallen for that trick? Did you ever think to actually count the total vaccine doses they list? As you can see above, it doesn’t come out to 72 doses

But why do  they do it? If they really think their “vaccines contain toxic chemicals” argument is convincing, then would it matter if the number of vaccine doses was 11 or 53 or 72? Why inflate it to make it wound scarier?

Still, however you want to count the number of doses of vaccines kids get today, one thing is crystal clear –  they get protection from more vaccine-preventable diseases.

In 1983, kids may have only have gotten 11 doses of vaccines, but many still died from Hib pneumonia and meningitis, epiglotitis (Hib), pneumococcal pneumonia and meningitis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rotavirus, chicken pox, and meningococcemia, etc.

“for those trained in pediatrics in the 1970s, Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) was a horror.”

Walter Orenstein, MD

Today, unless you decide to skip or delay your child’s vaccines, they are protected from these diseases.

What about the flu? Kids still die with the flu, but it is important to keep in mind that most kids who die with the flu are unvaccinated.

That’s why it is important to get your kids vaccinated. Don’t take the risk of following bad advice.

What to Know About Learning the Risks of Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

It is important to to learn the risks of falling for anti-vaccine propaganda – leaving your kids unvaccinated, unprotected, and at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases.

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4 thoughts on “Learn the Risks of Falling for Anti-Vaccine Propaganda”

  1. May not be 73 but 53?!? Compared to 24 in the 80’s and 5 in early 60’s. You wonder why so many kids and adults are taking at least 3-4 medications, why neurological, health, and any disorder that is worth a substantial amount have skyrocketed in the last 10-15 years? It’s funny that anyone I know born before the 70’s never needed a pill. Now every person is over medicated. Oh but it’s just coincidence that countless disorders and disabilities have all the sudden so greatly increased? Use your brain, people who are and have been less vaccinated are so much healthier. I would pull up a report on this matter except the US refuses to allow this. I wonder why? You look at countless studies from other countries and what do you know? The results showed that unvaccinated kids and adults were much healthier with little to no relation of having any diseases or disorders. But wait vaccines protect us right? Wrong… vaccines that contain the most inhuman and toxic ingredients, (look up formaldehyde, Mercury, titanium, Aluminium, thimerosal, human Serum Albumin, bovine products, calf serum, polysorbate 80, phenol, viruses, antibiotics, MSG, gelatin, and squalene) I wouldn’t want any of those toxic and highly harmful ingredients inside my body. In fact I haven’t been healthier since I stopped vaccines 16 years ago. Never been sick to any degree and thankful I learned how detrimental vaccines are. It’s a cash cow, make more sick = spend more money on medications, maybe for 1-2 years but let’s be real, you’ll never stop paying for your health problems. Big Pharma only survives on your life long illnesses. So why would they ever allow a cure for cancer or diabetes or any big disease that brings in billions and billions? They won’t allow that to happen, that’s obvious. They’d lose trillions and trillions. It’s very clear to see all of theses people don’t care about people’s health, staying sick and buying medication for life is exactly the goal. Open your eyes, it’s not rocket science. Don’t believe everything you see and hear. It’s fake. Haha 53 vaccines isn’t bad compared to 73? Let’s try giving 5 like they used to and see disorders and health problems diminish🖕

    1. First, learn the power of paragraphs. Your text would be more readable (not more intelligent, but more readable), that way.

      Second, ask your mommy or grandma about why your great uncle is deaf, or your father’s cousin never had children, or why all those graveyards from the pre-vaccine years have graves with inscriptions like “Susan Morgan: 1898-1900.”

      Finally, I see you follow the cult leader’s motto “Don’t believe everything you see and hear.” – I’m sorry, but I trust my own eyes more than you.

  2. Whoever made this is misinformed! Mmr and Dtap are actually 3 doses in 1. What happened to informed consent? Do your own research, read vaccine inserts and ingredients.

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