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First Day Deaths and the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Worldwide, one million babies die within 24 hours of their birth?


“The initial 24 hours of a child’s life are the most dangerous with over one million newborns around the world dying each year on their first and only day of life, according to Ending Newborn Deaths, a new report by Save the Children. The research reveals of another 1.2 million tragic losses: stillbirths where the heart stopped beating during labour. In total, 2.9 million babies die in their first month. Most of these deaths occur because of premature birth and complications during birth – such as, prolonged labour, pre-eclampsia, and infection.”

WHO on One Million Babies Die Within 24 Hours Of Birth

It ain’t vaccines…

First Day Deaths and the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Of course, that doesn’t keep anti-vaccine folks from trying to correlate the two things, especially with the hepatitis B vaccine.

The neonatal mortality rate is actually similar among developed countries…

Korea for example, gives a birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine.

The 2017 Immunization Schedule for South Korea includes all of the US vaccines, plus BCG and Japanese encephalitis vaccines.
The 2017 Immunization Schedule for South Korea includes all of the US vaccines, plus BCG and Japanese encephalitis vaccines. The birth dose of hepatitis B was added to their schedule in 1991.

In general, Korea’s immunization schedule looks a lot like the one used in the United States. And Korea has both a lower infant and neonatal mortality rate than the United States and most European countries.

What about the idea that the United States has 50% more first day deaths than all other developed countries combined?

That’s likely true.

But not because of vaccines.

In addition to our higher population, this reflects “significant gaps between babies born to wealthy, well-educated urban mothers and those born to poor, less-educated mothers,” among other factors.

“In the United States, many suspect increases are due to more high-risk pregnancies caused by the rising prevalence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, more older women having children, advancements in fertility treatments that result in multiple births, and the high rate of cesarean sections – all of which increase the risk a mother faces during pregnancy and childbirth. Recent studies in the U.S. also suggest that poor quality care and better counting of maternal deaths may play a role.”

State of the World’s Mothers 2014

First day deaths are a serious issue.

It shouldn’t become yet another talking point anti-vaccine folks use to scare parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

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5 thoughts on “First Day Deaths and the Hepatitis B Vaccine”

  1. Other countries with hepatitis B birthdose have lower mortality rates. But also more extensive access to healthcare. We have problems – but vaccines are not usually part of them.

  2. thank god, i was worried about my 1 day old baby having unsafe sex and sharing needles. now she can do all those things without risk of getting hep B starting on her first day of life! thanks vaccines!!

    1. if you search this site for hepatitis B, you can learn why we protect newborns from it. In short, there are other ways to get hepatitis B besides the ones you mention, and it’s especially risky if contracted by infants.
      Yes, I think we should thank vaccines for giving us the possibility for protecting babies from a virus that causes liver disease and cancer.

  3. nice, quick response time. merck and pfizer are totally getting their money’s worth out of you.

    anyway, how is hep B spread again? lemme see…bodily fluids. hmm…you’re right, i’m not sure i can keep my newborn away from strangers bodily fluids for more than a few hours or days, with all the partying and traveling we’d be doing those first couple of weeks. unless you meant contracting it from the mother. but then, mothers are tested so…

    well, i do hope you keep up the shilling. if you were any less biased it might actually raise your credibility, which could be a dangerous thing.

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