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How Many Vaccines Did Kids Get in the 1960s?

You have likely heard about the explosion in vaccines and vaccine dosages for kids, right?

Although it is easy to see that today’s counts are inflated to scare folks, it is a little harder to figure out about the good old days, when folks still got measles, mumps, Hib, hepatitis B and meningococcemia.

Did they get 2 vaccines or 5 vaccines or what?

How Many Vaccines Did Kids Get in the 1960s?

Well, maybe it isn’t that hard to figure out…

We could look in some old issues of Pediatrics and see how we used to vaccinate and protect kids back then.

And what would we find?

Kids got multiple doses of DPT, DT, polio, and smallpox vaccines in 1960.
Kids got multiple doses of DPT, DT, polio, and smallpox vaccines in 1960.

Using the same anti-vaccine math that gets us to 72 doses today, these kids in 1960 got 31 doses!

Remember, with anti-vaccine math, each DPT shot counts as 3 vaccines…

Looks like they’re going to have to fix the ad on their truck!

And all of the propaganda they put out trying to scare folks into thinking kids get so many more vaccines than they used too.

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9 thoughts on “How Many Vaccines Did Kids Get in the 1960s?”

  1. You are really the most stupid chemical cult worshipers alive! You are not even good at being VAXX PUSHERS. You surely will continue to go TROLLING FOR DOLLARS though!

  2. You are a numbers manipulator on the other side of the argument and instead of individual physicians or lay people having these arguments I’ve yet to see the pharmaceutical companies step up and convince us with transparency and data why they are so safe and why there are more and why Meet keeps pushing for the HPV unneeded vaccine To be mandatory I worked for Merck for 35 years, come argue with
    me and see you win that one

  3. It is still 3 times more than the 60’s. Holy crow, we are not that stupid. We are the most medically advanced and most vaccinated Nation in the world and we still have more covi6 deaths and case than any country in the WORLD. wake up.

    1. The United States is currently the 116th most vaccinated nation out of 200, that is a far cry for the “most” vaccinated”.

  4. In the 90’s I was in med school. Learning terminology we had Medical Encyclopedias. Corona Virus was and is listed as the common cold. They convinced the world the common cold is a pandemic. Now if that doesn’t say BS to everything that is happening, there’s no hope for the human race. I taught PPE for students going to work in a lab. Th e cloth mask was put in place to prevent saliva aerosol escaping the mouth. It was for the protection of the patient who’s immune system was poor. 15 minutes was the ideal time for a mask . Cloth masks do not stop harmful particles. Constant mask wearing promotes black mold growth, legionella, pneumonia and depletes the immune system due to the amount of co2 intake. It keeps the cold and flu season alive year round plus teaches the populous to be obedient. Everything I’m saying is on record. The immune system comes equipped to fight off every disease known to man. See the way Mexico treats cancer. They have a 95% success rate by diet. They feed the T-helper cells. The US however created a billions of dollar a year industry by nuclear medicine. They say they will go broke treating cancer that way but Mexico appears to be very successful. The lies are off the charts. Todays medical field has turned into death camps.

    1. Thank you for your honesty. I’ve been diagnosed with an auto immune, I wouldn’t take the vaccine, I caught Covid once, three days bad body aches, tired for another two weeks. I’m fine. Best friend took all the shots, caught Covid three times, wears her mask everywhere. Now she’s tired constantly. She trusts everything that she hears or reads from the CDC or the WHO. I’m afraid for her. After caught COVID I quit taking this new miracle drug for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I feel so much better a year later.

  5. Instead of bullying each other, let’s really take a look at what they require our babies and children to be vaccinated against. You don’t have to be a scientist or have a PHD to see that something is very wrong here. They add more and more vaccines to the list for our children. My Grandson, before he left the hospital had to have a hep b shot and a few others. You contract Hep B through exchange of bodily fluids, vaginal and anal sex or through blood. Then why give babies the shots? I just read, in case the mother is a carrier, “in case”. They claim it’s life long protection. Then why do they do a hep b titer test to see if you’re still protected.

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