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Immunization Lesson Plans for Teachers

Having everyone learn more about immunizations and vaccine-preventable diseases will likely go a long way to help them understand that vaccines are safe, with few risks, and necessary.

Immunization Lesson Plans can help Teachers with topics like herd immunity, vaccine preventable diseases, and the scientific method.

Unfortunately, waiting to start teaching parents about the importance of vaccines once they have kids of their own leaves those kids at risk if parents have already decided to skip or delay any vaccines.

That’s why its important to learn about vaccines early on, before you can be mislead by misinformation and propaganda you might hear and see online.

To help learn about topics from informed consent and how vaccines work to herd immunity and the scientific method, parents and teachers can use these lessons plans to help their kids understand why it is important to stay up to date on their immunizations.

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  1. If we repeat it often enough, it will be taken as a fact. Repeat after me: ” Neurotoxin is safe, with few risks, and necessary. Repeat it again; Neurotoxin is safe, with few risks, and necessary.”

    If you tell people the same thing enough times, they will take it as fact. But the truth is that if vaccines were actually safe, few people would have any issues with them. Are bats really blind, or is that just a saying that we believe as fact because we’ve heard people say “blind as a bat” so many times?

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