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More Measles Myths

It’s kind of sad that some folks still believe many of the measles myths that were being told in 1963.

Folks once accepted measles as inevitable because they had no choice, but that changed when we got a vaccine.
Measles was long known as a harmless killer

Wait, measles isn’t harmless?

But what about that Brady Bunch episode!?!

More Measles Myths

What other myths about measles have you heard?

Have you heard that folks never worried about measles before we had a vaccine? That it never even made the newspaper?

There were newspaper articles warning about measles in 1959 - a measles year.

The other myths they push are just as easily disproven

Which of these myths do you believe?

Which ones are keeping you from vaccinating and protecting your kids?

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1 thought on “More Measles Myths”

  1. I think this is funny. I’m one of those special people I guess. What do we call them the sub pop who do not do well with vaccines. I had the measels, the mumps, the chickpox. Why? Cause I think my doctor was smarter than you all. At any rate at 42 I was told I needed mmr for rubella and the Hep b. 48 hours later and to date chronically ill. Go screw yourself is all I can say!

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