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1986 The Act is Another Anti-Vax Film by Andy Wakefield

Believe it or not, Andy Wakefield is still making movies…

There is no forced vaccination in America…

This time, it’s a movie about the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

1986 The Act is Another Anti-Vax Film by Andy Wakefield

As most folks are aware, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

“The VICP was established after lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and healthcare providers threatened to cause vaccine shortages and reduce vaccination rates. The Program began accepting petitions (also called claims) in 1988.”

About the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

So why did Andy Wakefield make a movie about the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986?

Curiously, one of the demands or goals of these folks is to rescind the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act!


They think will help make it easier to sue vaccine manufacturers.

Wakefield even brought it up in his other movie, VAXXED.

He and others never mention that if you are suing in civil court, then you must meet a higher burden of proof for vaccine injury than you do in Vaccine Court. Nor do they mention that many folks push for vaccine injury compensation programs in those countries that don’t yet have one.

So does he make his case for rescinding the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in his new movie?

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

George W Bush

Don’t let yourself be fooled by Andy Wakefield.

Andrew Wakefield was the lead author on his retracted paper.
Andrew Wakefield was the lead author on his retracted paper.

If you listened to him before, don’t get fooled again!

Many people continue to blame for low immunization rates and continuing outbreaks - the Wakefield factor.
Many people continue to blame for low immunization rates and continuing outbreaks – the Wakefield factor.

Or Barbara Loe Fisher, Mary Holland, JB Handley, Mark Blaxill, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Brian Hooker, Del Bigtree, or any of Wakefield’s other ‘experts.’

And don’t believe the storyline that Wakefield is pushing about the DPT vaccine, saying it was dangerous. That’s what led to the frivolous lawsuits, a drop in use of the DPT vaccine, and as expected, outbreaks of pertussis.

“In his study David Miller maintained that seven children had developed brain damage within a week of receiving DTP. But a closer look showed that these cases weren’t what they were claimed to be. Three of the children had been incorrectly labeled as brain damaged when in fact they were normal both before and after vaccination. Three others had suffered viral infections and one Reye’s Syndrome (a severe neurological problem found later to be caused by aspirin, not vaccines.) Miller’s conclusions lay in ruins.”

Deadly Choices

After all, the DPT vaccine has been found to be safe and is still in use in many countries.

Can you guess what Wakefield’s movie says about this study?

Brian Deer, the investigative journalist who exposed Wakefield, even did an expose on false claims about the DPT vaccine – way back in 1998.

That really makes you wonder why Wakefield is bringing all of this back…

Wakefield’s New Act

Still, as he has done with the MMR vaccine, in his new movie, Wakefield tries to make you think that the DTP vaccine is dangerous.

He even pushes the idea that vaccine manufacturers had “safer” vaccines, but either won’t sell them to save money or have stopped selling them.

“Trials with Trisolgen involved too few doses to evaluate the less frequent serious reactions. Although Trisolgen was used extensively in the U.S., it never was tested for clinical efficacy.”

AAP outlines responses to points raises in ’20/20′ program

Like most of the other claims in Wakefield’s movie, the ones about safer alternatives to the DPT vaccine were debunked over 36 years ago – before passage of the the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986!

“Unfortunately, the control of pertussis by immunization has not enjoyed sustained international success because of controversy relating to vaccine reactions and effectiveness. Since 1982 this controversy has been a problem in the United States. Most pediatricians as well as a large number of parents are aware of the present pertussis vaccine controversy; however, few understand the facts. This controversy involving the media, political and legal sectors, and the scientific community is a major threat to our present immunization program and the future control of pertussis in the United States.”

Report of the Task Force on Pertussis and Pertussis Immunization – 1988

Is anyone surprised?

After all, Wakefield’s last movie, about a CDC whistleblower, didn’t actually feature the whistleblower! It simply spliced together and misused some of his telephone conversations that they had secretly recorded.

“If Mr. Wakefield weren’t doing so much damage to my community, his videos would be laughably bad. I’m not laughing.”

Andrew Wakefield’s CDC Whistleblower documentary trailer. Words can not do this justice.

His new movie isn’t any better.

That’s easy to see when you take a look at his “smoking gun” documents he references throughout the movie:

  1. Christensen Memo – an unpublished report about severe neurological disorders after pertussis vaccines by Dr CN Christensen, which leaves out his concluding statement from a near identical letter to the editor, “More Risky to Give, Or Not to Give?,” that was published in the American Journal of Diseases of Children – “Because the risk of pertussis vaccination appears less than the risk from whooping cough itself, vaccination programs should be continued.”
  2. Deitch Memo – a report which claims that Larry Barraff was concerned about a rate of 1 in 300 seizures after DPT vaccines in the study he was doing, a study which ultimately found that after vaccination kids mostly had simple, febrile seizures at a rate of about 1 in 1,750.
  3. Trisolgen Memo – the PI for Tri-Solgen, a DPT vaccine that was sold by Eli Lilly until they stopped making vaccines in 1976. Other vaccine manufacturers decided against continuing to market Tri-Solgen because they didn’t think it was as effective as their own DPT vaccines.
  4. Stainer Memo – a single page from one of many symposiums in which doctors and vaccine manufacturers got together to talk about how they could making new pertussis vaccines – new vaccines that would be more expensive.
  5. Schuh Memo – another page from the pertussis vaccine symposium, again commenting about the price of the new pertussis vaccines.
  6. Acellular DTP Patent – a 1941 patent for a pertussis toxoid vaccine, implying that they should have started making an alternative to the DPT vaccine much earlier, which if they had, since they don’t work as well, would have hampered efforts to control pertussis epidemics at the time.
  7. Corporate Response Memo – a vaccine manufacturer’s response to a 20/20 broadcast about the DPT vaccine, which also triggered a response from the AAP
  8. Vaccine ‘Pinto’ Memo – simply describes the impact of lawsuits on one vaccine manufacturer’s ability to continue making and selling the DPT vaccine.
  9. Bernstein Memo – this is about SIDS and “hot lots” and how Wyeth wanted to limit “distribution of a large number of vials from a single lot to a single state, county, or city health department,” following the report of multiple SIDS cases in Tennessee.

Wakefield makes big claims, but simply uses the same old arguments that have been refuted a thousand times. From SIDS and autism to mercury and the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care “study,” he hits on every argument against vaccines that folks have been making over the years.

Don’t let this kind of propaganda against vaccines scare you away from vaccinating and protecting your kids.

Not again.

Vaccines are safe, with few risks, and are very necessary.

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7 thoughts on “1986 The Act is Another Anti-Vax Film by Andy Wakefield”

  1. It is nice that in this country you get to post your opinion. This opinion is, of course, ridiculous and unscientific. Please let us know when we can celebrate and revere the many injured and dead children for the “greater good” depopulation plan!

  2. Bravo Dr. Wakefield! Keep going strong. People are waking up. Knowledge is going ‘viral.’ Blind obedience is disintegrating.

  3. phillip neil alexander

    What a jumble of BS. The “author” of this should rush right out get immunized with every available vaccine,

  4. Gary Bystriansky

    It’s very obvious to me that this author has no idea of what he is speaking, nor has he any idea of or has he ever been in contact with a vaccine injured child!! The fact is, I have….my own grandson, immediately after he received the DTP. These vaccines are harmful and destructive….do the research as I have! Dr. Wakefield knows full well of what he speaks! He is a learned man that is both truthful and humble, and exactly what would be his reason to embark on this journey….to lose his career…I think not, but to expose the truth for all to see and to help those that cannot help themselves, because of the greed and power of the pharmaceutical industry! I think so! God Bless You Andrew Wakefield! Continue in your great work, and may you achieve much, by God’s grace!

  5. I never comment on things like this but after reading this one, I felt compelled. This blog post is complete rubbish.

  6. Wakefield lied - children died

    Thanks to the operators of Vaxopedia for allowing antivaxxers to smear their words here. The facts prove the antivaxxers are wrong – but their comments prove that they are incapable of composing a decent argument (or in some cases, a grammatical English sentence).

    Note to the “grandparent” above – Wakefield was paid to lie about the MMR vaccine not the DTP. If there’s a doctor who has cooked up lies about the DTP, please let us know who it is, so reporters can expose him as another fraud like Wakefield the birthday party needler.

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