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Did DMX Die After a COVID-19 Vaccine Reaction?

Why do some people think that DMX died after having a COVID-19 vaccine reaction?

The usual suspects…

Did DMX Die After a COVID-19 Vaccine Reaction?

In what has become a new ritual whenever a celebrity dies, anti-vaccine folks have latched onto the idea that DMX, a popular rapper, died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

“Star rapper Earl Simmons, who went by the stage name DMX, died on Friday at age 50 after having spent a week on life support in the wake of a heart attack. And now, a number of far-right social media accounts are spreading a groundless claim that his death was linked to a COVID-19 vaccine.

To be clear: No deaths have been directly attributed to the coronavirus vaccines, but rather there is a dangerous trend of conspiracy theory-promoting social media accounts linking vaccines with any negative health events that have occurred among the literally hundreds of millions of doses that have been administered worldwide.”

Far-right accounts use DMX’s death to baselessly fearmonger about COVID-19 vaccines

How did he die?

A heart attack after a drug overdose, at least according to initial reports.

What’s the problem with blaming his death on a COVID-19 vaccine?

That DMX died because of a COVID-19 vaccine originated from a a story on Media Take Out...
That DMX died because of a COVID-19 vaccine originated from a a story on Media Take Out…

In addition to scaring people away from getting vaccinated and protected, leading to more COVID-19 infections and deaths, it might lead to more deaths from drug overdoses! If anything, we need people highlighting drug overdose deaths to try and prevent them, not dismiss and try to hide them.

The bottom line?

There is no evidence to associate the death of DMX with a COVID-19 vaccine.

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4 thoughts on “Did DMX Die After a COVID-19 Vaccine Reaction?”

  1. Family said there were no drugs in his system. Family also said he had the vaccine a couple of days before the heart attack. There are COUNTLESS people that have died shortly after getting the vaccine, and the far left is still pushing that the vaccines are perfectly harmless. Don’t burry your head in the ground. Do some research.

  2. It’s crazy the denial out here.. a bunch of blind sheep if you believe the left wing wacko that took his time, oh sorry got paid to make this article. This is what the internet has come to. A giant wasteland for people like this to hide truth.

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