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Which Vaccines Contain Aborted Baby Parts?

If you are already on the fence about vaccines, there are probably some you want to avoid…

For many parents, that likely means skipping all of the vaccines with aborted baby parts and fetal tissue.

Which Vaccines Contain Aborted Baby Parts?

Do vaccines really contain aborted baby parts and fetal tissue?

“Have you read the CDC’s vaccine ingredient list? Why would they list aborted baby parts as ingredients if they weren’t actually in vaccines? Just because there’s only a little baking soda in a cake doesn’t mean it’s not in there. In fact, a little baking soda can have quite the effect on a cake and the person eating it. If it’s on the label, it’s in the vaccine.”

Megan Heimer on What You Didn’t Know About the Aborted Baby Parts in Your Vaccines

Are you surprised that the CDC’s vaccine ingredient list doesn’t list aborted baby parts as ingredients of any vaccines?

It does list:

  • WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblast cells
  • MRC-5 human diploid cells

But cells are not tissues or body parts…

Cells make up tissues and tissues make up body parts, but that doesn’t sound as scary, does it?

“Given that many vaccines use aborted fetal cell tissue (where a viable fetus was medically and voluntarily aborted, not miscarried), there is clearly a valid, religious argument for not submitting to these shots.”

Sarah Pope on How to Resist Pediatrician Pro Vaccination Tactics

Immortalized cell lines, like the WI-38 and MRC-5 cell lines, even lose their tissue characteristics.

This type of anti-vaccine propaganda is likely why so many anti-vaccine folks still think that aborted baby parts and fetal tissue are ingredients in vaccines.

The Pontifical Academy for Life reaffirmed the "lawfulness" of using vaccines to protect children and those around them.
The Pontifical Academy for Life reaffirmed the “lawfulness” of using vaccines to protect children and those around them.

They aren’t. Not in any vaccine.

Some vaccines are made with fetal embryo fibroblast cells (the WI-38 and MRC-5 cells) from cell lines that are derived (they can replicate infinitely) from two electively terminated pregnancies (abortions) in the 1960s. That certainly does not mean that any vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue or baby parts though.

Those original cells aren’t even involved in making these vaccines any more.

The cells used today have been copied, over and over again. They are descendant cells, which is why a common way to explain all of this, is to say that vaccines are said to have a “distant association with abortion.”

And even then, the cells are removed before the final vaccine is produced.

That’s why the National Catholic Bioethics Center states that that:

“One is morally free to use the vaccine regardless of its historical association with abortion. The reason is that the risk to public health, if one chooses not to vaccinate, outweighs the legitimate concern about the origins of the vaccine. This is especially important for parents, who have a moral obligation to protect the life and health of their children and those around them.”

And why it is said that Catholics are “morally free to use the vaccine regardless of its historical association with abortion” and that “it should be obvious that vaccine use in these cases does not contribute directly to the practice of abortion since the reasons for having an abortion are not related to vaccine preparation.”

What To Know About Vaccines, Abortion & Fetal Tissue

Vaccines are safe and necessary and do not contain aborted fetal tissue or body parts, although some do have a distant association with abortion.

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15 thoughts on “Which Vaccines Contain Aborted Baby Parts?”

  1. You state that “vaccines are safe and necessary”, but can you prove them as such? Polio was in decline before the polio vaccine was introduced in 1953 and the Black Plague was beat into submission without the use of vaccines. Better hygiene, clean drinking water, and improved living conditions is what led to these diseases subsiding. Even the CDC acknowledges the roles that hygiene, clean water, and better overall living conditions played. For you to make a definitive statement that vaccines are necessary, simply isn’t based in fact but rather belief. I encourage people to question vaccines, because they are not as spotless as people like you make them out to be.

    1. Polio vaccine not needed. I am a Rotarian which has helped to vaccinate millions of people across the world against this horrible disease. Try telling that crap to people in Pakistan or Afghanistan. You are so ignorant!!

      1. Herman Neutix

        They don’t need your vaccines. They need sanitation and nutrition.

  2. Millers Review of Critical vaccine studies lists over 400 studies that question the safety of vaccines. Even many Pediatricians are not vaccinating their children according to the CDC guidelines. And the CDC does continue to list aborted baby tissue as ingredients. I really dont care how many generations are removed! it is still similar to what the Nazis did. The FDA uses aborted babies to conduct their immoral experiments. The FDA and the CDC are both funded by big Pharma. You think that might be a conflict of interest?

  3. Aborted fetal parts? You make it sound like they are chopping up aborted babies and mixing them with the flue vaccines which is TOTAL hogwash. A few vaccines are grown in CLONED CELLS from legal abortions that were performed back in the 1960’s – NOTHING is used from any current procedures, period. You CHOOSE to ignore facts to support your ignorance. Very sad and makes Christians look like nuts.

    1. Dr Stanley Plotkin, ” the godfather” of vaccines, testified under oath in early 2018 to the fact that he himself used 70+ live aborted fetus to create vaccines. New vaccines with new cell lines are being created at this very moment. You’re the one ignoring the facts.

  4. Can the author of this article please expound upon this statement “And even then, the cells are removed before the final vaccine is produced.” ?

    I have never been an anti-vax, I see a lot of the anti vax info out there as hog wash, however this does actually concern me. Fortunately I don’t have kids so I don’t have to worry about this too much, but I would need to give this a lot of thought now. This would actually turn it into a religious concern for me. I imagine that a lot of people who make a big deal about this are already anti vax anyway, but hopefully if there are enough people who are down with vaccines as long they follow certain moral guidelines, maybe there could eventually be a change in how they do things.

  5. So what your saying is it’s ok that they killed babies 50 years ago to make vaccines because their body parts oh im sorry cells are not even in the vaccines anymore…..the fact that they killed babies in order to make these vaccines doesn’t matter, and decendents so far removed aren’t really fetal tissue anymore? You can justify anything these days. What a time we live in what a slippery slope we slide.

  6. Ever read ‘the screw tape letters’? Written by a man much smarter than those trying to impose their will on people rejecting vaccines for moral reasons. Read it, look in the mirror, and understand how Satan works.

  7. The idea that they are still using the same clones is laughable
    everything even copies degrade over time, biological copies are famous for it (ie evolution)
    removing a bone from soup before consumption does not make it vegan
    To be effective new cell material must be introduced.

  8. Christine Veazey

    This article lies. Cells of babies are in the vaccines. Don’t get confused by words. They are trying to tell you that cells are different from tissue and parts. Cells are the very structure of tissue and parts.

  9. It’s disgusting that your trying to deflect the fact that there are aborted fetal cells period. It’s DISGUSTING!

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