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How to Legally Decline a Vaccine

Why do some folks think that they have to go out of their way to learn how to legally decline a vaccine?

None of this is true... Latrogenic reactions aren't even a real thing.
None of this is true… a “Latrogenic reaction” (sic) isn’t even a real thing.

The usual suspects…

How to Legally Decline a Vaccine

Of course, since vaccine mandates don’t actually force anyone to get vaccinated and protected, you don’t necessarily need to look for any extra legal ways to decline your vaccines.

You can simply say no, or in the case of vaccine mandates that require vaccines for school attendance or an employment requirement, if you don’t meet an existing exemption, you can make alternative plans.

But no, you are not going to get any kind of ‘Get Out of Vaccine Free Card’ because of some plan you read about on Facebook.

In fact, when presented with such a plan to decline vaccines, your health care provider, since they are bound by the Hippocratic Oath, should:

And then, if you don’t have any contraindications to getting the vaccine, since the answers to the above two questions are almost certainly “yes,” then instead of declining the vaccine, you should get vaccinated and protected!

After all, vaccines are safe, with few risks, and are obviously necessary.

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19 thoughts on “How to Legally Decline a Vaccine”

  1. Total propaganda. Vaccines are anything but safe. Please list all lawsuites and payouts world wide if you so dare. Bill Gates is hated and not wanted in India and Africa and has a case pending in the suprême court in India. The flu vaccine promotes the spread of Corona by 36% as many studies have proven including the military which saw a 36% increase in cases after soldiers received mandatory jabs.
    Children receive 24 vaccinations by age 2, including a Hep C shot.
    Vaccines contain mercury and other heavy metals along with aborted fetal cells, peanut oil. Which eventually cause life long illness.
    This is about sadists making money of your illness, period!!.
    This article is written by a doctor which proves he is being dishonest, is uninformed or bought off.
    Just because someone has the title doctor in front of their name doesn’t mean anything. Do your own research

    1. Rational Reasoner.

      Peanut oil? lol sure. Fact check – nope. doesn’t show up in the final product being injected. No heavy metals either for covid shots. Bunch of wrong information here.
      First, any Covid vaccine does NOT contain Thimerosal. And older vaccines no longer do either. And you clearly dont know how Thimerosal works. No, no aborted fetal cells. lol, again, you need to quit listening to Dr.TikTok or a football for medical knowledge.
      You are free to purchase your own gastrospectrometer and test it out yourself, this will test for your peanut oil (which you wont find) or metals. Though, it is reasonable to assume you have no idea what that is or would have any idea how to run one, you can head to your local accredited university to help you out. Feel free to shock the world with your discovery… wait… wait.. 1000’s of people have done this already? and? ohh, they dont find anything you claim. Why is that? well.. Ill be short, your info source is sour like old milk and stinky like a babies diaper pale.

      children that dont receive 24 vaccinations by 2 have poor odds to make it past age 10. Reference, any poor country riddled with viruses where they dont take vaccine and their children die from easily preventative diseases.

  2. If Vaccines are safe, why are the companies who create them blocked from any legal action? In addition, when my vax is paid for, how come part of my money goes into a fund that is specifically set aside to be paid out to folks whom will be hurt by vaccines in the future?
    These 2 items make it crystal clear that vaccine are not safe. (They wouldn’t be necessary if they were safe.)

  3. The Covid-19 Vax isn’t a traditional vaccine at all is it? It’s just another ineffectual FLU shot, for covid type virus that is typical of the type we call the common cold, albeit more lethal to some than others but let’s not get confused with what we are actually being injected.

  4. This article is a blatant lie and the author should be held accountable. Notice how it keeps saying “Get Protected”? There is no clinical proof that this vaccine will protect you, this is fear mongering all over again.

  5. Medical doctors are fantastic at some things, like replacing hips, saving premature babies, and removing brain tumors. One area they have a huge blind spot is their belief in germ theory. There is no evidence that any disease is contagious. There is no evidence viruses cause disease. Polio for example was likely caused by lead arsenic pesticides. As these pesticides were phased out, incidents of polio declined. The polio vaccine was introduced in the final years of arsenic pesticide use. The decline in polio cases was attributed to the vaccine. There is zero evidence polio is caused by a virus, or that it is contagious. Vaccines are very likely responsible for most cancers and chronic diseases. Vaccines are bioweapons.

    1. FACT: your moma caused all of this death. I dont need any evidence or facts of course, just like you dont think you need any of your insane suggestions. You are so far lost on reality, not even funny.

  6. vaccines are nothing but financial gain and control of humans. I have never had one and never will …put a gun to my head and pull the trigger. Hope I go straight to heaven… I am trying my best to please God.

    1. Hilariously ignorant, here is your dunce hat. You feel free to live in biblical times, the rest acknowledge science is far superior and saves lives. Check out, oh, the last 200 years of vaccine history.

  7. This article is rubbish. Here in Australia the Government has told us that we will not know which ‘vaccine’, (Pfizer or Astra-zeneca) we will be getting.
    If this is so, it is obviously impossible to give informed consent.
    End of problem.

  8. “Can you get”
    “Is it Life threatening”

    are not vaccine screening questions.
    Does a medical professional publish this website? Obviously not.

    These questions doubly don’t apply since one can always “get” coronavirus in spite of being vaccinated against COVID 19 and it can be deadly for vaccinated people as well, and not deadly for the unvaccinated.

    Patient assessment is how one screens for vaccine suitability, not this midwit imagined logic.

  9. while Latrogenic isn’t a thing, iatrogenic is. maybe learn words and how to spell before trying to discredit something. iatrogenic – relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment.

    who’s even admin on this site?

  10. “The vaccine is safe and effective but we have to vaccinate everyone or else the people who got vaccinated will die because the people who didn’t get vaccinated will give them the virus they got vaccinated against.”

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