Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the son of the late Robert Kennedy – President John F. Kennedy brother.

Some people will remember that President John F. Kennedy signed the Vaccination Assistance Act (Section 317 of the Public Health Service Act) in 1962, which was passed to “achieve as quickly as possible the protection of the population, especially of all preschool children…through intensive immunization activity over a limited period of time…” and which “remains one of the most important means of supporting health department immunization activities with federal funds.”

In contrast Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has pushed misinformation about mercury in vaccines that scares people away from getting vaccinated and protected.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has:

  • written a now retracted, “error-laced” expose in 2005 about vaccines and autism (Deadly Immunity) that appeared in both Salon and Rolling Stone
  • appeared at the Green Our Vaccines Rally with Jenny McCarthy
  • written a book – Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak: Mercury Toxicity in Vaccines and the Political, Regulatory, and Media Failures That Continue to Threaten Public Health

It shouldn’t be a surprise that people call him an anti-vaxxer.

For More Information On Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:


MMWR. Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Immunizations, and MMWR — 1961–2011. October 7, 2011 / 60(04);49-57.

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