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Will SB276 Revoke Legitimate Medical Exemptions?

SB276 will not revoke legitimate medical exemptions, but will instead close a loophole that allowed some doctors to write fake vaccine exemptions.

Have Doctors in California Stopped Writing Medical Exemptions?

A new law in California, SB276, is getting closer to being passed, and it will help stop doctors that are writing inappropriate medical exemptions. So why do some folks think that other doctors have stopped writing medical exemptions, even for those children who really need them? Oh, because the usual suspects are telling them that… …

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V is for Vaccine

The California Assembly Appropriations Committee votes Friday on SB276. Today anti-vaccine folks in Californians who oppose this bill gathered at the state capitol encouraging legislators to continue to allow doctors to write fake medical exemptions. In addition to the anti-vaccine propaganda signs that we are getting used to seeing, folks got to hear from the …

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