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Medical Exemptions for Vaccines

All fifty states allow doctors to write medical exemptions to state mandates to getting vaccines for school or daycare.

Medical Exemptions for Vaccines

While getting a medical exemption should be very clear cut, they seem to generate controversy, just like personal belief and religious exemptions.


In the real world, there should be very few reasons to get a medical exemption for a vaccine. They should mostly include the vaccine contraindications and precautions that are listed for each vaccine.

They typically wouldn’t include having undergone MTHFR genetic testing, having a history of eczema, or a cousin with autism, etc.

Requiring approval of medical exemptions can  help cut down on abuse.
Requiring approval of medical exemptions can help cut down on abuse.

Unfortunately, some doctors abuse the system and write unnecessary or fake medical exemptions for kids whose parents are simply scared to get their kids vaccinated.

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