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Do Kids Really Get 72 Doses of Vaccines?

Most parents vaccinate their kids according to the recommended immunization schedule.

They know that’s the best way to keep them protected.

Do Kids Really Get 72 Doses of Vaccines?

While kids do get more vaccines than their parents did, that’s only because we have more vaccines available to protect them from more now vaccine-preventable diseases.

Saying kids get 72 doses of vaccines is a propaganda tool to scare parents.
Saying kids get 72 doses of vaccines is a propaganda tool to scare parents.

Do they get their kids 72 doses of vaccines?

That sounds like a lot…

It sounds like a lot because it is an inflated number that is meant to scare parents.

Kids today do routinely get:

  • 13 vaccines, including 5 doses of DTaP, 4 doses of IPV (polio), 3 or 4 doses of hepatitis B, 3 or 4 doses of Hib (the number of doses depends on the vaccine brand used), 4 doses of Prevnar, 2 or 3 doses of rotavirus (the number of doses depends on the vaccine brand used), 2 doses of MMR, 2 doses of Varivax (chicken pox), 2 doses of hepatitis A, 1 doses of Tdap, 2 or 3 doses of HPV (the number of doses depends on the age you start the vaccine series), 2 doses of MCV4 (meningococcal vaccine), and yearly influenza vaccines
  • protection against 16 vaccine-preventable diseases, including diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chicken pox, pneumococcal disease, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningococcal disease, HPV, rotavirus, Hib, and flu
  • about 28 doses of those vaccines by age two years (with yearly flu shots)
  • about 35 doses of those vaccines by age five years (with yearly flu shots)
  • as few as 23 individual shots by age five years if your child is getting combination vaccines, like Pediarix or Pentacel and Kinrix or Quadracel and Proquad
  • about 54 doses of those vaccines by age 18 years, with a third of that coming from yearly flu vaccines

How do you get a number like 72?

You can boost your count to make it look scarier by counting the DTaP, MMR, and Tdap vaccines as three separate vaccines each, even though they aren’t available as individual vaccines anymore.

To boost the Vaccine Doses for Children a bit more, they add pregnancy doses too.
To boost the Vaccine Doses for Children a bit more, they add pregnancy doses too. They leave out all of the doses kids got in the 1960s to make it look scarier too…

This trick of anti-vaccine math quickly turns these 8 shots into “24 doses.”

It’s not a coincidence.

Anti-vaccine folks want to scare you into thinking that vaccines are full of toxins, that kids get too many vaccines, that we give many more vaccines than other countries, and that this is causing our kids to get sick.

Can an unvaccinated child really get tetanus after a toe nail injury?
Can an unvaccinated child really get tetanus after a toe nail injury? Photo by Petrus Rudolf de Jong (CC BY 3.0)

None of it is true.

At age four years, when your preschooler routinely gets their DTaP, IPV, MMR, and chicken pox shots before starting kindergarten, how many vaccines or doses do you think they got?

Two, because they got Kinrix or Quadracel (DTaP/IPV combo) and Proquad (MMR/chickenpox combo)? Four, because they got separate shots? Or Eight, because you think you should count each component of each vaccine separately?

Know that even if you do want to count them separately, it really just means that with those two or four shots, your child got protection against eight different vaccine-preventable diseases – diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox.

And remember that vaccine-preventable diseases have not disappeared, something that the “72 doses” sites don’t ever warn you about.

What to Know About Anti-Vaccine Math

Many websites use anti-vaccine math to inflate vaccine dose numbers and scare parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

More on Anti-Vaccine Math

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52 thoughts on “Do Kids Really Get 72 Doses of Vaccines?”

  1. So by your theory …. as long as they cram all 72 viruses into one injection …. we can just call that “one vax”, huh.
    Typical liberal thinking.

    1. Karina Callirgos

      Yeah, I was adding them from their list:
      “13 vaccines”
      5 doses of DTaP, ———————-15
      4 doses of IPV (polio), ———————-4
      3 or 4 doses of hepatitis B, ———————-4
      3 or 4 doses of Hib ———————-3
      4 doses of Prevnar, (PREVNAR13 has 13 diff bugs) ———————-52
      2 or 3 doses of rotavirus ———————-3
      2 doses of MMR, ———————-6
      2 doses of Varivax (chicken pox), ———————- 2
      2 doses of hepatitis A, ———————- 2
      1 doses of Tdap, ———————-3
      2 or 3 doses of HPV ———————- 3
      2 doses of MCV4 (4 bugs), ———————-8
      and yearly influenza vaccines ———————- 18, but God know how many strains of the flu have mutated in this little death shot.

      so I actually come up with 123 attacks to the immune system.
      They can put all that trash in one shot and vaccinate themselves with it.

      1. Clean whistle

        in 2015 in California they passed SB277. It requires over 50 doses of vaccines to get into Kindergarten and over 70 after 7th grade

      2. Clean whistle

        in 2015 in California they passed SB277. It requires over 50 doses of vaccines to get into Kindergarten and over 70 after 7th grade

    2. Thanksfor Playing

      Yes, that would literally be one vaccine. If you’re going to count multiple doses of the same vaccine as multiple shots, then one vaccine with 72 different viruses would be one.

      Welcome to apolitical retard logic!

      1. but each dose of the vaccine is made separately and could be given separately (and indeed they are mixed & matched in multiple combinations)– they are separate vaccines, until the last minute. Kids who get Proquod (MMR + CP) and kids who get separated MMR and chickenpox will be counted as having had the same vaccinations — it doesn’t matter how many needle jabs the kid got; they still got 4 separate shots in their bloodstream… that’s why you need to count vaccine doses not just numbers of needle holes in a kid.

    3. You started out with 13 but by the end you got 52. You people are poisoning the nations children whether you realize it or not. Dumbing down the population on purpose.


    5. Don’t understand why you blame this on ‘liberal thinking.’ If anything, conservative forces are for more aggressive in promoting dergulation and telling us all sorts of chemicals are OK, including vaccinations, while liberal thinking usually is more conservative and in favour of proper regulation. Witness how Trump demolishes the EPA, thereby putting the health of the entire nation at risk. Conservatives couldn’t care less about truth or protecting the average person. Liberals at least value the truth, and while they can be misguided as well, they don’t have blind faith in the medical establishment.

  2. So your telling me there is no toxins in vaccines? Really??? Because a simple look at the ingredients from the CDC will tell you otherwise. Obviously you have not done your reaserch. Alluminum is a neurotoxin (meaning it kills your freaking neurons in your brain) and has been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurological disorders and your telling me that’s not a toxin??? And polysorbate-20 which has been known to cuase reproductive issues and developmental issues in other animals!? Still no toxins ? Last year vaccine court approved an compisated its first SIDS case, (not meaning first SIDS case to have gone through vaccine court , but the first to be approved) so the government even admits VACCINCES CAN CAUSE SIDS and your telling me that shouldn’t be a concern for parents? Or the fact that vaccine court has paid over $3.9 billion to vaccine injured families. Or the all concerning fact that vaccine manufactures have no consequence’s what so ever if they make a vaccine that kills tons children because Hey you cant sue them! “Anti-vaxxers” are not bad people nor do they’re children walk around like a loaded gun filled with illness ready to strike at any second, in fact tons of anti vaxxers are parents who believed in vaccines and indeed follow through as told by their doctors and ended up with very sick or even dead children after “following docs orders” . Vaccines are not safe and should never be given to anyone , we are simply trading off one sickness for the possibilities of many more life long debilitating chronic illnesses. And anyone who tells you that a doctor who sees a child a few times out of the year knows a child better then their own father or mother is full of, well you get my drift. Every parent should do their own reaserch before letting someone who gets paid from sickness inject them or their child with anything! If you worry about the food you and your child eat, then why wouldnt you at least look into something your injecting then with, especially when even the FDA labels vaccines as “Unavoidable unsafe” . Please parents do your reaserch!!!

    1. Dear god your right sir but, have you heard of other dangerous chemicals the government tries to pass off as safe. For example, Sodium Chloride: Sodium is a dangerous chemical that can violently explode upon contact with water, and Chlorine is a chemical used by the Nazis to murder millions of Jews in the holocaust. Yet the government (paid off by food corporations) insist that this chemical is perfectly safe in our food. This is a great reason I only eat organic food.

      1. Yes Tyler there are many many dangerous natural and man made things in this world, and yes the government does and succeeds in passing off many harmful things in our food, water, air, things we use in everyday life ect. All you can do is educate yourself as best you can and avoid such things that you know are a danger to you and your family. Unfortunately alot of these dangers are unavoidable and we can only do our best to cleanse and take care of or own health and wellbeing. The government wont take responsibility for our health, why would they? Sadly we are already experiencing over population and continue to see the negatives of a population gone overboard. The government is not looking out for the people’s health. Take action, responsibility, and educate.

      2. Sodium Chloride is salt. Your body makes it own salt, we literally cannot function without it. Maybe trust the people with a degree, and not be an example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  3. Thank you Clair! I was reading this because the fear mongering sometimes creeps in! But herd immunity is an absolute joke, vaccines wear off so all those adults who haven’t been vaccinated since they where children are no longer supposedly “immune” so according to the herd immunity theory the adults are the ones who pose the greatest risk on infants. I’m so sick of hearing herd immunity, herd immunity Does not exist. We live in an era where our sanitisation is the best it’s ever been and certain diseases are no longer in existence. If you look at all the statistics of deaths and illness from the 1800’s till now, marking where vaccines came in, if anything vaccines have KEPT these diseases alive! All these disease where declining and eradicating themselves as people’s immunity was growing naturally from generation to generation. Not only that but vaccines aren’t effective because there are different strains of disease, so getting a vaccine for example of one strain of meningococcal will not protect you from another strain of meningococcal. Why risk the child, there are certain genetics that can not handle those toxins and this leads to Austin’s, adhd and other behavioural problems. If anything vaccines suppress the immune system, that would make sense for the pharmaceutical companies. Get em while their young and forever profit from their illnesses. Asthma , exzma and food allergies I can almost guarantee come from these cocktails of poison that you call vaccines! Thank you Clair I completely agree with you! And parents that aren’t certain, please do the research, DONT RISK YOUR CHILDREN

    1. yep been telling folks, that are using scare tactics if you haven’t gotten your boosters, all that we are asking our children to do , you need to shut up, i cant figure out how most of us are still alive 🙂

    2. You said it Mary! So true herd immunity is a joke and many of these scary diseases were killed off by stronger immunity, cleaner ways of living, and by using common sense. Back when small pox was alive and well they found that quarantine was the best salutation to stopping the spread, which seems like a no brainer to me, but everyone thanks the vaccine for its “role” in eradicating it, even though they soon realized the town’s that had the highest vaccine rate also had the highest cases of small pox and was still being passed around person to person. Not to mention the inventor of the small pox vaccine was a total nut, who experimented with the first batches of vaccines on his own child who ended up dying at age 21 of TB which has been linked to the vaccine. Not to mention vaccines give the pro vaxxers a false sense of security in thinking “oh my kids vaccinated so they are healthy” no need to worry. When in reality not only are vaccines terrible for the immune system and overall health of anyone, but this false sense of security keeps the idea that they are healthy and can eat whatever leading to many vitamin and mineral deficiencies in our children. Which can further lead on to other health issues. As thankful as I am for some modern medicine and all the technical advancements made in this world, it’s hard to cope with the aftermath of all these advancements. Anyway dont let the fear mongering get to you. They always say its it’s the worst flu ever every year, and I cant help but wonder about the AFM that’s “going around” and its actual causes. I think it’s pretty weird that majority of people who have gotten it are small children all around kindergarten vaccine age, and there’s supposedly some super scary cold like virus going around that “makes it hard to breath” as well, just keep yourself and family healthy and far from vaccines and your immune system will thank you in return by keeping you healthy!

  4. Seriously? The truly amazing part is that none of these pro vaccine dolts can explain away the fact that there is a vaccine injury court delegated to award settlements to children and adults injured by vaccines. so far about 4 billion in settlements have been given.

    1. I’d like to see that I info as I watched a video and the dude said something about not being able to sue the vaccine companies anymore. Probably due to al the money being paid out.

      1. True you can’t sue doctor or Pharma since I believe 1986. Big Pharma went to Supreme Court and requested they not be held liable for any injuries because they were losing money. So now doctors and Big Pharma are protected by the Supreme Court and can never be sued. They can put anything into vaccines now. Vaccine Compensation ACT was created for all those people injured from vaccines. I believe they have awarded over 4 billion dollars-may be more.

  5. hi were do i find this information at? i am researching as it does not seem to matter to people children that get hurt, it matters to me, and i am not antivax, just pro can we not shot our children up with so much crap

  6. I’m researching this information because my child’s friend was very sick with the flu, she had a very bad time over the holidays. She looked and sounded terrible and we were scared for her. We found out that the parents didn’t give all vaccines and don’t get their flu shots. And I wanted to know why. This is very hard as parents to decide what is best for our children. We never want to do anything purposely harmful to our babies. Reading the comments here I have to say that we have to take emotions out and really think about what you’re saying. Would you risk raising a child where everyoen thought vaccines are bad and never get them? Protecting my child is my number one priority. All I can think of is that my parents gave me vaccines and now I thank them for it.. And my daughter is fine and healthy as she can be, she never got sick from chicken pox (which I had because there was no vaccine in 80s). And she gets colds, not flu (yes I did my research on that first!)

    1. Karina Callirgos

      If your child is fully vaccinated with the cdc-recommended schedule and she is “fine” then you will have at least one grandchild with autism. Numbers don’t lie.
      We antivaxers all got our shots as kids and were “fine” too. My mother still kicks herself for not knowing enough and allowing them to fully re-vaccinate me at age 17. That sealed my son’s destiny 10 years before he was even conceived and poisoned by the neurotoxins accumulated in my body from all those shots.
      Had I not known better, I would have given him his shots and he would have died.
      I highly recommend you include the book “what your doctor might not tell you about children’s vaccination” in your “research.”
      You will learn a lot about 1) how you can actually contract these diseases 2) how effective each shot actually is 3) the origins or motives for creating the vaccine 4) the actual high risk age for each disease 5) how long this supposed artificial “immunity” can last according to the manufacturer.
      You gotta kick up your game. You still sound like a scared parent.

      1. What?!? That sounds insane. Because I had all of my vaccines at the CDC recommended schedule I’m going to have a child with Autism? Please provide a “real” documented source for this claim.

      2. Karina Callirgos

        I have had to read over 200 books to learn this, plus I am a biologist and a premed student. You can start with the book “the age of autism” by Dam Olmsted and “gut and psychology syndrome” by dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and “the autism puzzle” by Britta belli. All the information is out there to find, but if you won’t reas books, I can’t help you.

      3. Karina Callirgos

        And what I said, is that if you have all your vaccines as recommended by the cdc today, you do have higher chance of having a son with autism. yes there is a relationship between the toxicity level of the mom and the incidence of autism.

      4. You’re a pre-med student? Where, the clown school of medicine? You didn’t initially say that you would have a higher chance of having a son with autism, if you were vaccinated on schedule. You literally said, “If your child is fully vaccinated with the CDC-recommenced schedule and she is “fine” then you will have at least one grandchild with autism.” You’re just making stuff up…

      5. Karina Callirgos

        🤷‍♀️ It really doesn’t affect my existence one bit if you believe me or not. You are up for a rude awakening.

      6. “It really doesn’t affect my existence one bit if you believe me or not. You are up for a rude awakening.”

        You even provide any concrete proof of your claim at all. You want us to read 3 books to find a single source of what you are saying? That is not how you present sources. Your claim is so vaguely worded that I am having trouble believing your credibility as a supposed premed.

    2. Val I agree with Karina, sounds like you need to go back and do more research. All you really need to do is go to the CDC website look at the list of ingredients and see if you really really think those ingredients are supposed to be /should be injected into our children. I think if you had done proper research (not just all “pro vax” one sidedand) and actually based it off immunology, the human body, and real factual science then I think you would have a better understanding of why some parents dont vaccinate and speak out passionately about not wanting ANY children being hurt by vaccines. It’s not like us “anti vaxers” (who are really just pro health) are hoping and wanting our children to get sick. I hate the idea of my child being sick and I hate it when she gets sick I feel so bad for her, but I trust her body and her ability as well as mine to take action for when she is. And I dont mean by simply taking children’s over the counter meds ( which if you havent researched those you should do that as well, many contain aspartame which is the last thing your little one needs while their body is trying to fight off a illness). When fever strikes at my home it’s a good does of rest, as many warm showers as needed, garlic ( in any form) I like to chop it up very small and have it taken like a pill or sometimes I put it in my little ones socks, turmeric powder or pill, tea, organic raw local honey, absolutely no sugar or processed foods. As well as some other tricks. I know I sound nutty, but there is perfectly good reasons why these things work and they work without the risk of seizures of further damage. Which if you dodnt know aspertame = seizures. And never let a doctor tell you seizures are “normal” in children ( also listed as a side effect of vaccines). And thats supposed to be a “normal” reaction. Please Val just do some more research. It’s out there just take your time and soon enough your mind will be blown and you WILL be pissed and more understanding of why anti vaxxers are the way they are. It’s time we take responsibility for our children’s health and not expect some stranger who gets paid off of sickness (aka doctor) to do it for us. #Educate before you vaccinate!

      1. ok retard, a vaccine contains 0.125 mg of aluminum, yesterday alone you consumed 30-50 mg. Polysorbate-20 is not listed on the CDC website so reference material. I would like reference material on that as well. I want a source for aspartame’s link to seizures and what MD claims seizures are normal.

  7. Key word, “preventable”, not”guaranteed I won’t get the disease”, whicj is what the vaccine companies would like you to think. And what they dont tell you is all the additives added into combination vaccinations. I do know that by the time my child was 1, she would have received, 10 vaccines totaling 27 doses… And she’s not even 4. I know this because I wrote down everything she got. So you see everyone, its a lot. More than 4 or 8 vaccines that this website or article would like to tell you..

  8. Common sense, please. Certain diseases (smallpox and Ebola, for example) are so contagious and their consequences so dire that the cost-benefit analysis falls heavily on the side of vaccination. It is therefore insanity for people to assert a blanket disapproval of all vaccination. On the other hand, most diseases for which we vaccinate are simply not in that category; they cause illness (requiring someone to care for children at home), discomfort, occasional serious side effects (such as deafness), and, rarely, death. (And even here, many complication statistics are based on old information and outdated medical treatment methods, and are therefore inflated.) Most Baby Boomers lived through (or provided their own resistance to) most of the diseases that are now vaccinated against. By refusing to provide the results of research that would give parents information needed to make sensible decisions, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have failed the public they want to protect and by holding back information have created a fine environment for misinformation and conspiracy theories. Parents should be told, for instance, that a vaccination can prevent a 1% chance of death at the cost of a 5% possibility of seizure and brain damage; some may opt to vaccinate while others may opt out. Yes, this is a difficult analysis for most people to make, but politicians and doctors will at least have been honest. Instead, they are now justifiably suffering the consequences of their own paternalism just as they have forced families to live with the consequences of the vaccinations so relentlessly pushed on them.

  9. Fine., both sides ought to be free to choose. But people who won’t get their children the shots ought to be forced to take their tax money for schools and keep their kids in them. Don’t let them mix with the population. If they get a disease and give it to a person who can’t take it due to cancer treatment, their parents should be charged with attempted murder or murder if they die. Make them wear a tag stating they have not had their shots, so everyone can stay faR away. After they are grown most of these diseases will be 10×worse than the shot or the disease. When young. There are some kind of addives in almost every thing. To escape it all you would have to move far away from people, grow everything you used yourself. Drugs the mother takes, and, or a hard birth long with the head hurt being born are the things most likely to cause the dreaded stuff you all are afraid of. If you or your child was bit by a rabid dog. Would you take the shots or die? I think maybe one person has lived through rabies.

    1. Karina Callirgos

      Dear Carol,
      Being vaccinated does not exempt you from being a biological being that can breath in a virus and transport it to a vulnerable person.
      When unvaccinated children have a virus, they get synptoms so they stay home.
      When vaccinated kids have the same virus, they don’t show symptoms so they can just spread it all over the place.
      I want every child within 28 days of having an mmr shot with a “Shedding live virus” Sharpied on their foreheads so I know to stay the hell away from that shit.

      Unvaccinated children don’t just “have” viruses on them any more than a vaccinated zombie would.

      Take a biology class.

      1. Hello miss “ooh i’m pre-med bio student, i’m smarter than everyone”. DO YOU KNOW HOW TRANSMISSION OF A VIRUS WORKS????? In order to transmit a virus you have to be SHEDDING it, and to do that you have to be INFECTED with the virus first. You should already know (but you obvi don’t) that small amounts of the attenuated virus occurs in the lungs and nose after getting the MMR vaccine. However, this is still the attenuated virus, and so is too weak to cause infection. In addition, the amounts are too small to be contagious. So no, it would be dumb to sharpie “Shedding live virus” on their forehead.

        and by the way, you should really tell every med school you interview (if you even get any) at about your anti-vax beliefs! They love to hear all about that! I would know, i’m a 4th year med student!

    2. Carol your idea of charging unvaccinated childrens parents for attempt of murder is so far flawed its absurd. I had the MMR shot when I was a kid and not to long after receiving it guess what “I”yes me passed it around mumps in my school and when I went to the good old doc to get help he had no clue what was wrong with me. Sure he wouldnt want to admit the vaccine actually caused me to get sick. Surprise surprise. I clearly had the mumps and couldn’t open my mouth for a week. This is not the first time a “patient zero” was actually someone who was indeed vaccinated. My unvaccinated child is far more healthier than I ever was as a child, never been hospitalized, never had antibiotics, has never “needed” to go to the doctors and has never even had so much as a ear infection and shes going on 9. Shes rarely sick and if she ever does get sick I’m responsible enough to actually make sure she gets the rest and diet she needs to get better. And your thoughts of “oh well there’s additives everywhere so might as well get vaccinated too” is ridiculous as well. While yes it is probably impossible to escape all things bad that doesnt mean we should pump our children full of additives just because it unavoidable, and it’s not just additives its POISION! Would you ingest a small amount of mercury because your doctor told you to even though you know it is a very dangerous toxin? Probably not, but yet because your scared into believing your body is weak and incapable of healing you voluntary and even gladly get it injecting straight into your body surpassing every bit of protection your body gives to you (nose, throat, digestive system ect.) And even go a step further and suggest others inject it into their babies and small children, and if they dont they are some kind of criminal!?? Are you educated in vaccines, did you yourself study them, maybe helped in creating them, study the long term effects? No you say? Then why push it on others if you dont even know yourself!?? And if you were to look at these toxins and the connections they have in making the bodies immune system weak and that there’s a huge increase in pediatric cancer as well as
      an increase in vaccines in the schedule……do those two not connect? Was there not a huge push a few years back to get alluminum out of deodorant because of the increased of risk of breast cancer it causes, but it’s okay and alluminum wont lead to cancer if it’s in the form of a “simple additive” in a vaccine? Right??? Yeah okay. Keep on being blind if you wish but dont drag others down with you. People who wish to not have their children vaccinated have a reason! We are not just willy nilly with our childrens health. And we are not murderous criminals!!!!

  10. Due to the recent measles outbreak I decided it was time to reevaluate vaccinations for my children. This website’s logic has made me realize why I haven’t yet.

  11. Anti-vax logic makes me laugh so hard.

    I’m a current student at Colorado State University where THANKFULLY they require MMR for admittance as a student. Without it I can only imagine the outbreaks the 30,000 on campus would endure because most of the anti-vax parents want to sniff essential oils all day and pray the measles away.

    You people who scare tactic others into believing vaccines are bad are the reason measles has made a dramatic return since 1963. In the year 2000 we were lucky enough to eliminate measles from the United States, now all you salt lamp hugging, wikipedia, meme informed parents are bringing ancient diseases back into existence.

    Laugh my ass off get your kids vaccinated and quit relying on facebook groups, celebrities, and trends to dictate your irresponsible actions. Your god Andrew Wakefield isn’t coming to save your child from extraordinary pain when they contract an easily preventable disease.

    Also I will not be checking any responses on here so don’t think me clueless or uneducated when I don’t respond. This is purely for research on a paper I’ve titled “Anti-Vax and the Resurgence of Preventable Diseases”. I googled “Ridiculous Anti-Vax Comment Section” for the paper I’m doing; needless to say most of you did not disappoint.

    Carry on, sheep.

  12. Lol Anon why so salty? Really getting so worked up you have to resort to name calling? And really comparing alluminum ingested vs injected? That’s one of the #1 problems is that everyone pro vaccine wants to compare these toxins by how our body detoxes them through ingestion and not injection. If you know anything about the human body you should know that injecting something inside you is far different than ingestion. As far as poly 20 yes some do have it listed as a ingredient straight from the CDC ingredients list. Just type in Vaccine ingredients and click the 1st link you see. Easy peasy! As far as aspertame linkes to seizures I’ve done my research and you can do yours if you wish. If me wanting to further educate myself on the human body and how certain toxins can affect it makes me a retard then I will gladly take that label and be on my way.

    1. What it really comes down to is benefits vs risks. Imagine being forced to stand in front of two train tracks: one has a freight train going 60 mph and another a donkey walking down it. Only an idiot would choose to stand in front of the freight train. And this is what people like you are choosing to do, it really baffles me.

      Looking at all the vaccine-preventable diseases: measles mumps rubella tetanus diptheria pertussis meningococcal meningitis pneumococcal pneumonia and how DEADLY these diseases are compared to deaths from vaccines, how can you choose to put your own children at risk as opposed to the already debunked falsehood that you people cling to of autism/disability? This is also an insult to people on the autism spectrum.

      Regarding vaccines having “neurotoxins”, vaccines don’t have neurotoxins because aluminum and thimerosal (mercury) in trace doses don’t cause any neurotoxic effects. You need a REALLY BIG DOSE for these to neurotoxic, think thousands of vaccines given to one person at once.

      I’m a different anon but I totally understand other anon’s salt with you anti-vaxxers.

  13. The author of this is an idiot to say the very least. Please do your research before blabbing about a subject you obviously know nothing about. I will pray for u and your family in hopes that no injury or sickness ever affects your family from this epidemic that continues to sweep the nation…..this crime is beyond horrific.

  14. Lmbo “where do you get a number lime that?”, maybe by adding 54 and 18…most kids who are vaccinated get a flu shot each year. I love hhow you act like its a totally random number and explain it away saying that it can be inflated to scare parents. 54+18=72 yay!! You just learned a conplex math problem!

  15. I don’t mind giving my own kids 72 pieces of candy from age 0 to 5. But vaccines aren’t candy, and you can’t buy vaccines from a CVS. Even aspirin has its side-effects, and just one pill could give some people a nasty reaction. I always monitor pre- post- conditions of all patients who get vaccines. They can help, yes, but they can also mess someone up real bad. This kind of patient teaching should be emphasized as standard health practice based on patient-centered care, so people become more responsible for their own health outcomes. Please don’t bully patients.

  16. I hope covid makes everyone aware that vaccines are a failed and highly flawed technology. Even dismissing the flawed theory that antibodies result in immunity (which they don’t) forever (which they don’t), with every new disease, a new vaccine has to be created, usually within 12-24 mths. Never mind doing anything proactive towards preventing a pandemic. I guess vaxholes will simply demand global house arrest because we can all use 2 yrs of doing nothing on average every 10 years. Lmao. Get bent vaxholes. You really showed your hand this time, and it was a dud. But at least bill gAtes and Fauci thank you since they are heavily invested in vaccines.

  17. Vaxophiles are crazy

    Pro-vaxxers at all costs with zero oversight on the manufacturing process including base genetic material, virus genetic material, preservatives, encapsulation and so are more dangerous than nazis, communists and muslims put together. And no, asking them to vaccinate their own kids will not work, they either have no kids or are the type ready to harm their own, as in put a little boy on HRT at age 8 because the he likes color red and not blue.

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