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Vaccine Movies and Videos

All of the attention that Robert De Niro gave the movie Vaxxed has many people realizing that there are anti-vaccine movies out there.

Promoted as documentaries, they mostly include the same anti-vaccine ‘experts’ that scare parents away from vaccinating their kids on the Internet.

These types of movies include:

  • Vaxxed
  • The Greater Good
  • Trace Amounts
  • Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?
  • Bought
  • Man Made Epidemic
  • Sacrificial Virgins
  • The Truth About Vaccines

Most are propaganda, without even a trace amount of truth in them, and should not be used as a research tool to help you make a decision about vaccines.

Vaccine Movies and Documentaries

What about movies to actually help you get educated about vaccines?

Every Last Child takes a look at the fight to end polio in Pakistan.
Every Last Child takes a look at the fight to end polio in Pakistan.

Watch these movies and documentaries:

Have you seen or heard about any of these movies about vaccines?

Vaccine Videos

Just as bad as so-called vaccine documentaries, many of the vaccine videos that you find on You-Tube are also filled with misinformation and propaganda, including many vaccine scare videos.

Where are you Jon Stewart? Measles is still around...
Where are you Jon Stewart? Measles is still around…

Watch the following vaccines videos instead:

Still have questions?

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Updated February 28, 2019

5 thoughts on “Vaccine Movies and Videos”

  1. The truth is that some people (and maybe all depending on their immune system) are 100% being injured. We who live it know it!! There is no such thing as one size fits all and that’s exactly how these vaccines operate. It’s sad that the ones making money (in whatever way or manner) are the ones upholding and making the rules. People who want them have every right to jack themselves up with the shit. Funny cause if you asked most of these people if they got the MMR recently they’d say no. Now that’s insanity!!

  2. 902janette@gmail.com

    Why do some people so vehemently hate anti-vaccine films? What have they got to hide? Who are they paid by?

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