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What is Corvelva?

Have you heard of Corvelva?

People are dying of measles in Italy and groups like Corvela are pushing anti-vaccine propaganda to further scare folks away from vaccinating and protecting their bambini.
People are dying of measles in Italy and groups like Corvela are pushing anti-vaccine propaganda to further scare folks away from vaccinating and protecting their bambini.

Probably not, but they are getting some attention in the anti-vaccine world because they think that they have uncovered a Vaccingate!

What is Corvelva?

Specifically, they analyzed the Infranix Hexa vaccine, and instead of finding DTaP-IPV-HepB/Hib antigens, they think that they found “65 signs of chemical contaminants of which only 35% is known” and “7 chemical toxins.”

Should you be worried?

“Coming back to the two basic principles that have been our topic on this analysis path, we reaffirm what we have said in the recent interview on the scientific journal Nature: we are inquiring the vaccines efficacy and safety and we can’t quite understand how it is possible to claim that this vaccine is even able to generate the 6 protective antibodies – reason why it is designed for – and furthermore to understand how this cluster made of 6 neurotoxic antigens bound together can be claimed as not toxic for newborns.”

Corvelva on Vaccingate: Initial results on Infanrix Hexa chemical composition

Although they might not understand it, Infranix Hexa has been proven to be safe and has been proven to work. You can read study after study in well respected peer reviewed journals that say so.

The Corvela Vaccingate “study” wasn’t published in a well respected peer reviewed journal. It wasn’t even published in one of the typical bottom-feeder, pay-to-publish journals that anti-vaccine researchers frequently use.

What Corvela did was more like a very poorly done science fair project by a kid who got too much help from his anti-vaccine parents.

Using the Surface Activated Chemical Ionization-Electrospray-NIST Bayesian model database search (SANIST) platform is pretty cool, to be sure. But why are we supposed to believe that their method would actually deconstruct the Infanrix Hexa vaccine? Because that’s why they were trying to do – separate out all of the combined vaccine ingredients so that they could be detected by SANIST. The combined vaccine ingredients, including one of which is an emulsifier that keeps the ingredients from separating, in a 6-in-1 combination vaccine.

So what’s more likely? That the unnamed ‘scientists’ at Corvela, which is basically an anti-vaccine website in Italy, did the experiment wrong or that the Infanrix Hexa vaccine, which is used in countries all over the world, doesn’t contain any of the antigens that it is supposed to contain?

A previous study on vaccines that they also have posted to their website and to an open peer review site was not approved, getting a lot of criticism.

Have you figured out what Corvela stands for yet?

It’s Italian for covfefe.

More on Corvelva

7 thoughts on “What is Corvelva?”

    1. Hello Madelief, I am Dutch too. Do you want to help to stop the spreading of misinformation? Maybe you want to go to the Facebookgroup Pro Vaccinatie Nederland. There you can easily share articles and discuss ways to stop antivax fearmongering. The Corvelva study is shared on Dutch antivax groups and they don’t even look at the methodology… and they have done their “research”? Yeah right. Greets

  1. Corvelva non è un “basically an anti-vaccine website in Italy”, ma un’associazione formata da migliaia di associati, per lo più genitori, che aderiscono agli obiettivi statutari, COmitato Regionale VEneto per la Libertà VAccinale, l’acronimo rivela che l’obiettivo principale è quello di far diventare i vaccini (al pari di tutti gli altri farmaci) non imposti, non obbligatori.
    L’imposizione di farmaci o trattamenti sanitari in genere, viola la Libertà e i diritti umani fondamentali sanciti dai trattati internazionali in vigore in italia e in tutti gli stati che si fregiano di essere democratici.
    Buona libertà Vincent Iannelli.

  2. You can be completely accepting of vaccines and the work they’ve done over the years. You can even have your child fully compliant with the mandated vaccination schedule. And you can STILL be capable of having educated critical thoughts to conclude that there may be some things wrong with the system as a whole. I know this because I am and I do. And for anyone to subject their child to anything they haven’t first studied on a bit themselves is reckless endangerment. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with questioning science. It’s what science is based upon. Groups, media and sites like this, who blindly accept everything from a lab or the government as beneficial, are dangerous and parade their inability to critically think about any topic as if it’s a badge of honor. If you have any education in even basic level A & P, then you understand how a 6 combo injection is a potential act of war on a newborn’s immune system. So I’m going to assume that you don’t understand how this works. Because if you do, and still make fun of those who are legitimately hesitant, then YOU are the problem. Why are you so certain that your logic and “science” isn’t flawed? Research and observations are what drive true science. Keep in mind that just a few hundred years ago, people believed that flies just spontaneously appeared from thin air and that frogs materialized from the mud. We’ve made obvious strides in medical research since that time. But only because someone continued to ask the question, “What if?” If you choose to be so narrow minded that you can’t appreciate another’s concerns, especially for the wellbeing of their child, then I hope you’re overwhelmed with the same level of vitriol and hate you spew at these parents. I hope it consumes your peace of mind so much so that you can’t sleep. Because there are parents who go to bed every night questioning how their perfectly healthy baby died shortly after a round of vaccinations. They feel guilty and question their decisions. They have a right to be heard just as much you feel you’re entitled to. You’re not a scientist or even a remotely science minded individual. You’re just a puppet.

  3. The thing I cannot stand the most is equating medicine and pharmaceutical studies with thousands of variables and financial interest to SCIENCE.
    Pro-vaccine or vaccine-hesitant or anti-vaccine- do whatever you want BUT DO NOT CALL IT A SCIENCE – IT IS A STUDY OF PROBABILITIES. Stop insulting real science.

  4. John McLomdomn

    “that the Infanrix Hexa vaccine, which is used in countries all over the world, doesn’t contain any of the antigens that it is supposed to contain?”
    After pointing that out they are happy to depend on homeopathy. One will find a lot of therapeutic agent in the sugar pills.

  5. The name for which CORVELVA is an abbreviation is Coordinamento Regionale Veneto per la Libertà delle Vaccinazioni, which stands for “Veneto Regional Coordination for Vaccine Freedom,” and the group’s guiding principle is “the free choice of vaccinations.”

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