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More Fake Measles News!

Have you heard that the latest measles outbreaks in Washington and Oregon are fake news?

Have you read that there is no outbreak?

It’s all part of a conspiracy by the media to push a new vaccine law or a third dose of MMR or something.

What’s the evidence?

More Fake Measles News!

Are you ready for this?

The “evidence” that anti-vaccine sites are using to push their little conspiracy theory about “fake” measles outbreaks is the fact that the CDC hasn’t listed the new cases on their outbreak page!

The page clearly says the the data is updated monthly.

I guess they never noticed that the CDC only updates their Measles Cases and Outbreaks page once a month…

Or that the Pacific Northwest outbreak started just after the last update…

If it really was a hoax, did they ever wonder why the CDC didn’t get it on it when multiple county and state health departments obviously were, as they were publishing almost daily updated case counts?

How silly was the idea of these outbreaks being fake?

As bad as the crooked face theory of vaccine injury?

Or the idea that vaccines are designed to kill people?

I’m not sure, but it certainly ranks with the worst ideas that anti-folks have come up with over the years.

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2 thoughts on “More Fake Measles News!”

  1. You people sound really nervous. And desperate to promote the will of your handlers. At least you correctly identify yourselves as Fake News. So transparent, to use corporate media’s term for anyone who has any questions whatsoever about the vaccine sleepwalk. It’s not they who are “Anti-Vaxers” It’s you who are anti scientific evidence. And anti-medical freedom. All you have is epithets slogans and mantras. Which is sufficient for most of the American flock, isn’t it? But not for anyone who still has the capacity for abstract thought. – Dr T.

  2. Keep lying Tim - no one cares.

    Tim (may I call you Tim? I don’t know your proper patronymic): You’d think that if the people at Vaxopedia were really scared, they’d just delete your comments (you know, like the money-grubbing antivax blogs do when someone exposes their lies). Yet your comment remains here, for all to see. Seems like you should be nervous – when people aren’t even worried about anyone believing your lies anymore, your paycheck must be in danger

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