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Are Deadly New Rogue Strains of Mutating Measles Spreading Like Wildfire?

Why do some folks think that deadly new rogue strains of measles are spreading like wildfire?

Mutating strains of measles are not spreading like wildfire.

The usual suspects, and this, a letter sent by Bobby Kennedy to the Prime Minister of Samoa during their deadly measles epidemic

Are Deadly New Rogue Strains of Mutating Measles Spreading Like Wildfire?

So is it true?

“Further analysis of the MeV-N gene sequences of these 2 groups confirmed that they represent clearly definable, sequence-divergent D4 subgenotypes, which we named subgenotypes D4.1 and D4.2. The subgenotype D4.1 MeVs were isolated predominantly in Kenya and Ethiopia, whereas the MAb-resistant subgenotype D4.2 MeVs were isolated predominantly in France and Great Britain, countries with higher vaccine coverage rates. Interestingly, D4.2 subgenotype viruses showed a trend toward diminished susceptibility to neutralization by human sera pooled from approximately 60 to 80 North American donors.”

Munoz-Alla et al on Antigenic Drift Defines a New D4 Subgenotype of Measles Virus.

Well, researchers have found these strains of measles virus.

But the thing is, it doesn’t mean that our current measles containing vaccines don’t protect against them. That becomes evident when you remember that most cases of measles are in people who aren’t vaccinated.

Anyway, far from Kennedy‘s claim that these strains are spreading like wildfire, D4 strains of measles make up a very small and decreasing percentage of global outbreaks!

Mutating strains of measles are not spreading like wildfire.

In fact, 95% of cases are now caused by B3 and D8 strains, not Kennedy‘s new rogue mutated strain.

“…it is critical that the Samoan Health Ministry determine, scientifically, if the outbreak was caused by inadequate vaccine coverage or alternately, by a defective vaccine.”

Bobby Kennedy

Like the rest of the world, we know why there is a rise of measles in Samoa.

It is because not enough people are vaccinated and protected.

It is not because measles vaccines failed to produce antibodies in vaccinated mothers.

It is not because of mutated measles.

And it is not because of vaccine strain measles.

“There is also the possibility that children who received the live measles virus during Samoa’s recent vaccination drive may have shed the virus and inadvertently infected vulnerable children. It is a regrettable possibility that these children are causalities of Merck’s vaccine. Alarmed CDC officials documented this emerging phenomenon during the measles outbreak in California in 2015. Federal epidemiological investigations found that at least 1/3 of Californian cases were vaccine strain. In fact, CDC identified 73 of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained across the entire United States in 2015 as vaccine strain A sequences. This means that those children contracted measles from vaccination or from someone who received the vaccine.”

Bobby Kennedy

There were no vaccine strain measles cases in California or anywhere else recently.

“I was dismayed—but not surprised—to see media reports that linked the current measles outbreak to the so-called ‘anti-vaccine’ movement.”

Bobby Kennedy

Are you surprised that Kennedy and others would exploit the tragedy in Samoa to scare parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids and push their anti-vaccine agenda?

You shouldn’t be.

This is the modern anti-vaccine movement.

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