Religious Exemptions to Vaccination

Children are mandated to get vaccines in every state.

That doesn’t mean that they are forced to get vaccinated. It simply means that state laws mandate getting vaccines to attend daycare and school, etc.

In most states, parents have a way around these laws though vaccine exemptions.

In addition to medical exemptions that are available in all states, 20 states allow personal belief exemptions to vaccinations.

And in 47 states, laws allow religious exemptions to vaccinations. That is all states except California, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

Unfortunately, religious exemptions are often abused, especially in states that don’t allow personal belief exemptions.


You can often get a religious exemption by simply stating that you object to immunization because of religious beliefs. The thing is that very few religions actually object to immunization.

So even if you aren’t a Christian Scientist, a member of a faith healing Christian church, or among the sects of Amish, Dutch reformed churches, or Muslim fundamentalists that don’t vaccinate, you can still get a religious exemption in most states.

Unless of course, you live in California, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

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