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That Time Del Bigtree Admitted He Manipulates Folks and Their Fears of Vaccines

If you work to correct the misinformation about vaccines that is out there, at some point, you wonder if the very vocal anti-vaccine folks who are pushing anti-vaccine talking points really believe any of this stuff.

Del Bigtree admits to misusing VAERS reports.

I mean, do they really believe that vaccines don’t work or that pediatricians get million dollar vaccine bonuses?

That Time Del Bigtree Admitted He Manipulates Folks and Their Fears of Vaccines

It seems that we got an answer this week with a new edition of Fault Lines, The Viral Threat: Measles and Misinformation.

In this interview with John Rushing, Del Bigtree admits that he understands that reports to VAERS do not imply causation.

He knows that when he talks about 400 reported vaccine deaths on his show, it doesn’t really mean that 400 people died from vaccine injuries. He knows that they aren’t confirmed vaccine deaths, even though he never says that on his show.

John Rushing: The numbers the way you’re using them though, it implicitly warns against using them that way.

Del Bigtree: Yeah. Yes.

John Rushing: You’re saying that there are 412 deaths last year.

Del Bigtree: I – no. What I’m saying is there’s 412 reported deaths. I never said there were 412 confirmed deaths reported.

John Rushing: So, so some of those causes of death on VAERS

Del Bigtree: Yeah.

John Rushing: one was a drowning.

Del Bigtree: Sure.

John Rushing: One was from co-sleeping. One was from a pre-existing heart condition. There’s no – because a death is reported in VAERS – there’s no way to show causation to the vaccine.

Del Bigtree: Okay.

John Rushing: But in watching your speech and watching your show – man, you would come away thinking 400 people died from vaccines last year.

Del Bigtree: Okay.

John Rushing: And then I can start to see

Del Bigtree: Okay.

John Rushing: where they get the number. And then I go to the source and the source says “don’t use the number that way.”

The Viral Threat: Measles and Misinformation

Do you believe that there really were 400 vaccine deaths last year?

Now you know why…

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10 thoughts on “That Time Del Bigtree Admitted He Manipulates Folks and Their Fears of Vaccines”

  1. Josh, you’re not really looking for answers. If you want the peer reviewed data and there is an overwhelming amount of it that shows just how dangerous vaccines are… you’d see just how dangerous you are sir. Type in ICAN into The HighWire with Del BigTree’s Facebook or YouTube shows and get the peer reviewed data and actually read it…. I doubt you will but anyone reading this can do this… type ICAN into his show and get the data for yourself and read it… then make up your own mind….

  2. So, people are like, “My child drowned. I guess I better report this to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System?” How often does that happen? Are all 400+ non-vaccine related?

    1. Some of these reports come from clinical trials where reporting side effects in the database is mandatory, no matter how unlikely. It is often mentioned in the report.

  3. Vaxopedia ???? 😂🤣 you know this “article ” is a crock of shit .But thanks for trying 😘

    1. Thank you for demonstrating the full intellectual depth of the antivax movement. Your parents must be so proud. Here’s hoping that no child is ever in your care.

  4. Here is what I’ve realized about a significant portion of anti-vaxxers: they themselves are quite willing to scam people in order to make money (why such a large percentage of anti-vaxxers sell placebos marketed as “supplements” – in fact, many will go so far as to steer people away from medical intervention that could save their lives just so they can make a buck off of them selling fake cancer cures or fake diabetes cures). If these anti-vaxxers were conventional medical practitioners, they would totally be scamming people because that’s what they do! They themselves would have no objection to giving out “toxic vaccines” for a buck. So when this joker lies about the mortality statistics about vaccines and admits that he is lying just because, ‘who gives a crap; this increases sales of my Vaxxed movie which puts $$$ in my pocket’, this is just par for the course for anti-vaxxers. Where they make the mistake is in thinking that we are like them or that people in general are like them. Most people aren’t. Most people wouldn’t jeopardize the lives of others just to make a buck. For normal people like us, we realize that it wouldn’t be possible to have millions of doctors and scientists all in lock step intent on killing people with a medical scam. But for these people, that seems perfectly reasonable because they would do it themselves if they had the opportunity.

  5. This is absolute one-sided propaganda… check out the Del’s Rebuttal by searching for the following videos via YouTube/The HighWire with Del Bigtree. Titles include “Caught on Tape” and “Anti-Vaccine Hit Piece Exposed” . There you will find “The rest of the story”…

    1. The reporter even agrees with del… when the “interview” was over..

      Even says his very intelligent Neignbour he respects a lot and Who has 2 kids and 1 got autism. And told him about del and doesnt believe the whole vaccination is safe dogma..

      1. Your controllers should have taught you English a bit better, comrade, before setting you loose to spread their lies.

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