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How to Claim a Vaccine Exemption

Breaking News – Connecticut has eliminated their religious vaccine exemption.

Don’t want to get your kids vaccinated?

You might be surprised to know that no one is out there trying to force you into vaccinating them.

Want to enroll your kids in daycare, preschool, school, or college?

Then they will need to be vaccinated.

How to Claim a Vaccine Exemption

Of course, depending on where you live, you could get a vaccine exemption and leave your kids unvaccinated and unprotected.

Does your child qualify for a medical exemption? All states allow kids to claim medical exemptions to getting vaccinated. True medical exemptions are rare though, as you can see from the rates in states that actually require screening and approval of medical vaccine exemptions.

Are you a Christian Scientist? In 44 states, laws allow religious exemptions to vaccinations. Ironically, these exemptions are often abused, as you don’t actually need to belong to a religion that is against vaccines to claim a religious exemption to vaccinations.

“When you are challenged by the viewpoint of a denomination, pastor, publication, or atheist authority: You do not worship any pastor, church, religious publication, or denomination. Your pastor’s personal view on vaccines is irrelevant to your stance because pastors do not learn about the biblical implications of vaccinating during seminary and your pastor isn’t God. (Though if you have a pastor willing to go to bat for you, use him.)”

Megan on How To Get a Vaccine Religious Exemption Like a Boss

It is not even a secret that parents abuse the religious vaccine exemption, claiming them even when they don’t have a sincere religious belief against getting vaccinated.

And in 20 states, it is even easier to claim a vaccine exemption. These are the states that allow philosophical or personal belief vaccine exemptions, in which you can typically just say that you are against vaccinating and protecting your kids “for reasons of conscience.”

Vaccine exemptions are too easy to get in some states, but even with an exemption, your child will still be excluded if there is an outbreak.
Vaccine exemptions are too easy to get in some states, but even with an exemption, your child will still be excluded if there is an outbreak.

What reasons? You don’t usually have to go into much detail…

Why Parents Abuse Vaccine Exemptions

It is not hard to understand why some parents abuse vaccine exemptions.

They abuse vaccine exemptions because they can.

In many states, it is easy to abuse vaccine exemptions because medical exemptions aren’t verified and approved and it is often easier and more convenient to get an exemption than to get vaccinated. Believe it or not, some doctors will even sell you a medical exemption for your child. Also, parents are made to feel so scared by anti-vaccine propaganda that they think that they need to get an exemption.

“Permitting personal belief exemptions and easily granting exemptions are associated with higher and increasing nonmedical US exemption rates. State policies granting personal belief exemptions and states that easily grant exemptions are associated with increased pertussis incidence.”

Omer et al on Nonmedical exemptions to school immunization requirements: secular trends and association of state policies with pertussis incidence.

But just because you can claim an easy exemption in a state without strong vaccine exemption laws doesn’t mean that you should.

While there are no benefits to delaying or skipping vaccines, there are plenty of risks. And the risks aren’t just to your unvaccinated child. We continue to see and hear about kids who are too young to be vaccinated or who couldn’t be vaccinated getting caught up in outbreaks caused by others who simply chose to not get vaccinated.

“I also warn them not to share their fears with their neighbors, because if too many people avoid the MMR, we’ll likely see the diseases increase significantly.”

Dr. Bob Sears in The Vaccine Book

Not surprisingly, websites and organizations that give advice on getting kids easy vaccine exemptions never mention these risks. They also overstate the risks of vaccines and don’t mention the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Vaccines are safe and necessary. Unless your child has a true medical contraindication to getting one or more vaccines, do a little more research before getting a non-medical exemption.

What to Know About Claiming a Vaccine Exemption

While it is typically not hard to claim a vaccine exemption for your child, since vaccines are safe and necessary, be sure you understand the risks of delaying or skipping any vaccines if your child doesn’t need a true medical exemption.

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  1. Sounds very passionate. It would be good though to look into the actual reasoning people are looking for religious exemption. Many do abuse but many have reasons. That would be a real good post.

  2. Love the irony that now Oakland/NY is a vaccine police state…yes, they’re trying to force people to vaccinate (obviously your post was prior to this event…but look at how times have changed…more extreme). Anyone under 18 who is unvaccinated (for whatever reasons) is banned from public places…30+ days possibly!

  3. This article is oozing with crap. More vaccine worshipping dogma, not founded in any scientific truth. You put the word conscience in quotation marks as though using ones own mind is a strange idea. You ought to do more research. You could start by reading the drug information insert on ANY vaccine. It clearly states, “The efficacy of this drug has not yet been proven.” Aside from being ineffective, the so-called safety studies conducted for vaccines are done so by using ANOTHER vaccine as the control! As someone else said, it is like testing cookies to see if they are fattening and using sugar as the control. Claiming flat out that vaccines are safe and necessary is not only irresponsible, but harmful and completely untrue! I suspect you were paid to peddle this b.s. you call information.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. This article is written by a pro-vaxxer, with unsupported/unsupportable-at-this-time statements of “facts,” which are NOT facts.

    2. Advice to the Smellty

      Oh dear. If you smell crap wherever you are, I suggest you wipe better.

      P.S. I love the people who think that vaccine companies a) sell evil poisonous vaccines, and b) accurately report the dangers in the inserts. Did you watch “Batman” too much as a kid, and think that the Riddler’s compulsion to leave clues was realistic? Hope you grow up, soon.

  4. Did I miss the how to part? Misleading title and this wasn’t written with ANY bias at all! And not a trace of any linguistic black magic.

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