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Squalene in Vaccines

Is squalene really the “dirty little secret” in our flu vaccines?

Of course not.

For one thing, squalene, an adjuvant, isn’t even in routinely used in childhood vaccines in the United States. That’s easy to figure out when you look at the package inserts for our vaccines, the presence of which would make it hard to keep an ingredient like squalene a secret anyway.

Squalene in Vaccines

One flu vaccine was approved in the United States in 2015 that contains squalene – Fluad, but it is only approved for seniors over the age of 65 years.

And while squalene is used in some flu vaccines in other countries, the WHO reports that squalene “is manufactured in the liver of every human body and circulates in our bloodstream.”

So anti-vax types are fussing about a natural ingredient that isn’t even in most of our vaccines?

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  1. I believe sqalene is the problem.It is in the flu vaccine targeted for seniors that are most effected by Covid 19.

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