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Robert F Kennedy, Jr.’s Medical Racism

Most folks know Robert F. Kennedy, Jr for his work pushing misinformation and propaganda about vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, especially the idea that vaccines are responsible for some kind of chronic disease epidemic in children.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is releasing a film targeting the Black community with misinformation.

What they may not know is that in addition to scaring parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids, he also does a lot of work targeting minority communities, helping to make sure that they are also exposed to his misinformation and propaganda about vaccines.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr.’s Medical Racism

And it is easy to see why this is a problem, as medical racism is a real issue, and it won’t help create or rebuild trust in minority communities as he releases a new “documentary” with stories that aren’t even true.

“Did you know that Bill Gates and WHO currently give vaccines that have been banned in the US for decades to millions of children in Africa? This includes DPT and vaccines with thimerosal (mercury).”

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

Not surprisingly, his story about Bill Gates and WHO isn’t true.

In fact, none of these vaccines are banned in the United States. They were simply replaced with other vaccines.

“At the June 2012 meeting, GACVS reviewed the most recently available information concerning the safety of thiomersal since it last reviewed this topic in 2008. A comprehensive review identified 28 publications that addressed mercury blood levels in the short and long term following vaccine administration, and epidemiological studies that examined the relation between thiomersal receipt and several health outcomes. Three ecological studies suggesting an association between thiomersal and neurodevelopmental disorders were found to be fraught with methodological flaws. In addition, the continuous increase in the number of cases of autism diagnosed in the USA despite removal of thiomersal from most vaccines strongly argues against a causal association (fulfilling the exposure and removal criteria). All other studies reviewed, which were conducted with more robust epidemiological designs and in different countries, failed to identify any association with neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Thiomersal in vaccines

But because they were found to still be safe and effective, many continue to be used in other countries, including the DPT and OPV vaccines and vaccines that use thimerosal as a preservative.

“Thiomersal allows millions of people worldwide to have access to life-saving vaccines and to date, no other safer and equally efficacious alternative has been identified for many vaccines.”

Thiomersal in vaccines

Switching to single dose vials everywhere in the world so that kids could get thimerosal-free vaccines would be prohibitively expensive, especially as it would have no benefit for the children being vaccinated. Children who are already getting safe vaccines that have not been banned in the United States or anywhere else!

“CDC tested a dangerous experimental vaccine on Black children in Haiti, West Africa and over 1500 Black children in South Central Los Angeles in 1989.”

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

His story about the dangerous experimental vaccine?

That doesn’t sound good!

A government-sponsored study of two measles vaccines, begun in 1989 during a major U.S. epidemic and conducted on nearly 1,500 minority infants in Los Angeles, failed to disclose to parents that one of the vaccines was experimental, federal health officials said Sunday.

Wait, what was the mistake?

“None of the Los Angeles children, most of whom are now 5, was injured by the unlicensed vaccine, the CDC said.”

U.s. Measles Experiment Failed to Disclose Risk

Well, it seems that in 1989, during a major US measles epidemic, some children were given a different formulation of measles vaccine – a high-titer version of Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccine that was recommended by the World Health Organization and given in many countries outside the United States.

The mistake was that the parents in the study were not told that they might be getting an experimental high-titer version of the vaccine, a vaccine that was approved for study by the FDA and CDC. Because the vaccine was used elsewhere and recommended by the WHO, they didn’t think to label it as experimental.

These parents did know that they were in a measles vaccine study though.

Starting to get an understanding of what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s documentary is really about?

The family of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr has called him out in the past for being wrong about vaccines.

“CDC’s systemic targeting of African Americans for unethical medical testing did not begin or end in 1973 when my uncle Ted Kennedy terminated the notorious Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments. Medical experimentation on Black people has been routine since before the Civil War. It continues today.”

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

Since he dares to invoke the name of his uncle Ted Kennedy, they will hopefully do it once again as he continues to tarnish the family name with his antics.

Would Ted Kennedy approve of his nephew teaming up with an AIDS denialist to make a film whose goal is to scare Blacks away from getting vaccinated and protected in the middle of a pandemic?

“Multiple studies show that African Americans disproportionately suffer from adverse events following vaccination. In 2014, CDC’s senior vaccine safety scientist admitted that CDC officials ordered its own researchers to destroy data that African American boys are 3.36 times more likely to get autism from the MMR shot as White children.”

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

Of course, Kennedy brings up autism.

This is the CDC Whistleblower story… If you kept up with the story, you know that no data was destroyed and African American boys are not at greater risk to get autism from the MMR vaccine.

“A Mayo Clinic Study has revealed that African Americans have double the antibody reaction to some vaccinations. Scientists believe that this hyper immune response may make Blacks more vulnerable to autoimmune disease.”

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

This might actually be the one true thing is Kennedy’s film!

Well, partly true…

The study, Associations between race, sex and immune response variations to rubella vaccination in two independent cohorts, did indeed find “consistent evidence for racial/ethnic differences in humoral immune response following rubella vaccination.”

That study and most others did not find more side effects in one race vs another. That there might be is why they are doing those types of studies though!

The film premiers next week and it is kinda of scary to think of what other propaganda he fits into it…

“The film explores recent racially-based experimentation by government health officials and pharmaceutical companies on black children in South Central Los Angeles. It also exposes Big Pharma’s medical experiments and “drug dumping” in modern day Africa and the WHO’s 2014 population control campaign to sterilize a million Kenyan girls with infertility chemicals hidden in tetanus vaccines.”

New ‘Medical Racism’ Film Confronts Long-Standing Experimentation on Minorities

Sterilization campaign in Kenya?

This myth started because labs found low levels of hCG-like activity in some tetanus vaccines. Labs that used analyzers that were supposed to be testing blood and urine.

“Nonetheless, because of this, low levels of hCG-like activity was detected in the vaccines. But when proper lab tests were conducted on the vaccines in six laboratories around the world – including a lab chosen by the Vatican – no hCG was found.”

ANALYSIS: Why does an old, false claim about tetanus vaccine safety refuse to die?

But while the idea of a 2014 population control campaign was debunked long ago, it keeps coming up, leading people to avoid getting vaccinated and protected. And leading to people actually getting and dying with tetanus!

“Medicine has a long and ugly history of explicit racism. Unfortunately, some of that legacy has been inherited by today’s medical institutions.”

Medicine Must Prove that Black Lives Matter

And although we can’t change the fact that tragic events like the Tuskegee Study, a study of untreated syphilis in black men without informed consent, did in fact happen, we can’t let folks like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr make things worse with his propaganda.

Once again, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr exposes that he is all about scaring people away from getting vaccinated and protected against life-threatening diseases.

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