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Vaccines Statistics and Numbers

To help you get better educated about vaccines, it can help to learn some vaccine statistics and some other numbers behind vaccines.

Vaccine Court payouts come from an excise tax and are not taxpayer dollars...
Vaccine Court payouts come from an excise tax and are not taxpayer dollars…

Including the numbers that anti-vaccine folks throw around.

Vaccine Statistics

For all of the talk of some folks delaying or skipping vaccines, do you know how many vaccines are given each day?

According to the CDC, from 2006 to 2017, at least 3,454,269,356 doses of vaccines were distributed in the United States. These are the vaccines that are covered by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, such as DTaP, MMR, Hepatitis A and B, HPV, and flu, etc.

That’s over 287 million doses each year, with many of those doses going to the nearly 4 million children who are born in the United States each year.

The WHO reports that 85% of infants around the world receive vaccines against DTP, polio, measles, and hepatitis B.
The WHO reports that 85% of infants around the world receive vaccines against DTP, polio, measles, and hepatitis B.

How about worldwide?

That’s harder to know, but consider that the World Health Organization reports that 85% of infants worldwide, or almost 100 million infants, get at least:

  • 3 doses of DTP
  • 3 doses of hepatitis B
  • at least one doses of measles
  • 3 doses of polio

Plus, an increasing number are getting vaccines to protect them against Hib, pneumococcal disease, rotavirus, HPV, meningitis A, mumps, rubella, tetanus, and yellow fever.

“UNICEF supplies vaccines reaching 45 per cent of the world’s children under five years old as part of its commitment to improving child survival.”

How many vaccine doses are we talking about?

A lot. UNICEF alone buys 2.8 billion doses of vaccines each year! Those vaccines are then distributed to children in over 100 countries.

Vaccine-Preventable Disease Statistics

As impressive as the number of vaccines that are given each year are the numbers about what happens when we give vaccines:

  • there are 2 to 3 million fewer deaths in the world each year because people are vaccinated and protected
  • in the Unites States, every $1 spent on vaccines provides $3 in direct benefits and up to $10 in benefits if you include societal costs
  • in developing countries, every $1 spent on vaccines provides $16 in direct benefits, but that goes up to $44 when you take “into account the broader economic impact of illness”
  • for children born in the United States during “1994–2013, routine childhood immunization was estimated to prevent 322 million illnesses (averaging 4.1 illnesses per child) and 21 million hospitalizations (0.27 per child) over the course of their lifetimes and avert 732,000 premature deaths from vaccine-preventable illnesses,” and it also “will potentially avert $402 billion in direct costs and $1.5 trillion in societal costs because of illnesses prevented”
  • only two countries continue to have wild polio – Afghanistan and Pakistan – and together, they only had 21 cases in 2017

Still, only one vaccine-preventable disease, smallpox, has been eradicated.

And worldwide, more than 3 million people still die from vaccine-preventable diseases every year, many of them young children.

Other Vaccine Numbers

There are some other numbers about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases folks should know:

  • the number of pediatricians who got a $3 million vaccine bonus – zero
  • the number of doses of vaccines kids get today – 69 72 54 doses (including yearly flu shots) by age 18
  • the number of vaccines that contain antifreeze as an ingredient – zero
  • the number of vaccines that contain peanut oil as an ingredient – zero
  • the number of studies that link vaccines to autism – zero
  • the number of diseases that homeopathic vaccines can prevent – zero
  • the number of anti-vaccine sites that mention any benefits of vaccines – zero
  • the number of VAERS reports that are thought to be unrelated to a vaccine – 53%
  • the number of VAERS reports that are thought to be definitely caused by a vaccine – 3%
  • the number of definite VAERS reports that were serious – 1% (anaphylaxis)
  • the number of myths about vaccines that can scare you away from vaccinating and protecting your kids – 100s
  • the number of measles outbreaks that have been caused by a vaccine strain – zero
  • how long you have to stay in quarantine if you are unvaccinated and are exposed to someone with measles – at least 21 days
  • the number of new vaccines in the pipeline300

And yes, $4,060,857,713.42 has been paid by the Vaccine Court for 6,355 compensated claims for vaccine injuries since 1989, during which time billions of doses of vaccines were given.

“This means that for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were distributed, 1 individual was compensated.”

Vaccine Injury Compensation Data

And many of those claims were simply settled.

Vaccines work. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are necessary.

Get vaccinated and protected.

What’s the biggest number you should be thinking about? Way too many people are still getting and dying from vaccine-preventable diseases.

What to Know About Vaccine Statistics

Although more work needs to be done to protect more people, vaccine statistics clearly show that vaccines work and that they are safe and necessary.

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6 thoughts on “Vaccines Statistics and Numbers”

  1. Not sure if any of this is based on real facts or if your ego is too big to realize your wrong. Maybe you should stop looking at studies done by the CDC because the more their studies prove they are right, the more money they make so obviously you are blinded by incorrect facts. It’s not your fault, you’ve been around ignorant idiots that just want your money and not your health.

  2. 4 billion dollars to 6400 seriously injured in thirty years. This is on average,
    * 213 kids seriously injured by a vaccine every year. Since approximately 17 million kids per year are vaccinated, this is about
    * 1.3 kids injured for 100,000 kids vaccinated. This the current death rate of measles worldwide. If measles deaths are bad, aren’t vaccine injuries?
    But, the VAERS passive surveillance system drastically undercounts the number of vaccine injuries by probably 10X. So, the real injury rate is 13/100000 or
    * 2130 kids injured per year.
    This dramatically swamps the number of measles cases in the US per year and the other vaccination preventable diseases per year. The CDC’s vaccination program is NOT RISKLESS!!!

  3. I love how people refuse to believe the studies done by people who actually had to pay a lot of money and put in decades of their lives dedicated to saving people’s lives, studying and researching , just so they can believe people like Jenny McCarthy.

  4. So nearly 3.5 billion doses given in the US per year according to the above article? With the CDC reporting serious injuries at 1/million. A billion is a thousand millions…so that works out to 3,500 serious injuries or death roughly?
    Not sure where you’re getting your “facts” but this is very questionable data overall on this site.

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