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How Does a Mother’s Tdap Shot Protect a Newborn Baby?

Newborns and infants have the highest rates of death from pertussis and need extra protection from the Tdap shot that their mother got during her third trimester.

Influenza and Tdap Vaccination Rates Among Pregnant Women

Influenza and Tdap vaccination rates among pregnant women are still much lower than they should be, putting these moms and their babies at risk to get a vaccine preventable disease.

Why is the Tdap Vaccine in Category C?

The Tdap vaccine is routinely recommended for all pregnant women, so why would it be in the FDA Category C? We should start by stating that “risk-benefit decisions regarding use of a drug during pregnancy are more complex than the category designations suggest.” Why is the Tdap Vaccine in Category C? Anyway, the category designations …

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What is Corvelva?

Corvela is just another anti-vaccine group pushing bad science and anti-vaccine propaganda.

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