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Mass Vaccination is Not Creating COVID Variants

Why do some people think that mass COVID vaccination programs are responsible for creating COVID variants?

Folks like Sherri Tenpenny will likely never change their mind about vaccines, no matter what evidence they are given.
Folks like Sherri Tenpenny will likely never change their mind about vaccines, no matter what evidence they are given.

The usual suspects…

Mass Vaccination is Not Creating COVID Variants

Of course, it isn’t our mass vaccination programs, but rather that so many people are still unvaccinated and unprotected that is allowing the SARS-CoV-2 virus to mutate, creating these variants.

But that doesn’t keep some folks from blaming COVID vaccines…

I hope that Peter McCullough is a good cardiologist, because he seems to get a lot wrong when he talks about vaccines, variants, epidemiology, and infectious disease topics...
I hope that Peter McCullough is a good cardiologist, because he seems to get a lot wrong when he talks about vaccines, variants, epidemiology, and infectious disease topics…

Consider Peter McCullough, a cardiologist who has been pushing a cocktail approach to treating COVID that most experts say doesn’t work.

“What’s going on is the Delta variant. This is one of a sequence of variants that really has arisen as a result of mass vaccination.”

Peter McCullough

In addition to pushing the idea that COVID vaccines are not effective, Peter McCullough says that the COVID vaccines are responsible for the variants we are seeing.

“And then a critical analysis by Niesen, and colleagues, from the Mayo clinic in Boston has shown that when a population gets to be more than 25% vaccinated, that’s enough of an evolutionary pressure to allow one of these mutant forms to become the dominant strain. Vaccination is reducing the viral diversity and making a more compressed environment with fewer number of mutant strains and allows one to become more dominant. In the case of India, it was the use of the Sinovac vaccine that really prompted the emergence of the Delta variant. And now we are seeing Sinovac again as the stimulus for the Lamda variant out of Peru.”

Peter McCullough

While Peter McCullough rarely seems to be right, it is easy to spot the problems with his theory.

For one thing, only about 12% of people in Peru are fully vaccinated. Far below the level for McCullough’s “evolutionary pressure” from a vaccine.

And in India, when the Delta variant first appeared in December 2020, they had not yet started their COVID vaccination program! It wasn’t until the following month, in January 2021, that India started using the Covishield and Covaxin COVID vaccines.

Need more evidence?

Consider that another SARS-CoV-2 variant, the Alpha variant, first appeared in the UK in September 2020. As you will likely remember, the COVID vaccination program in the UK didn’t begin until three months later, in December 2020.

So, if COVID vaccines caused these variants, as Peter McCullough proposes, then why do they typically appear before vaccination programs ever begin?

“As long as the coronavirus spreads through the population, mutations will continue to happen.”

New Variants of Coronavirus: What You Should Know

Of course, he is wrong.

It is not our mass vaccination programs, but rather large groups of unvaccinated people in which SARS-CoV-2 continues to spread, allowing it to mutate, that is responsible for the variants we are seeing.

“Current measures to reduce transmission – including frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, physical distancing, good ventilation and avoiding crowded places or closed settings – continue to work against new variants by reducing the amount of viral transmission and therefore also reducing opportunities for the virus to mutate.”

The effects of virus variants on COVID-19 vaccines

Getting everyone vaccinated and protected is the way to stop the pandemic and stop these variants, at least it is if we can do it before they mutate enough to become resistant to our current COVID vaccines!

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4 thoughts on “Mass Vaccination is Not Creating COVID Variants”

  1. Dear Vaxopedia,

    Well. Those good guys who have made the vaccines have not told the full story, and that is partly why there are so many runaway stories.

    And instead of your seemingly defence of the vaccine based on history, you ought making use of the scientific facts instead. When you use circumstantial evidence (“The vaccines had not started when the Delta variety emerged in India”), you should use the fact that the gene modifying therapies makes the body cells produce the spike protein (ACE2), and not the virus.

    Therefore you could have cut a very long story short by applying some few facts… It can of course be questioned whether or not there is any peculiar interaction between the Adeno virus vector being used to inject the ACE2 spike protein generating mRNA into the body cells, and the Covid19 virus. Because if such possible interaction could exist, then during the replication process, many interesting things could emerge. That, however, is another story for another day.

    My point was one: You guys are not even yourself very well educated on the matter Covid19 – and that is a pity, if you want people to believe what you say!


    1. Some facts! The vaccine trial was in full effect world wide this caused the variants. The virus uses spike protein to access cell, so make a jab the forces the body to make the very thing the virus needs/uses to enter a cell.

  2. Dr. Iannelli, your critique of Dr. McCullough is pointless. Those who espouse the exogenous viral contagion theory still concede that only about 99.9% of all people who are diagnosed by the allopaths as “Covid” will survive …. So who cares about injections with mRNA. What are the keys to health?

    I would encourage you (and everyone else who believes in the religion of vaccinology) to follow the musings of your brethren, especially Paul Offit et al. (2002). From Pediatrics, 2002; 109; 124-129 (each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond [sic] to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time).

    Please inject yourself with 10,000 vaccines – at once. Theoretically, what could go wrong?

    1. Dear @DrJones2003, we are many laymen here, who follow vaxopedia with the aim of learning. Vaxopedia is not a “closed expert forum”, so I would like if you could please expound a bit for us mere mortals, on the following statements above, such that we can all learn from the source(s):

      1) Where do you have it from, that 99.9% of those diagnosed with Covid(19) will survive? Please bring the scientific background from a source accessible to us mere mortals. (A reference to Lancet, for instance, may not work, as we cannot get access without paying exorbitant fees, inaccessible to us)

      2) What is your point of referring to that an infant (which age) has the theoretical capcity to respond to 10,000 vaccines? (We all know, as normal humans who have kids, from our normal studies of the same, that certain vaccines do not work when the child is too young – as the child cannot create the antibodies until a certain age).

      3) Why do you propose that someone inject themselves with 10,000 vaccines – at once – it is naturally clear that you are trying to make a rhetorical point, but it is missing at least me as target – what was the rhetorical point of your proposal?

      4) It is also obvious that you seem to largely disagree with the authors of story, and that you may thereby try to use irony or sarcasm to emphasize on your points. However. It seem – at least to me – that it blurs the real message in what you are writing – a message which – on the other hand – appears to bear valuable information, in case we would be able to decipher it.

      Therefore, Dr. Jones, I request that you explain a bit on your message such that we can learn a bit from you.

      For the sake of good order – I am neither an anti-vaxx or pro-vaxx. I have received 7 different vaccinations over time, and it is my take that at least one of them has saved my life (Hepatitis B). On the Covid19 – I am still unsure – not due to the quite brainless anti-vaxx’ers campaigns, but due to some facts about the Covid19 which I am still pursuing the source of.

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