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Are There Any Long-Term Studies On Vaccine Safety?

Vaccines are evaluated for safety in studies when they get approved.

Is that enough?

“I would like to see us do more long-term safety research studies on these large groups of children, so then we can determine that they are safe in the long-term.”

Bob Sears

Apparently not for everyone…

Are There Any Long-Term Studies On Vaccine Safety?

Of course, vaccines continue to be evaluated for safety after they approved, using passive and active vaccine safety systems and long-term post-marketing safety studies.

“We learn about a vaccine’s safety during clinical trials before it is licensed, and monitor it continually as millions of doses are administered after it is licensed. We also know there is not a plausible biologic reason to believe vaccines would cause any serious long-term effects. Based on more than 50 years of experience with vaccines, we can say that the likelihood that a vaccine will cause unanticipated long-term problems is extremely low.”

Parents’ Guide to Childhood Immunizations

These long term studies on vaccine safety have looked at:

Have you heard about these studies before?

When they talk about SV40, do anti-vaccine folks mention this long-term study?
When they talk about SV40, do anti-vaccine folks mention this long-term study?

Probably not.

Anti-vaccine folks either aren’t aware of, or just don’t want you to know about these types of long-term studies.

It’s easier to scare you away from vaccinating and protecting your kids if they make you believe that vaccines aren’t tested together, aren’t tested with placebos, aren’t tested vs unvaccinated kids, and aren’t tested for long periods of time.

They are!

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3 thoughts on “Are There Any Long-Term Studies On Vaccine Safety?”

  1. Hi..could you please tell me who paid for these reports..who funded it..was it paid for by a pharmaceutical company or by a government body..or was it an independent study that was not influenced by any body regardless of the outcome of the report..thanks

  2. Yeah never question what government officials tell you, they are perfect and all-knowing. Also, before you post long-term studies in the future, make sure to actually read all of them thoroughly. Otherwise you just may look like a complete idiot. 🙂

    1. Antivaxxers are funny - just not on purpose

      Indeed – antivaxxers are well known for reading only every other word of a study before screeching in outrage about the conclusions that their sick minds have concocted.

      What organization would you trust to fund a study of vaccine effects? I do recall one antivax group paid for a study to prove that vaccines cause autism, only to have their study show the same thing as every other study; they rapidly dropped the results down the same memory hole where they put their consciences

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