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Why Would Vaccines Be Designed to Kill People?

If you are playing devil’s advocate with anti-vaccine folks, trying to figure out how they think, it isn’t a terrible question.

Remember, many anti-vaccine folks think that vaccines never work and that they always cause injuries – to everyone that gets them.

Why Would Vaccines Be Designed to Kill People?

We can start with Larry Cook‘s “answer,” which was in the form of another question:

“Why do doctors and medical examiners deny vaccine injury and death?”

Larry Cook

Wait, do doctors and medical examiners deny vaccine injury and death?

Uh, no they don’t.

They are often skeptical that each and everything that happens after someone gets a vaccine, even if it is months or years later, is a vaccine injury though. But we do know that although rare, vaccine injuries are real and can sometimes be life-threatening.

But why would vaccines actually be designed to kill people?

Makes sense, right?

  1. Make vaccines that kill people.
  2. ?
  3. Profit.

Actually, it doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Vaccine-preventable diseases kill people. In the pre-vaccine era, they killed a lot more people.

If you want to control the population or make life-long customers, why not just let them get smallpox, measles, chicken pox, hepatitis B, and HPV?

“Results revealed a significant negative relationship between anti-vaccine conspiracy beliefs and vaccination intentions. This effect was mediated by the perceived dangers of vaccines, and feelings of powerlessness, disillusionment and mistrust in authorities.”

Jolley et al on The Effects of Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories on Vaccination Intentions

And if you wanted to do that, you could just push a lot of conspiracy theories about vaccines to scare folks away from getting vaccinated…

So, could bacteria and viruses be controlling the minds of these disease-friendly, influential anti-vaccine folks, helping to make sure people are intentionally unvaccinated, so that they can spread among us more easily?

Since I’m too skeptical to go down that rabbit hole, it is probably a safer bet to think that most are just doing it to sell supplements in their stores, get commissions from pushing online seminars, and ads from folks visiting their sites.

“Conspiracy beliefs are therefore associated with common motivations that drive intergroup conflict. Two social motivations in particular are relevant for conspiracy thinking. The first motivation is to uphold a strong ingroup identity, which increases perceivers’ sense‐making motivation when they believe their group is under threat by outside forces. That is, people worry about possible conspiracies only when they feel strongly connected with, and hence care about, the prospective victims of these conspiracies. The second social motivation is to protect against a coalition or outgroup suspected to be hostile”

van Prooijen et al on Belief in conspiracy theories: Basic principles of an emerging research domain

Will any of this help anti-vaccine folks see that these anti-vaccine conspiracy theories aren’t true?

Unfortunately, it probably won’t.

Like vaccine-injury stories, conspiracy theories are one of the things that hold up, and hold together, the modern anti-vaccine movement.

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1 thought on “Why Would Vaccines Be Designed to Kill People?”

  1. What I learned in med-school:

    Normal immune system response: T1 to T2 to antigen (permanent immune response to bacteria, virusses and even fungi /parasites) this normally gives a life long immunity against the presented pathogens who are permanently recognised as foreign to the human body.

    What I think is happening by vaccinating:

    If you ‘short’-circuit this system by avoiding T1, present in all lymfatic tissue (Gut, Mucosa, Bronchus rsp. GALT, MALT and BALT), your immune system will not give an adequate response to the later on presented pathogens even at your T1 level but a weakened response. Allergies, chronic gut problems (leaky gut), ear infections are all on a rise…Even hyperactivity and developmental issues like autism. How come…? Only better and earlier diagnostic tools are not the answer I think. I think the borders of your immune system are being crossed or fooled and in susceptible individuals in a very harsh way.

    Injected aluminium (for immune response rsp. adjuvans) and even organic mercury (preservative and inactivator used for all pathogen-inactivation used early in the manufactering proces) are being consumed by macrophages and are lipofilic compounds who get stuck in the first encountered lipid tissue (which is not the belly in children or baby’s, but their brain) and are not excreted through urine or faeces unlike orally consumed (organic or not) mercury or aluminium etc.

    There is something happening which is not right, please do not close your eyes.
    This no anti or pro comment…something is not ok. Please come together.

    Think, read, talk, discuss… with an open mind.
    Greetings to all of good will.



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